5 Things To Keep In Mind While Deciding Your Bridal Shoes

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5 Things to keep in mind while deciding your Bridal Shoes

A girl’s wedding shopping is incomplete without a pair of chic bridal shoes for her special day. It is that accessory which beautifies her feet and finishes her look for the wedding day. Make sure you spend your money on buying fashionable yet comfortable bridal shoes. Satiate your fetish for that special bridal shoes including high heels, wedges, sandals, closed toe shoes and peep toes, stilettos for the big day.

A few things to keep in mind while buying the bridal shoes in which you walk towards that special person with a dream of starting a new life with him.

1. Comfortable bridal shoes:

bridal shoes

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The Wedding day is tiring for the bride considering that she has to be on her toes all throughout the duration of the ceremony. Right from the time the bride reaches the venue to attending all rituals and meeting guests, the entire celebration requires her to wear a beautiful smile. Choose the right bridal shoes that don’t stress but caress your feet for you to carry on with ease and comfort on that special day.

2. Venue Surface

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Choose appropriate bridal shoes in consonance with the flooring of the wedding venue. If the venue is a farmhouse or a beautiful garden with the grassy floor, you need to opt for bridal shoes that do not sink into the ground. Wedges and flats are good options to choose from. While stilettos can opt for even surfaces and marble floors.

3. Budget

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The wedding is the time to indulge and splurge. But one also needs to keep in mind the budget you have set aside for that special pair. Buy bridal shoes which you can wear later too in future occasions. A universal coloured bridal shoe that matches any outfit is an apt choice.

4. Body structure and height

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There are many footwear options that suit different body structures and height of the bride. If you are tall then kitten heels are a perfect match for you. They make you look elegant without adding height. If you have short legs then peep-toed shoes and pointy toed shoes. It can make you look taller. For a bride with a petite frame, stilettos and wedges are the most suited options in bridal shoes.

5. Match with bridal outfit

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Pick that gorgeous pair of bridal shoes after you’ve done the final trials for the fittings of your trousseau. The length of your ensemble will be a major factor in deciding on your bridal shoes. The colour and the length of the heel of your footwear will depend on the saree or lehenga that you have decided to flaunt.

Modifying what Marilyn Monroe rightly said, “Give a bride the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” And it’s your day today!

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