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Should I Have A Professional Planner Handle My Wedding Planning?

Your wedding is an event which needs to be managed like any other event. Every small little detailing needs special attention in carrying the whole event with flair.

You and your family can manage it yourselves like it has been happening for centuries in India or hires someone who does it for you. The choice is yours.

WedAbout helps you understand why should you consider taking professional help for your wedding day

1.Experts in their work

professional planner

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Extremely professional at their work they know what works and what does not. From vendors to the wedding theme, accessories etc., they are well versed with each detail and have the skills to execute them seamlessly to make your wedding a beautiful celebration for you.


2.Reduces your stress

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Professional Planner is a master at managing the entire show. They make the entire process of the wedding an enjoyable experience and relieve the bride/groom and their family members from the hassle of organizing everything by themselves from the start till the end.

3. Saves precious time

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The bride and the groom seldom have time to get involved in the wedding preparations. The experts come as a blessing in disguise by managing the tasks that you are unable to give time for.

4. Helps in creating the event flow and designs

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The wedding coordinator is a pro at creating a complete flow of how and when your wedding events will be scheduled. They help you customize your wedding according to your requirements. They also offer knowledge and handle the planning of events and designing with ease.

5. They get better discounts and freebies

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The wedding professional planners have a fair knowledge about the current rates of various services prevalent in the market. They have professional relations with the vendors and can provide the best possible deals that suit the requirements. They are able to pass on the discounts that they receive from their suppliers.

6. Know the vendors in the market and their reputation

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A professional wedding planner connects you to the right and reliable vendors. The professional planner knows which vendor is suitable for your wedding. They only recommend those vendors who are trustworthy and can deliver their best services.

7. Helps in vendor management and drawing up vendor contracts

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The Professional planner/coordinator is your one point contact for all the vendor needs. They make it sure to arrange the meetings with vendors, settle the contracts and payment processes well in advance. The florist, the caterer, photographer, linens, invitations etc. all are managed by your specialist.

8. Handle the event operation and control

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They are one point of contact from conceptualization till the execution of the wedding. They are Proficient at multi-tasking. They manage the entire event right from engagement to Mehndi night and wedding.

9. Last minute crisis handling

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They are experienced to handle unforeseen circumstances without interrupting the smooth flow of the event.

10. Allow you to enjoy your wedding

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Marriage is a commitment of love and trust between two people. The professional planners are dedicated to making this even stronger by making it the most memorable day of your life. The couple just wants to enjoy their day without being bothered about the guests, the food, the DJ, décor and so on. An adept planner takes the entire responsibility of making your marriage a successful show.

Key to a perfect and happy marriage is the planner who makes it all possible.

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