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Sneak Peek into Bridal Trousseau outfits by the Designer Aparna Jindal

WedAbout interviewed the lady with the passion for fashion, Aparna Jindal, Director, Izabelle Outfits. A nutritionist by profession and designer by passion, she particularly deals in trousseau outfits.

Aparna believes WEDDING LOOK Exhibition by WedAbout was a great concept. “The wedding look is the dream of every girl. So it was a perfect platform to achieve the desired look for all the events. Also, the exhibition provided everything under one roof. It was really helpful for the brides. They got the perfect dress, clubbed it with the best accessories and also got the styling done.” says Aparna Jindal. Read on to know about the must have bridal trousseau outfits for the brides to be.

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1.Go For Variety

The outfits must be different from each other in terms of colours, cuts and styles. With so many options one should choose from a wide range of colours and avoid too much repetition. Your trousseau outfits should be versatile and there should be dresses for different occasions.- so do not go over board with one style or colour!

2.Outfits Should Be Wearable

One must keep in mind the use of the outfits later and that it should be wearable. “Most brides often buy very heavy dresses, and don’t actually find any dress apt to wear later on .So Stocking up on very heavy outfits and dumping them later is useless, I always recommend to choose dresses according to their after usage.” says Aparna.

3.Keep In Mind The Style And Fabric

Aparna particularly feels that there are no specific colours for skin tones. “Almost all colours look good on every complexion. One must be confident about the colour they wear and must keep in mind the occasion and season while choosing the colour. More than the colour the style and fabric chosen must be according to the body type.”

4.Modifying Should Be An Option

If you are stocking up some heavy outfits it is a good idea to opt for something that you can later on modify. “A few saris can be later on converted into suits and lehangas, some heavy dupattas can be converted to drapes.” says Aparna

5.Must Have Trousseau Outfits For All Brides

“Straight  gown, anarkali suit , formal tunic sets clubbed with palazzo skirts, draped sari ,sharara set , a lehanga  which is not too heavy but very dressy , jacket/blazer dress is what I advise for the trousseau.” Says Aparna Jindal

These were some suggestions from the Designer. WedAbout recommended all brides to make the most of the event. We brought everything under one roof.

THE WEDDING LOOK by WedAbout was a Wedding Exhibition. It included informative sessions with stylists, make-up artists and professional photographers and much more. Here, the to-be-brides did a one-stop dress rehearsal for the big-day. This also enabled the bride to make confident and faster decisions to make her wedding shopping easier.

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Ankita Rai

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