A Comparison To Help You Choose From 5 Kinds Of Wedding Venues

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A Comparison To Help You Choose From 5 Kinds Of Wedding Venues …Thank Us Later!

  |   4 years ago

The Wedding Venue is as important as the Wedding itself. A good venue chosen can make your wedding a family achievement narrated every time a wedding comes up. With one choice gone wrong, be assured that the guests will not be happy! WedAbout gives you the 5 best Wedding venues for Indian Weddings. Read on to make the best choice.

1.AC banquet hall

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Air conditioners are simply important. You cannot have the guests sweating at the wedding. While the pricing may be the limitation, everything else is just the best.

2.Non-AC banquet hall

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If you are getting married in a pleasant weather, this is what you should choose for ample space, beautiful decor and an open sky above you. make sure you have enough seating arrangements and also there is no rain forecast.

3. Farmhouse weddings

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These may appear to be expensive, which they might be, but the prime advantage of a Farm house wedding is the accommodation that is offers. Lavish, sprawling structures with brilliant color schemes is what you should choose in case you decide on a farm house wedding. The only drawback could be the distance from the city.

4. Weddings at 5 Star Hotels

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If you have the budget, why not! They turn out to be the most organised wedding venue where you practically have to do nothing except the planning and take care of the cost of course.

5. Weddings at a Resort

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This is not only beautiful but a mind-refreshing change, where in you and your close ones can travel to a resort or a destination for a wedding. With the wedding at a resort, comes unlimited fun and of course the covers of nature that seem to merge with the rituals.

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