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5 Pretty outfit options for Mehendi ceremony

12 Jun, 2016

The mehendi holds a great importance as it is one of the seven essential “shingaar” of a married Indian woman. The ceremony has many remar... read more

The Wedding Story- Benny Dayal and Catherine Thangam

08 Jun, 2016

Weddings are all about decorations, lights, dance, music and entertainment. And when it comes to a celebrity’s wedding, a lot of cameras, poses and ... read more

5 Alternatives of Ghori to Make the Entry of the Groom Special

01 Jun, 2016

Gone are the days when girls would long for a “prince on a white horse”. “Unique” is the new fashion. People no more believe in the traditiona... read more

Cuisine Special 4: Succulent South Indian

30 May, 2016

Vanakkam! We gladly bring to you last but not the least of our cuisine-special series i.e. South Indian Cuisine. South Indian cuisine is popularly kno... read more

Cuisine Special 3: Tempting Thai

28 May, 2016

Greetings to all! I hope y’all wait for the cuisine special blog as much as we wait presenting it to you. Our today’s cuisine for you is Thai cuis... read more

Cuisine Special 2: Flavorsome Chinese

25 May, 2016

Nǐ hǎo folks! We are back with our next cuisine i.e. Chinese. Yes. We all are Chinese food lovers. And why not! The flavor, the aroma, the taste, th... read more

Cuisine Special 1: Moreish Mughlai

24 May, 2016

Indian weddings are the occasions to celebrate the cultural diversity India possesses. The celebrations widely include the food festivities. WedAbout ... read more

6 Home Remedies For Beautiful Bridal Skin

22 May, 2016

Wedding preparations cause pressure and stress for the family. But for the BRIDE stress can cause many symptoms. The effect of stress on skin is well ... read more

4 Things you should never serve as your Wedding food

19 May, 2016

It may be a sour thing to accept, but people let’s admit to the fact that food is the only thing at your wedding that will be remembered by your gue... read more

4 “Must Have” Sweet Dishes on your Wedding Menu

14 May, 2016

People may not remember the designer lehenga you wore but all they remember for sure is the wedding food they had. We Indians religiously believe in ... read more

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