Tips To Manage Your Wedding Preparations Along With a Full Time Job

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Tips To Manage Your Wedding Preparations Along With A Full Time Job

Planning a wedding comes with its fair share of responsibilities that may get overwhelming sometimes. Especially, if you have to manage a full-time job! The meetings, the deadlines when combined with the pressure of catering, and the sangeet arrangements can even take a toll on a bride’s enthusiasm.

So how do you manage your wedding preparations along with a full-time job? Expert tips from Wedabout:

1. Download WedAbout App

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WedAbout is a complete wedding planning app that eases the entire process of wedding planning by providing you with contacts of curated vendors at unbeatable prices. From photographers to caterers, from choreographers to Mehendi walas, you can book everything you need right on the app. Do that on your way to work, during a coffee break or simply before going to bed.

“WedAbout also provides a premium service in which their team of experts can manage the complete wedding planning from inception to execution.” 

2. Prioritise your tasks

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You are getting married and there is no better time to learn prioritizing things. Just like at work, make a list of things that need to be addressed first. If you are planning for a pre-wedding shoot, decide on a date where you both are free from work.

3. Decide on a schedule and stick to it:

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You have to meet deadlines and manage wedding preparations too! Therefore, it is extremely important to break down your tasks into smaller pieces. Schedule tasks and stick to them, even if that means working few extra hours on some days.

4. Don’t leave anything for last minute preparations

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You will need time to bask in the glow of being the bride. Therefore, make sure you finish all your work personal and professional well in advance. Apply for leave from work as soon as the wedding dates are finalised. Organise and finish all other tasks like booking, shopping, etc at least 2 weeks before the wedding.

5. Don’t laze around on weekends

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Utilise every minute you have got so that you can enjoy the wedding. Obviously do not over do it!

6. Communicate with your fiancé

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Communicate with each other before making appointments and share your schedules to ensure there is no miscommunication of any sort. If you sit down together to share workload, you can spend the remaining time concentrating on the pending work at office.

Alternatively, you can download WedAbout App on Android and iOS and opt for its premium service where we take care of every little detail of your wedding while you prepare for your honeymoon.






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