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Cuisine Special 1: Moreish Mughlai

Indian weddings are the occasions to celebrate the cultural diversity India possesses. The celebrations widely include the food festivities. WedAbout values the place food holds in your weddings and would like to contribute its bit by introducing a series of different types of cuisines for you so as to make it easier for you to compare all of them and appreciate each one of it (especially for your wedding purpose).

P.S.: The series has been introduced under special guidance of our experts Chef Sandeep Munjal (Director, Vedatya Institute) and Chef Gurpreet Singh Kochar (Assistant Professor, Vedatya Institute giving you trustworthiness of the heart and soul.

1. Aptness



Mughlai cuisine is predominantly influenced by the cooking styles practiced during Mughal era. The cuisine offers an array of dishes ranging from spicy soups (shorbas) to ginger based roasted meats consisting of flavored sauces and butter based curries to kulfis and rabris giving you a wide variety of food to opt from. According to our experts Chef Sandeep and Chef Gurpreet This cuisine occupies a commanding position in popular cuisines of India due to its rich flavor and taste which tempts people to crave for it, especially at weddings.”


2. Cooking and Serving Challenges



Wedding food not only means cooking food to the goodness of finger licking but also complete justice has to be done to it when it comes to serving. Our experts say Use of Tandoor/Clay-oven and Barbeque for kebabs and tikkas is required. The challenge is to make sure that these starters are cooked to perfection (not too dry and over-cooked or left under-cooked) and served hot (in appropriate chafing dishes). Therefore, co-ordination between the chefs and service staff becomes of prime importance.”


3. Cost Effectiveness



For a well planned wedding budget can just not be ignored. The cost of the cuisine, therefore, is a major concern too. The flavor, aroma and the royal taste of the cuisine comes from the royal ingredients like milk, cream, nuts etc. Therefore it may not be a low-priced affair but then it’s worth it!


4. Popular Dishes

 A. Murgh Malai Tikka



As the name suggests, Chicken and cream are the main ingredients of the dish. The chicken cubes are marinated with cream along with other ingredients and spices are added.

 B. Shahi Biryani



The Shahi-ness of the rice dish comes from its ingredients like saffron and nuts. The rice is slow cooked with meat or vegetables (ideally) in homemade clay pots.

C. Badam Halwa



It is made with just nuts (Badam). These are rich; full-of-ghee fudges cooked to perfection in milk and are a perfect dessert for any royal Indian wedding.


The expert chefs suggest “Although this cuisine can be cooked by anyone, a specialized trained chef in this cuisine can augment the overall quality and taste of food; thereby maintaining the authenticity of the cuisine.”

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And stay tuned for the Chinese Cuisine and a lot more coming up. Till then Zàijiàn!!




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