5 Cozy Bridal Outfit Ideas for Your Winter Wedding!

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5 Cozy Bridal Outfit Ideas for your Winter Wedding!

What adds to the nerves of our bride-to-be in freezing winters is the dilemma to show off. She wants to flaunt her well-toned curves and braving the chills at the same time. With a little or no scope for those svelte cropped or sleeveless cholis. She has to look for warmer innovations.  She is the quintessential goddess for the day. All eyes must be on her and wear a woolen outer or sheepishly wrapping a shawl just won’t cut it. Well if you have a winter wedding coming up look no further. To help solve your predicament we at WedAbout have lined up these five interesting and fascinating ideas to get you into your cozy bridal outfit, keeping the élan intact!


1.     Majestic Jacket Lehengas

Wedabout bridal outfit

Our Regal Bride in a Jacket Lehenga Sitting Splendid

Photo credit @ DotDusk Photography

With your choli stitched as a full-sleeved jacket.  You are sure to beat the chill. The length of the jacket can be decided depending on your own height to give you appropriate vertical balance.

2.     Imperial Anarkali Lehengas

Wedabout bridal outfit

Photo credit @ Dipak Studios Photography

It has a choli which is stitched with long anarkalis that run down the length of the lehenga mostly ending a few inches above the floor. The flared Ghagra gives an empress like silhouette making you look like novelty.

3. Royal Embellished Lehengas in Warm Fabrics

Wedabout bridal outfit

Photo credit @ Rajesh Digital

It all zeroes down to the right fabric at the end of the day. Warmer fabrics such as Silk or Velvet with heavy embroidery are ideal to keep you warm and exude a Royal person. If you are are looking for some traditional grace then you can even go for a heavy Sequin, Zardosi or Dabka work for a cosy bridal outfit.

4. Double Dupatta Lehenga with Shawl

Wedabout bridal outfit

Photo credit @ Dipak Studios Photography

There is no better time to rule this bridal fashion trend than on a cold wedding day. Use a heavily embroidered shawl (preferably Pashmina for being light and very warm) well-pleated falling suavely on one shoulder in place of the inner dupatta, leaving the outer dupatta as the one that originally came with your lehenga.

5. Groovy Fusion Bridal Wear

bridal outfit

Photo credit @ Dipak Studios Photography

 If you are anything but traditional and are a huge fan of western silhouettes. then a Fusion Wedding Gown is what you are looking for. For a more contemporary look, try capped dupattas which are currently ruling the fashion scene worldwide!

It is your day to dazzle and we wish you a very comfy and cozy Winter Wedding!  Do let us know your comments on your favorite styles of the ones mentioned above.

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