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5 Brilliant Tips for arranging a Modern and Minimalist Wedding in Style

06 Aug, 2016

Less is undeniably more…. Yes! We are talking about the minimalist wedding trend which is charting on top of everyone’s mind and breaking all the read more

The Wedding Story- Benny Dayal and Catherine Thangam

08 Jun, 2016

Weddings are all about decorations, lights, dance, music and entertainment. And when it comes to a celebrity’s wedding, a lot of cameras, poses and read more

Best Farmhouse Venues to get married in Delhi NCR

06 May, 2016

“Marriages are made in heaven but celebrated on earth” and there would be no better way to cheer it than organizing it in an exquisite and majesti read more

A Comparison To Help You Choose From 5 Kinds Of Wedding Venues …Thank Us Later!

19 Apr, 2016

The Wedding Venue is as important as the Wedding itself. A good venue chosen can make your wedding a family achievement narrated every time a wedding read more

5 Ways to Transform an Ordinary Wedding Venue

17 Apr, 2016

Indian weddings are world wide known for all the pomp and show they pour out. But all the venues may not be grand in themselves. They might call for e read more

Top 10 Criteria To Look For In A Wedding Venue

12 Apr, 2016

‘Selecting the right wedding venue is probably the most important decision you are going to make with regards to your wedding preparations. If you g read more

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