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The Creator Of Stunning Beauties: Make-up Artist Sandhya Arora

With several years of experience and a knack of creating classy and traditional looks, Sandhya Arora is a known name in the industry.  Her make up style exudes glimpses from different cultures and traditions.

We at WedAbout spent a chatty afternoon with her, understanding more about her passion for her work, what the season’s trend are and what kind of look a bride wants.  In a tete-a-tete with Sandya Arora, owner of Sandhya Arora Makeup Artistry.

1.The Trend

Sandhya Arora

Photo credit @Sandhya Arora Make-up Artistry

Every bride wants to adorn the latest make up which makes her look trendy and chic. They prefer the ‘dewy look’ that stays on throughout the day. Bold and smokey eyes are in this season. Gold, bronze, copper eye shadows with dash of superfine glitters create a sparkling effect on the eyes.  For lips, matte shades of red, hot pink, coral and peach are the shades of the season.

Personally Sandhya believes in creating a minimalist look and believes that less is definitely more.

2. Key Strengths

Sandhya Arora

Photo credit @Sandhya Arora Make-up Artistry

Sandhya believes in maintaining a personal connection with her clients. She encourages a prior consultation with them to understand their style and requirements. It is important to build a level of trust and rapport with the client to enjoy the whole process right from the start to the d-day.

Her diverse experience, love and zest for her work has amassed celebrity clients like Neha Dhupia and Bipasha Basu from the Bollywood fame, Gaelyn Mendonca, MTV India VJ and model and A-Bazz singer.

3. The Versatile Style

Sandhya Arora Sandhya Arora Sandhya Arora

Photo credit @Sandhya Arora Make-up Artistry

While, dressing up the brides remains her first love, she has not limited herself to only bridal make-ups.  Sandhya has expanded her expertise to a wide array of areas including TV shows and Fashion shows. Focusing on widening her scope of work, she offers gamut of other services. Some of them being – personal shopping, wedding trousseau design, personal makeup and grooming classes and image makeovers on chargeable basis.

She has the knowledge and talent of various kinds of make-up techniques.  Non HD, HD, Silicon based and Airbrush make-up

4. The Savvy Well-Informed Bride

Sandhya Arora Sandhya Arora Sandhya Arora

Photo credit @Sandhya Arora Make-up Artistry

The discerning bride today knows exactly what she wants. They take their own decision and work cohesively with the make-up artist in deciding the look they desire. They are confident and smart and know how to carry themselves with poise. The hairstyle, the jewelery, the bridal attire everything is finalized by them. This season subtle and sophisticated make up is in vogue.

As Sandhya sums up, “Wedding is a joyful event, so to enjoy your pre-wedding preparations : do not stress, be confident and prepare to dazzle.”

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