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5 Ways to Transform an Ordinary Wedding Venue

Indian weddings are world wide known for all the pomp and show they pour out. But all the venues may not be grand in themselves. They might call for everything it takes to get transformed into a wow wedding venue! WedAbout researches to find 5 sure ways in which an ordinary looking venue can be transformed to an exquisite one.

1. Layout and seating

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Seating arrangement is one thing which should be done very thoughtfully in order to make the paramount use of the space available. “There can be no logical sequence given on how layout and seating should be done. It’s all about the type of venue. The primary thing to to consider is the comfort level of guests. There should be ease of movement and things should end up in an orderly manner.” Says Mr. Praveen Roy, Chief Executive Officer at Tourism & Hospitality Skill Council and a specialist in wedding decor and catering.

2. Lights and colors

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Lights and colors have magical powers to set ambience for every occasion. When justice is done to the colors and they are well complimented with lights, your wedding venue gets transformed marvelously.

3. Draping and backdrops

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Long drapes and backdrops add royalty and richness even to the simplest of the venues. Be it a sunlight event or moonlight, drapes are versatile and add spark to any time or type of occasion. Drapes are effortless yet elegant which makes them even more fashionable and trendy.

4. Masking and Highlighting

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In any venue, there are things which are good and should be to be highlighted whereas some which are not so good and need to be masked (maybe with drapes, flowers or props). The only important thing is to identify these spots and treat them accordingly. When masking is done suitably, it has the ability to give your venue a splendid look.

5. Props and flowers

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Flowers can pep up even the dullest corners with a flavor of refreshment and positivism. Props or even flowers used as props are all time favorite and most effective measures to transform an ordinary venue to a wow place for you to take your wedding vows.

Our expert Mr. Praveen in the end says “In the transformation process, the focus changes with the changing venue type. For e.g. in a place like Old Delhi there is limited space thus limiting the scope for experimenting. In such a case the mandap can be highlighted as a centre of attraction.” He adds “the venue decor should be able to reflect the host’s feeling in a positive manner. The comfort and preferences of guests should be of prime importance.”

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