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Check the new badass bridal shots.

Hey girls!!

Forget the “sundar-sushil & sanskari” bridal pose. It’s time to switch on to these new bridal shots. Because it’s your day. Do all the silly things you want to do so that tomorrow when you will look back you will have something to laugh on. I personally like the glutton one, which one do you like?

  1. The denim lover:  We all believe that denim is the greatest invention till now. Girl, who spend almost 24-25 years in denim when suddenly switches to traditional “ek final shot to banta hai na” Right?
Bidal shot

Photo credits

2. The glutton shot: Why a girl like food? A mystery that is unsolved and will remain so. We do have some strong connection with food. Right girls?


Photo credits @Lina And Jirsa

Bridal potrait

Photo credits @Oragraphy

makeup by pooja

Photo credits @Pooja bajaj makeup artist

Bridal shot

Photo credits @Dream diaries

3.  The so-called “Excited bride”: I can’t keep calm, I am getting married today.

Bridal shot

Photo credits @Knotty affairs

Bridal potrait

Photo credits @Little big weddings

Bridal shot

Photo credits @Dipak studios


4. I am sexy and I know it.

Bridal shot

Photo credits @Little big weddings

Bridal shot

Photo credits @Coolbluez photography

5. Dear hubby, can you please wait, I am just not ready for the Dulhan appearance?

Bridal shot

Photo credits @Busybee studio

bridal shot

Photo credits @Think Tank studio

Bridal shot


Bridal shot

Photo credits @FF Studio

6. Dear Mother in law, get ready for my tantrums. 

Bridal shot

Photo credits @karishmatalwar93


Bridal shot

Photo credits @The wedding story


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