Top 10 Criteria To Look For In A Wedding Venue

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Top 10 Criteria To Look For In A Wedding Venue

‘Selecting the right wedding venue is probably the most important decision you are going to make with regards to your wedding preparations. If you get the venue right, many other things will fall into place automatically’, Says Rahul Taneja, Executive Assistant Manager Food and Beverage, Taj Fisherman Cove, Chennai.

So, before you jump into venue selections, we at WedAbout bring to you tips from experts on top 10 criteria to look for in a wedding venue :

1) Location

‘Most people already have in mind the functions they are going to have for their weddings. And the location selection largely depends on that’ mentions Dilpreet Singh, Director Operations, J.W.Marriott Delhi.

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Expert tip: “Choose a location based on your requirements. Don’t go for a location just because someone close had chosen it for their wedding”Rahul Taneja from Taj  Fisherman Cove

2) Capacity

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Before you start short listing venues, make a rough guest list to get an idea about the approximate number of people to expect.  This will also help you strike a good deal with the caterer.

3) Type


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Factors like seasons, wedding theme, and time of the wedding play a major role in deciding the type of wedding venue you should select. While a beach wedding is a brilliant idea during winter evenings, it might not feel that good on a summer noon.

4) Budget


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Everybody wants to keep the cost down to allow more room for other amenities. Be flexible with your dates to negotiate a good deal.

5) Accommodation


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Check if the wedding venue has appropriate accommodation facilities for your guests to stay over. Proximity and connectivity of rooms to wedding venues is important too!

As rightly said by Dilpreet Singh – “Wedding is not only about the banquet hall but experiencing the entire venue”

6) Facilities

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Check in advance if the venue can provide all the facilities and amenities you are looking for. Catering, music, DJ, lighting, recreation, security, AV, etc are some of the basic facilities that every wedding venue must offer.

7) Security


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Check if the venue is safe and has enough security measures in place. In addition to well-trained security staff things like CCTV cameras and venue access to guests only is important.

8) Parking


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Nearby and convenient parking options for your guests is very important. If you have a budget for valet parking, your guests will love you for that.

9) Connectivity


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You don’t book a wedding venue, you book an address’ as rightly pointed out by Dilpreet Singh Bindra. Good connectivity and proximity to an airport and public transport system are important to ensure people reach the venue hassle-free.

10) Vendor Restrictions

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If you are bringing outside vendors, make sure that your wedding venue will allow them and work alongside them to make your wedding a memorable affair.

Finally, beautifully summarized by Dilpreet Singh from J.W.Marriott  “We do not sell wedding venues, we sell experiences”. Indeed!

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