5 Brilliant Tips For Arranging A Modern And Minimalist Wedding In Style

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5 Brilliant Tips for arranging a Modern and Minimalist Wedding in Style

Less is undeniably more…. Yes! We are talking about the minimalist wedding trend which is charting on top of everyone’s mind and breaking all the stereotypes. Such weddings are simple and austere with an aim of de-cluttering the big fat wedding. There is less of over the top accessories and fussy detailing; while the focus is simply on the originality and the design aspect.

From wedding invites to attires, we at WedAbout show you how you can opt for a minimalist wedding and yet make it irresistibly stylish.

1.     Simple Wedding Invite

Minimalist Wedding

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You need to keep your wedding stationery clean. Your wedding invite can focus on good quality paper, engraving of beautiful language and typography and sensibly curated colors scheme. You can add floral or divine designs but that should refrain from being eye-catchy. No added tassels or decorations make a perfect recipe for a wedding invitation card which is timeless and classic.

2.     Aesthetic Décor

Minimalist Wedding

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How about a wedding venue which has ample natural beauty or how about a banquet which has an inherent element of wow? The idea is to strip off the need for any bling decoration or adornments. Choosing to have candles instead of chandeliers or using wooden tables which do not require any jazzy linen is the trick. Instead of using thousands of flowers to decorate the mandap you can have four majestic pillars. This modern understated theme can definitely have an impressive impact.

3.     Monochrome Wedding Theme

Minimalist Wedding

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When choosing the colour palette of your wedding theme, go for one or two colors only. Well, this does not mean that the colour should be just black or white. There are plethora of shades which can define simplicity. Some of the modern tones would include lilac, mint, aqua blue, beige, and other neutral shades. An elegant center piece with flowers in consonance with your theme colour will give a sophisticated look.

4.     Nude Wedding Cake

Minimalist Wedding


Forget those icing and frosting on the cake, the trend is about naked cakes. After all, what is on the inside will count! You can choose natural flavors like chocolate and vanilla instead of those thick fondants. It is easy to make this cakes look tempting by adding dash of fruits or arranging flowers on them. You can even play with the shape of the cake to make it more interesting. How about a square cake with 3 layers…

5.     Graceful Wedding Attires

Minimalist Wedding

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When everything around you is so minimal and pristine, your dressing should also be just that. Brides can prefer to have lehenga with less embroidery and prefer fine cuts and graceful designs. Also, giving the colour red a miss can do the magic. You can also opt for simple necklace and adorn nude and natural make up. For grooms, it is time to say no to flashy Sherwanis; instead you can go for classic shades with stylish cuts and drapes. Once again pastel shades can give the desired look. In the end, it’s only a smiling bride and a smiling groom that actually matters!

Remember minimalist does not mean boring or lacklustre, it is a definition of elegance and distinction. Such weddings are becoming a rage everywhere and we are sure you too have fallen in love with this understated modernism.

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