How To Balance Your Relationship With Your Sister-In-Law

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How To Balance Your Relationship With Your Sister-In-Law

Most women often have a tough time maintaining a good relationship with their in-laws. It can be tricky trust us! While you are focused on winning over your mother-in-law, you might just overlook a very important relationship, which is your husband’s sister. Well, whether you are a member of the same house or you put up separately, it is important to develop a good rapport with your sister-in-law. WedAbout shares a few tricks for a perfect relationship with your husband’s sister.

Make Friendly Calls


If you and your sister in law meet only occasionally such as over holidays then make it a point to keep the relationship smooth and friendly by making periodic calls. Find out about her husband, children, work etc. You can keep in touch on social platforms too through Facebook or  Whatsapp by sending her quick messages, jokes or sharing photos of your family.

Getaways Are A Good Idea


Interacting with your sister-in-law is much easier in a relaxed setting hence getaways are a great idea. And if you are tied up and cannot take out time for a holiday then you could catch up for dinner at a restaurant of her choice. Meeting up in a different setting outside of the home is the best way to ease tension and spend some fun time.

She Is Family And Not An Outsider



When your sister-in-law is over make her feel like an important part of the family. Take photos together and post them on social media. Also compliment your sister-in-law for her culinary skills if she is a good cook. Go ahead and ask her for her recipes and share some of your favorites too. It’s a great way to bond!

Remember The Birthdays And Anniversaries



Set reminder so that you do not miss special occasions. Also giving presents every now and then goes a long way in developing and maintaining a good relationship.

Discover Your Common Interests



Well open up and talk, try to explore common interests by getting to know about her work, family, friends, hobbies; But remember not to get too personal.  It is easy to team up together if you have a common hobby like trekking, swimming, cycling or a TV programme that you both like.

Shop Together



Something that all girl’s love and that is shopping undoubtedly. This will certainly help you develop your relationship with your husband’s sister. You can rest your personal issues aside and start afresh. So what are you waiting for!

These were some of the ways to bond with your husband’s sister. It is never too late to work on relationships and we at Wedabout love to make life simple! Do follow our relationship tips if you want that perfect relation with your sister-in-law!!

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