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Well-connected to several Indian cities by direct daily flights, as well as rail and road

Key Feature

Massive forts, grand palace hotels, blue cityscape, majestic aura and timeless appeal; a top wedding destination in India, famous for Jodhpur palace weddings


Extremely hot and harsh summers, rainy monsoons, cool and pleasant winters that attract people from all over for destination weddings in Jodhpur

Jodhpur for Destination Wedding

Jodhpur is a top destination wedding location in india. Its towering forts, grand palaces and alluring temples, along with rolling hills, lakes and gardens provide a majestic backdrop for dazzling royal weddings in Jodhpur. Its colorful culture, people and houses, along with attending trains of elephants and camels, create a vintage yet vibrant aura for magnificent destination weddings in Jodhpur.


Jodhpur is located in the heart of Marwar region in the state of Rajasthan in western India. It is a gateway to the Great Indian Desert, Thar and is situated about 600 km away from the national capital New Delhi. Its unique location and regal background makes it a top destination wedding place in India.


  1. Jodhpur climate is arid or desert type. It stays bright and sunny all year round which is why it is also known as a sun city, The temperatures remain on the higher side all through the year.
  2. There is hardly any Spring as the Summer arrives soon enough in March and lasts upto mid-July. This period is very dry, harsh and exhausting. The hottest month is May with average daily temperature of 31 degree Celsius minimum and 43 degree Celsius maximum.
  3. Monsoon season starts somewhere in mid-July and lasts upto September, and causes low to moderate rainfall as well as humidity. When the rainfall ceases, temperatures begin to drop steadily in October and November.
  4. Winter season begins in December and lasts upto February. The coldest month is January with average daily temperature of 15 degree Celsius minimum and 24 degree Celsius maximum. Winter months are perfect for splendid destination weddings in Jodhpur.

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