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Check the new badass bridal shots.

08 Jan, 2018

Hey girls!! Forget the “sundar-sushil & sanskari” bridal pose. It’s time to switch on to these new bridal shots. Because it read more

Wedding attire based on your zodaic sign.

03 Jan, 2018

Each of us is born under a particular zodiac sign or astrological sign. It is therefore but natural to correlate the sequence of colours in the visibl read more

Bachelorette Destination: A weekend gateway from Delhi.

30 Dec, 2017

 Preparing for a wedding involves soo many people but planning a bachelorette require cranky people like you and of course they are your friend. An read more

Bridal makeup! Winter! Be natural

19 Dec, 2017

Well, after watching Anushka’s bridal makeup every girl must be wondering about wearing the bare minimum bridal makeup to look flawless like read more

Cocktail decor? Put some cute details.

22 Nov, 2017

When it comes to cocktail decor, we can customize n number of fusions for a fun and memorable get-together. Trust us, there are so many cute details read more

The Creator Of Stunning Beauties: Make-up Artist Sandhya Arora

21 Nov, 2016

With several years of experience and a knack of creating classy and traditional looks, Sandhya Arora is a known name in the industry.  Her make up st read more

Should I Have A Professional Planner Handle My Wedding Planning?

06 Nov, 2016

Your wedding is an event which needs to be managed like any other event. Every small little detailing needs special attention in carrying the whole ev read more

Top 9 Things That Influence Wedding Catering Decisions

02 Nov, 2016

Known for its grand hospitality and lavish celebrations, Indian weddings stand true to the famous Indian adage “Atithi Devo Bhav”. Treating our gu read more

7 Things to keep in mind while deciding your Wedding Invitation Cards

09 Oct, 2016

The time to send wedding invites has finally arrived. You cannot wait to tell the world that you are getting married and to do that you need an immacu read more

5 Things to keep in mind while deciding your Bridal Shoes

28 Sep, 2016

A girl’s wedding shopping is incomplete without a pair of chic bridal shoes for her special day. It is that accessory which beautifies her feet and read more

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