Bridal Makeup: 6 Essential tips for Dusky Skin

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6 Essential Bridal Makeup Tips for Dusky Skin

If fair is lovely, then dusky is definitely divine! Exotic, Olive, Sun-kissed, tanned whatever name you call it, the dusky skin has garnered a worldwide admiration. It has a distinctive concourse to carry a wide spectrum of colors with panache as compared to lighter skin tones. Thanks to some shallow marketing, unfortunately, a large part of the impressionable population thinks fair stands for beauty. But very few of them know that nothing enchants more than a chocolaty earthen splendor to makeup artists around the world for the enigma that a dusky skin exudes! So if you are a bride-to-be with a russet skin, we at WedAbout have for you these 6 Essential bridal makeup tips that can help in revealing the deific diva that you are!

1.     The Customary Cleansing Bridal Makeup Routine

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The number one rule from the bridal makeup grooming book is to follow the CTM  i.e. Cleaning Toning and Moisturizing. Follow this religiously to get that spotless flawless skin for your big day.

2. Laying the Faultless Foundation

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Always get a foundation that is matching to your skin tone. You can also mix 1-2 shades to get the closest shade. DO NOT GO FOR LIGHTER SHADES. It would only make your skin look pasty and cakey! For best results go for water based foundations as dusky skins tend to get oily. Follow these tips for that perfect Bridal Makeup.

3. If Eyes Could Talk!

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Dusky skinned damsels usually tend to be doe-eyed.  There are so many colors you can play with like burgundy, prunes, green, purple, metallic, copper, earthy browns. Also, Smokey eyes go very well with your skin tone.

4. Rock those Luscious Lips

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Plum, Burgundy, Maroon, Coral browns, Nude browns go well with your skin undertone. AVOID bright, light, pale or neon shades as they will make you look sapped.

5. Brim the Bridal Blush

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Try experimenting with different colors. Do this before settling for ‘The’ one. Applying colors like dark coral, deep pink or dark orange on the cheekbone will really add to the allure!

6. The Moony Mélange

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The entire bridal makeup look should be well color-coordinated with your bridal outfit. Make wise color choices depending on your skin undertones; Experimenting is good but don’t go overboard and play to your strengths for that perfect Bridal Makeup!

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Every speck of your bridal makeup regime must meld fittingly, complimenting one another and the only thing that should stand out is you. With these handy bridal makeup tips, we wish you a captivating demeanor that is sure to plant all eyes on you! For other such problems, we are here, Happy to Help!

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