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Wedding Gifts Not To Gift To A Newly Wedded Couple

The wedding season is coming and so is the season to give. They say the efforts count more. But that doesn’t seem to be working in reality. You might put in many efforts in a wedding gift, but that might not be something the couple really wanted (we don’t want to sound rude though!). Believe it or not, there exist some gifts which should not have existed (in the form of gifts at least!).

WedAbout brings you a list of wedding gifts you should never (like NEVER EVER!) gift to a newly wedded couple!


antique-2413410_960_720 : wedding


This might surprise you. But showpiece as wedding gift is a big no! Any couple would love to dress their home with their own picks. Your choice might not match to theirs. And you would not want your gift getting re-gifted or stacked in a trunk!


blender-10933_960_720 : wedding


For you it might be wise to gift a mixer/grinder to the newlyweds. But there is something you don’t know. It’s their choice of brand/ preference. Every couple has their own set of needs. Depending on them they would like to get their long-time-use products. Electronics are those.

High Maintenance Stuff


You chose wooden artifact or bowl set as wedding gift? It needs to be oil-cleaned on weakly basis (at least). In busy schedules of their lives, no couple will have time to do that. So please avoid giving those (or similar) high maintenance wedding gifts.

Book On Relationships


You don’t want to be misunderstood. Right? The couple has just started their married life. They need blessings of a healthy relationship. Not a wedding gift which sounds more like a warning. Something like this might be misunderstood by the couple.

Baby Related Stuff

Ducks Pacifier Baby Bottle Diapers Toys: wedding


No! Wait! Let the couple breathe. Please. They are just married. And have started their new life minutes back. They are surely not prepared for baby related stuff. You do not want the bride to get into an awkward situation in front of her mom-in-law! So thinking it as a wedding gift is a crime!

Your Own Artwork


You think you are a great artist. Well, applauds if it holds true. No offense intended but everyone might not share similar thoughts. Your own piece of art as a wedding gift isn’t a great idea.


Small Dogs Dog Shih Tzu Canny Dog ​​show Dog Show: wedding


You love pets and so does your girlfriend. Gifting her pet this valentines can be a cute ting to do. But gifting pet as wedding gift? No please. The couple has just started their life. They might be much involved in each other hardly getting time to pet a pet! So do not be unjust to pet. And drop the idea right away.


Cup Milk Can Tea Dishes Tableware Crockery: Wedding


Most cliched and most undesirable wedding gift is crockery! With market already flooded with exquisite crockery and dinner sets ever, no newly wed would like to be gifted a crockery not matching their choice. With everything going according to the theme of their home decor, let them choose something complementing.

So these were a few wedding gifts which might not be liked much. You do not want a thank you not with “Don’t bother again!” attached. So be careful while choosing a wedding gift for the newlyweds.

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