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How To Balance Your Relationship With Your Sister-In-Law

09 May, 2017

Most women often have a tough time maintaining a good relationship with their in-laws. It can be tricky trust us! While you are focused on winning ove read more

10 Most Amazing Wedding Cakes To Die For!

26 Jan, 2017

Who doesn’t like a spongy fresh piece of cake! And if it is baked especially to mark a new beginning of two people under the holy matrimony then it read more

5 Essential tips for getting ready for your first Lohri after Wedding

13 Jan, 2017

It’s that time of the year again. When people gather around the bonfire distributing popcorn, roasted peanuts and til revri, singing merry and exudi read more

10 Fantastic Wedding Nail Art Ideas

12 Jan, 2017

Weddings are special and everything right from the toe-nail to the finger nail should be picture perfect as it is THE day for our special bride to be! read more

Swaggin’ it the Akhada style: Phogat Sisters photoshoot breaking stereotypes

03 Jan, 2017

Everyone is aware of the accolades and honors that both the Phogat sisters Geeta and Babita have brought to our country. Thanks to the recently releas read more

10 Signature Styles from Manish Malhotra 2016 Collection

27 Dec, 2016

When it comes to Indian designers, Manish Malhotra is quite a legend! Be it Bollywood movies or dressing up the celebrities. His designs are balanced read more

6 Essential Bridal Makeup Tips for Dusky Skin

24 Dec, 2016

If fair is lovely, then dusky is definitely divine! Exotic, Olive, Sun-kissed, tanned whatever name you call it, the dusky skin has garnered a worldwi read more

5 Cozy Bridal Outfit Ideas for your Winter Wedding!

16 Dec, 2016

What adds to the nerves of our bride-to-be in freezing winters is the dilemma to show off. She wants to flaunt her well-toned curves and braving the c read more

Sneak Peek into Bridal Trousseau outfits by the Designer Aparna Jindal

26 Oct, 2016

WedAbout interviewed the lady with the passion for fashion, Aparna Jindal, Director, Izabelle Outfits. A nutritionist by profession and designer by pa read more

Floral Jewelry Trends This Wedding Season!

05 Oct, 2016

Simple taste, timeless elegance, and a perfect personification of beauty is what best describes the floral jewelry. Women have used these jewels of na read more

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