Cuisine Special 3: Tempting Thai

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Cuisine Special 3: Tempting Thai

Greetings to all! I hope y’all wait for the cuisine special blog as much as we wait presenting it to you. Our today’s cuisine for you is Thai cuisine and is specially guided and channelized be our experts Chef Sandeep Munjal (Director, Vedatya Institute) and Chef Gurpreet Singh Kochar (Assistant Professsor, Vedatya Institute).

If you don’t want your wedding menu to be a predictable one then this one’s definitely for you. Full of herbs, Thai cuisine provides a balance between flavors and spices. Need to know more? WedAbout brings you the acquaintance you need to get for putting this aroma rich cuisine on your wedding menu.

1. Aptness



This healthy and low on calories cuisine is stewed, stir-fried or grilled, laced with fragrant herbs and spices making a delightful blend of meats and veggies. If you want to ditch the conventional gravy rich menu this wedding, then Thai food is good to go.

2. Cooking and Serving Challenges



It might be a herculean task to hunt an expert chef for this gradually-gaining-popularity cuisine. Also service requires a lot of diligence as Thai food is served with a lot of ingredients and condiments. Therefore, many dishes, serving bowls and tables need to be set-up for the same.

3. Cost Effectiveness



As stated by our experts Ingredients used in Thai cooking range from lemongrass, Chinese cabbage, lotus stems, bamboo shoots which are readily accessible, however, Thai grapes, rose apples, pea aubergine, straw mushrooms, pandan leaves which need to be imported in from the host region to maintain authenticity of the cuisine.” Therefore the import cost on top of cost of hiring a specialist Thai chef, overall makes the cuisine a little costlier.

4. Popular Dishes

 A. Khao Soi



Chicken and beef are the main ingredients of this curry based noodle soup. It is then served with lime, sliced shallots and crunchy pickled greens which provide the dish a pleasing contrast. The rich, spice-laden curry is well balanced with coconut milk-based broth and soft, squiggly wheat-and-egg noodles.

 B. Som Tam



Som Tam (or Tum) consists of strips of crunchy unripe papaya bruised in a mortar and pestle with tomato, long beans, chilli, lime and fish sauce. Our experts suggest “the dish can be coupled with a basket of sticky rice and barbequed chicken for a light yet piquant Thai meal.”

This wedding season if you are looking for an exquisite cuisine full of flavors which is a meticulous and measured and full of herbs and spices; Thai cuisine is the one to choose. The best thing about this cuisine is the flexibility that it offers in terms of combining the ingredients and condiments, juggling of disparate elements to create a harmonious finish and taste.

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Stay connected for the next of our cuisine special. Check Mughlai and Chinese cuisine.




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