70 Fresh & Latest Bridal Mehndi Design Ideas For Your 2024 Wedding

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70 Fresh & Latest Bridal Mehndi Design Ideas of 2024 You Need to Bookmark Now!

Indian weddings include an awe-inspiring lineup of pre-wedding rituals. And nothing electrifies the bride and her bridesmaids more than the fun-filled Mehendi function! When it comes to getting your hands stained with henna, the 2024 brides-to-be will accept nothing short of the most beautiful and exquisite bridal Mehndi design.

While Mehendi event preparations include a long list of to-dos, like getting the mehendi decor on point or selecting the most pretty floral jewellery for your mehndi outfits, everything will go in vain if you do not have the perfect mehndi design to adorn your hands and legs with. The 21st-century brides will go any length to fulfill their mehandi design fetishes.

While some brides prefer intricate and traditional indian bridal mehndi designs, others go exploring a bit fancy in this regard. And we can’t stop drooling over how pretty the brides look with their arms decked up with all sorts of patterns, from the fashionable mandala designs to elegant bracelet style mehndi, the much desired arabic mehndi design or more quirky styles like glitter, colour or white mehndi.

Moreover, the brides have upped their mehendi game with unique and personalized wedding henna designs that incorporate their favorite motifs, couple names, logo, hashtags, portraits or other unique symbols to tell stories. They are even getting the wedding rituals or the entire baraat sequence inscribed in them. Whatever you may like, we have got you covered with all sorts of trendy styles. So, get ready to be spoiled with 70 best bridal mehandi design ideas to adorn your hands and feet with.

Scroll down and save these new & latest bridal mehndi design images, that you would love to provide your mehndi artist for a reference. Furthermore, we also have an assortment of some of the most beautiful minimal and simple mehndi designs that can be checked out for bridesmaids and other guests!

Front Hand Bridal Mehendi Designs

Traditional Mehndi Designs For Brides Who Like It Old-School

1. Beautiful Bridal Mehndi with Raja Rani Motifs

bridal mehndi designs for full hands with dulha dulhan figurines
Via: Kulwant SM
Dulha dulhan portrait front hand bridal mehandi
Via: Made in Heaven Studios
Wedding Ritual Bridal Mehendi for Front Hands
Via: Deep Joshi Gallery

Dulha Dulhan Mehendi Designs have been in the spotlight for quite some time now. Getting your Shaadi rituals etched is the new twist to it. The bride here has had her jaimala and sindoor-daan sequence etched on her hands. You too can get your baraat sequence stained on your hands because if this doesn’t scream the ultimate Shaadi vibes, then I don’t know what will!

2. Classic & Traditional Rajasthani Mehndi Design with Dulha Dulhan Motifs

sindur daan ritual on bridal mehndi design
Via: Raju Mehandi Wala
Front hand mehendi depicting sindoor daan
Via: Candid Wedding Stories

Because dulha dulhan bridal mehndi designs are quite the rage now, the dulhans have decided to step it up. Here’s a beautiful bride-groom portrait with the groom putting sindoor on the bride’s maang that the bride gets to show off by joining her hands. And notice the hearts in the groom’s sherwani along with the flowers in the lehenga. More attention to details is the trick for a stunning mehndi but make sure to hire a great Mehandi artist for the job.

3. Full Hand Bridal Mehandi Design With Lord Ganesh and Varmala Motifs

Ganesh motif bridal front hand mehendi with varmala sequence
Via: Candid Wedding Stories

This one is a full-blown version that includes two very important symbolism. First one is God portrait mehndi design, a Hindu deity who is deemed to be very auspicious, hence it explains why the bride would include him in her Mehendi. The second one is the full-blown elaborate caricature of the wedding varmala sequence. This is a perfect fit for an OTT loving traditional bride!

4. Wedding Mehndi Designs for Bride with Lotus, Rose and Other Indian Motifs

Minute lotus motif front hand mehendi design
Via: Kulwant SM

For brides who love going extra, here is a detailed and elaborate mehendi design fit for alluring and fulfilling them. It is brimming with lotus motifs, roses, leaves, and whatnot. Let’s just say that your search for the ultimate bridal mehendi ke design ends here!

5. Exclusive Peacock Mehndi Design With Bells and Floral Finesse

Intricate front hand bridal mehndi design with peacock and bell motifs
Via: Henna By Payal

For brides who want to oomph up the usual Rajasthani mehndi designs, this is a great one. A unique and gorgeous Mehandi design for the brides of 2024! This one incorporates a whiff of refreshment in a regal design. Look how the peacock and the bell motifs are receiving all the highlights due to being spaced out. Point to be noted, ladies! And while the traditional elements are filling up space, contrasting features like spacious mesh design, leaves, and dots are refreshing our eyes.

6. Intricate & Traditional Wedding Mehndi With A Symphony of Indian Motifs

best bridal mehandi design with all Indian motifs
Via: Kundan Henna

If you can’t get enough of all motif designs, then get all of them at once. We can’t adore this beautiful bridal mehndi design enough. And how can we? It’s overfilled with paisleys, leafy jaali work, and flower designs on the fingers. It is further enhanced with dots, bel motifs, a medley of light and dark lines, and topped off with a little bit Rajasthani touch.

7. When Traditional Met Some Floral Bursts in Your Bridal Mehandi

Floral Motif Front Hand Indian Bridal Mehendi
Via: Mehndi by Naaz

Why stick to one kind of design when you can explore several of them? This bridal mehandi design infuses Arabic flowers with Rajasthani elements like dainty circle motifs, leafy jaalwork, and vines. If you are on the experimental side but don’t wanna miss out on looking regal, then give it a shot!

8. Bring Those Dhol And Taashe On Your Palms

Dhol Motifs for front hand bridal mehendi
Via: The Wedding Salad

For all the musical and exuberant brides out there, here is a couple of bridal musical instruments to draw on your hands. Yes! Add a bit of twist to the customary heavy work full hand bridal Mehendi design. And incorporate some harmony to it with dhol, shehnai and kalash motifs.

9. Flowers With Meshwork: A Timeless Combo for Your Indian Bridal Mehndi!

Floral Motif with Jaalwork wedding mehendi design
Via: Dream Diaries India

You can make your Mehendi function more memorable by experimenting with this jaal design. While the contemporary flowers give you an urban and edgy feel, the random meshwork keeps you rooted to the traditions. You can go for a fusion style as such for your engagement as well!

10. Extravagant Full Hand Dulhan Mehndi Design with Baraat, Doli and Peacock Figurines

Full hand bridal mehndi design with elephant and peacock motifs
Via: Manraj Henna

This is the latest mehendi design apt for all the modern brides rooted in their tradition. Fingers decorated with Rajasthani elements and palms with that scalloped out space, to put it quite plainly, it’s magnificent. It amalgamates all the vogueish elements like vintage flowers, peacock motifs, and last but not least an elaborate elephant. The elephant caricatures also have their riders etched out. The mehndi artist beautifully incorporated a touch of contemporary elegance by adding some colour pop with yellow dots.

11. Half And Half Front Hand Intricate Bridal Mehendi Design

Half and Half intricate front hand best mehandi designs for brides
Via: Mehendi by Naaz

This alluring half and half scalloped mehendi stain is nothing short of majestic! It is a beautiful combination of Rajasthani and Mughal mehendi elements and the outcome is grand. We love how the scalloped out space is adding the much-needed dimension to this masterpiece and makes it one of the best mehndi designs for wedding!

12. An Intricate Arabic Mehndi Design For All the OTT Brides of 2024

Elaborate Arabic Bridal Mehndi Design for Front Hand
Via: Mehendi By Naaz

Who doesn’t love a hand decked up with an intricate Arabic mehndi design? We sure do and you too must! This bold dark mehendi pattern with a plethora of flowers, leaves, and vines is simply picture-perfect. Perfect to second your heavy bridal lehenga or contradict your minimalistic look!

Contemporary Front Hand Bridal Mehndi Designs

13. Geometric And 3D Mehndi Design  for Wedding Function

3D Geometric Mehendi Design for Front Hands
Via: Henna By KM

The perfect way to oomph up your blingy bridal ensemble is to carve out a 3D mehndi design on your palms! Opt for this simple traditional mehndi design with a blend of leafy strands, geometrical partings, swirly lines, and bell motifs. And because that isn’t enough, strategically make some elements darker and other lighter to bring out that 3-dimensional feel.

14. Pinterest Worthy Bridal Mehndi Design with Rose and Leaf Motifs

Rose Motifs for mehndi design 2020 full hand
Via: Monitalif.Design

This vintage rose motif bridal mehndi design teamed up with jaalidar pattern is so aesthetically pleasing. Two very trendy mehendi design elements combined together. You can also opt for such mehndi designs for a post-wedding karva chauth or diwali.

15. Or Deck Up Your Indian Bridal Mehendi Design With Some Stones and Colour

bridal mehndi design 2021 with stone decoration
Via: Manraj Henna

No amount of shine is enough for the Indian OTT brides. Decorate your bridal mehndi with stones to make it as grand as your bridal lehenga. After all, the mehendi should be at par with your bridal trousseau.

16. Glitter Mehndi Design for the Dulhan-To-Be

Glitter front hand mehendi design for bride of 2021
Via: Wedding Documentary

Why should your lehenga and jewellery be entitled to all the bling? Bring the bling to your hands too. Besides having a portrait of the bride and groom dancing joyously, this intricate Mehndi is covered in golden and blue glitters. Perfect for all the brides who like a bit of extra shine!

17. Out Of The World Morrocan Mehndi For All The Quirky Brides

Detailed morrocan back and front hand mehandi design
Via: Henna by Ibka

Morrocan mehndi designs are the latest patterns in the Indian market! This is one of the best bridal mehndi designs to express your quirkiness. The geometric design is a refreshment to the old-school and rather usual mehndi designs. You can explore around with this one and try out both minimalistic and heavy designs!

Personalized Front Hand Bridal Mehendi Designs

18. Divyanka Tripathi Inspired Bride and Groom Portrait Bridal Mehndi Design

front hand portrait design of Divyanka Tripathi
Via: The Wedding Story

Follow your favourite TV celebrity Divyanka Tripathi and get your hands stained with the sketches of you and your groom. That sounds amazing, doesn’t it? The future of bridal mehndi designs is here and Divyanka has started it. Go follow her footsteps and get your hands stained with your own personalized bride-groom logo or portraits!

19. Get Your Wedding Date Etched on Your Hands With a Fusion Mehendi Design

personalized front hand mehendi with wedding date
Via: Barbie_ IMA
Fusion bridal mehndi design for front hands
Via: Brownhue Mehendi

No wonder there is a lot to experiment with, but have you thought of a better idea than this? Besides being a jaw-dropping design, this mehndi incorporates the special date when you and your hubby-to-be will get hitched. How romantic is that! It fulfills all your fetishes with those flowers, vines, and 3D effects. Moreover, you can always play around and include quirky elements like your first date, your better half’s birthday, the day when you first met him, and so on.

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20. Personalized Bridal Mehndi Designs with Couple Logo, Wedding Vows, and Hashtag

bridal mehendi designs 2020 personalized with hashtags and other elements
Via: Black Tie Project
personalized front hand bridal mehndi with wedding vows
Via: Barbie_IMA
bridal mehndi design 2020 full hand personalised with quotes and hashtags
Via: Wedding Art

Bridal mehndi happens only once in our lifetimes and so, it makes sense that we cherish it to the fullest. And one of the most doting ways to do so is by adding personalized elements with it. You can go crazy with this, add your favourite place, food, hashtags, name initials or letter and whatnot! Also, these are two of the trendiest and latest images depicting bridal mehndi designs 2024. So, do not forget to bookmark them.

Some Minimalistic Front Hand Bridal Henna Designs

21. Can’t Get Enough of Chakras? Here You Go!

chakra front hand bridal mehndi
Via: Henna By Payal
chakra bridal mehndi design with finger lotus motifs
Via: Amrita Henna

Chakras and mandalas are super trendy right now and for all the right reasons. They are super versatile and can be experimented with a lot. You can try putting a lotus or a flower in the centre with concentric circles around it. Fill it up with intricate caricatures or have rays beaming from the circumference. Besides surfacing as a super cute bridal mehndi design, these are neat enough to suit the taste of the brides who believe Less is More!

You can also go for an intricate full hand Mehendi design with a chakra mandala in the centre. And to show you how GORG it looks, we have none other than Neha Kakkar’s bridal Mehendi design on display:

Neha Kakkar bridal mehndi
Via: Deepika’s Deep Clicks

22. Mehndi Front Design with a Couple of Parrots To Make It More Royal

bridal mehndi design 2020 with parrots
Via: Henna By Payal

You must have seen parrots and trees drawn in old Mughal and Rajasthani artworks. This is nothing short of that age-old charm! Incorporate some parrots sitting on some dainty branches in your bridal mehndi design and Voila! You have one of the best and latest mehndi designs of 2024.

23. Traditional Jaali Mehandi Design With a Twist of Chirpy Birds, Cage and Florals

Front Hand Bridal Mehndi Design With Bird Motifs
Via: Henna By Divya

We can’t fancy this unique bridal mehndi design enough! Wanna keep it on the low but can’t give the traditional design a miss? Here’s your wonderful panacea: Include a couple of birds with heavy meshwork and you get a masterpiece. You’ll find plenty of minimalistic designs but this one is work of art. Also, it’s a great option for the mom of the bride and bridesmaids to get their hands painted with.

24. Basic Bracelet Style Mehandi Design For The Minimalistic Brides Out There

Intricate Mandala Design With Bracelet Mehendi For Front Hand
Via: Henna By Neda K

The brides of 2024 can try something out of the box and replace their bangles with wrist Mehendi designs. Get this edgy bracelet mehndi pattern drawn on your wrists to bring in the ultimate bridal swag. And can we take a moment to appreciate how cool the spaced-out chakra mandala design looks with it! To keep it minimal yet classic, leave the rest of your palms open and only get your fingers glammed up. Furthermore, this one’s also a pretty voguish design for all the bridesmaids out there.

25. The Simple Arabic Mehndi Design To Keep it Minimalistic

Beautiful diagonal arabic henna design for brides of 2020
Via: Henna by Ibka

A thick and minute diagonal arabic mehendi design for brides who prefer it neat and graceful. This pretty design is complete with floral connections and string motifs. Moreover, we can’t stop adoring the exquisite finger adornments.

Back Hand Bridal Mehndi Designs

Intricate Bridal Mehndi Designs For Back Hand

26. Elegant Mehandi Wedding Design With Lotus and Bel Motifs for Back of Your Hands

Exquisite full hand bridal mehndi design with lotus motifs
Via: Hussain Maaz

If you wanna go OTT with your backhand Mehendi, then go up till your elbows. This elaborate Mehendi design is full of prominent lotus motifs, swirly patterns, and more. A comprehensive back-hand stain is perfect to level up your Mehendi game!

27. Latest Bridal Mehendi Design with Heavy Grid Pattern, Leaves, Swirls, and String Motifs

Mesh Back Hand mehendi designs with leaves
Via: Glitzy Saga

Grid or mesh patterns are back in trend and we are drooling over it. The brides are coming up with all sorts of combinations to make us go gaga! For instance, here’s a jaal pattern bridal mehndi design with its compartments replete with leaves and swirly patterns. Moreover, the wrist is adorned with pretty chain strings and a rose motif stained bracelet. How cool is that!

28. Classy Leafy Grid Mehandi Design With Dotwork and Mandala Motifs

Leafy Grid meshwork design for back hand bridal mehendi
Via: Henna by Payal

Leafy grid mehandi design with dots and mandala tucked in the side, such an adorable combination. While dots fill up the space left by the mesh, the arms are covered with intricate traditional motifs like mandala and lotus.

29. Diamond Grid Mehendi Design for Marriage With Elephant Motifs

Elephant back hand bridal mehndi design
Via: Glitzy Saga

Jaalidaar patterns are timeless and here we have infused traditional elephant motifs with it. Totally drool-worthy combo! Try out this regal back hand bridal mehndi design to look classy and extravagant.

30. Full Hand Bridal Mehandi for Wedding with Intricate Floral Design

Detailed back hand mehandi with paisleys and flowers
Via: Krunal Tailor Henna Artist

Intricacy is the trendy bridalesque design these days! Go for this elaborate full hand mehendi design if you wanna be OTT on your big day. An exclusive sidewards floral mandala coupled with detailed swirly patterns and paisley motifs. The leafy vines, dots, and meshwork bring in the right amount of contrast to the picture.

31. Back Hand Adorned With Large Paisley Motifs Henna Design

Paisley Motif back hand mehendi design for brides of 2020
Via: Henna By Divya

If you love paisleys then here’s a mehandi design with a giant paisley inscribed along with polkis, flowers, and more. Paisleys look very traditional and are mostly intricate. Perfect match for your heavy bridal attire.

32. Ultimate Intricate Pakistani Bridal Mehndi Design

Intricate pakistani bridal back hand mehandi
Via: Henna by Ibka

Pakistani Mehendi Designs are quite jam-packed and depict many intricate elements seeded together. If you are a bride who loves going extra, then this is the ultimate full-blown heavy design fit for a true queen!

33. Traditional and Classic Indian Mehndi Design with Diamond Shape Mandala

Diamond Mandala for back hand mehendi pattern
Via: Kundan Henna

This geometric diamond shaped mandala design is brimming with both ethnicity freshness. The diamond mandala is beautifully adorned with polki motifs, flowers, and Rajasthani patterns. On the other hand, the fingers flaunt their intricate traditional designs. And lastly, the arms have their own story characterized by grid and tomb-like designs. Pin away ladies!

34. A Full Hand Mordenesque Diamond Mandala Bridal Mehndi Design With String Motifs and Vines

Diamond motif with strings and leaves for back hand bridal mehndi design
Via: Henna By Maziah

For all the brides who have an artistic flair, here’s a beautiful diamond mandala design for you. Moreover, it works as a haathphool too with the intricate string motifs. And to contradict the minimalistic mandala, you can fill up your arms with detailed patterns up till the elbows.

35. An Intricate Floral Mandala Back Hand Mehandi Design

Floral chakra mandala back hand mehandi for wedding
Via: Henna by Payal

If chakras are your thing, then you are in luck! Chakra designs are all over the internet right now. And you can play around with these mandalas as much as you like. Take the bride here, for instance, her back hand looks stunning with that floral Rajasthani mandala etched out.

36. King And Queen Cards Etched Out As Back Hand Henna Design

Cards Back Hand Mehandi Design For Brides
Via: Recall Pictures

While you and your darling hubby must be the king and queen for each other, but there’s no harm in showing the world that. Ask your mehndi artist to etch out the king and queen cards on each of your back hands. Lo and behold, it’s gonna turn heads in a jiffy. This is a unique and modern bridal mehndi design idea that takes you to a whole new level from all the other brides.

37. Aviary Bird Elements Embedded in An Intricate Bridal Mehendi Design

back hand intricate bird mehendi design
Via: Vasu Henna Diary

Every henna pattern is special and yours should all the more unique. Bring the nature chirping on your hands with these dainty birds singing on branches. We love how this intricate mehendi decor entwines with some pretty aviary elements.

Easy and Simple Back Hand Mehndi Design

38. Simple Arabic Back Hand Mehendi With Dotwork And Paisleys

Simple arabic mehendi with paisley motifs and flowers
Via: Halima Nizami

This one’s for all the bridesmaids and the minimalistic brides out there! An elegant amalgamation of string motifs, flowers, leafy vines and dotwork. Also, it works perfectly if you have flowy vines and flowers as your mehndi theme.

39. Bracelet Mehendi Design With Mandala

Beautiful Bracelet style back hand marriage mehndi
Via: Nurah’s Henna

Intricate fingers with a spacious body are all the rage in the recent times. And to up the game, skip your bridal bracelets this time for a henna bracelet. Also, forgive me if I can’t stop adoring this complex mandala that looks totally GORG!

40. Minimalistic Back Hand Mehendi For Bridesmaids With Rose Motifs

minimalistic bracelet style backhand mehendi design for brides of 2020
Via: Mehendi by Naaz

Because not everyone wants too heavy of a design, we have this refreshing minimalistic pattern that screams LESS IS MORE! Fingertips decorated with fine mesh with minute rose detail outline. And an angled rose lining as border where the fingers end. To top it off, a pretty bracelet design with dainty elements that adds the final touch of elegance! Its also super easy to DIY for beginners.

41. Minimalistic Dotwork Design With Dainty Elements

Minimalistic dotwork back hand mehendi design
Via: Henna by Divya

Who said only heavy designs look bridalesque enough? Throw in some dotwork blended with tiny stars, and dainty flowers and witness the magic. To add depth and definition to the design add some leafy vines and strings.

42. Simplest Open spaced Chakra Design

Minimalistic chakra back hand bridal mehandi design 2020
Via: Tirath Shergill

The brides who believe that less is more will love this one. And honestly, it looks so divine despite being such a minimalistic bridal henna design. Just quick pick a simple floral chakra in the centre and adorn your fingers with some light designs and you’re good to go!

43. Minimalistic Back Hand Design With String Motifs and Dainty Swirls

Minimalistic back hand mehendi with string motifs
Via: Henna Paradise

This minimalistic design is bound to tug at your heartstrings for being so adorable. It’s a simple yet witty amalgamation of sting motifs, dainty vines, roses, and swirly patterns. Notice how the string goes from the side of the hand to the middle finger to give a jewellery-like feel. Also, we can’t get enough of the side half-mandala and finger adornments. Adorn it with pretty floral jewellery, hathphool and stunning bridal nail art and you are mehndi ready!

44. Side-Swept Finger Joining Leafy Vine Design

Simple Back hand minimal bridal henna design
Via: Deep Joshi Gallery

For all the millenial brides out there, her’s a stylish side-swept back hand mehendi design for you. Leafy vines are the best when it comes to minimal bridal henna. Take this one as proof and so that the overall look doesn’t get too dull, a heavy bracelet like wrist mehendi work has been done. Sheer grace!

45. Simple Grid Pattern With Dots and Dainty Flowers

Simple Grid Design Back Hand Mehendi With Dainty flowers
Via: Halima Nizami

A simple jaal design drawn with thin lines looks beautiful and elegant on the back of your hands. Adding dots in the compartments created further enhances the simplistic charm of this bridal mehndi design. The pattern itself has a lot of spacing. So, adding tiny flowers at the junctions of the jaalwork enhances the appeal. Moreover, it dries up quickly so you won’t have to sit uncomfortably with mehndi clad hands for hours.

Stylish and Modern Back Hand Mehndi Design for Brides

46. White Back Hand Mehendi Design Embellished With Stones

Back hand white mehendi with stones
Via: Arora Mehendi

Gone are the days of mainstream old school henna Mehendi. The brides of today have started exploring the more graceful white mehndi designs. And so should you! While white henna is a statement setter in itself, you can add some shiny stones to up your Mehendi game.

47. Contemporary Back Hand Bridal Mehendi Design with Large Sunflowers

sunflower motif back hand mehendi design
Via: Happy D Productions

You’d agree when I say that this is a magnificent backhand bridal Mehendi design. Simply put, it is GORGEOUS! Ladies, this is how you amp up a simple element to make the overall decor regal. And for the job, you need a skilled Mehendi artist because etching out such realistic sunflowers with a mehndi cone is no child’s play!

48. Exotic Back Hand Morrocan Bridal Henna Design

Intricate Morrocan Henna for brides of 2020
Via: Henna Lounge

Moroccan henna designs are unique and exotic options for your bridal mehendi. These are comparatively new in India but very popular. And they surprisingly go well with heavy bangles and hathphool. Besides looking quirky enough to match your vibe, these can be easily adapted by your local mehndi artists.

Personalized Back Hand Bridal Mehndi Design

49. Customize Your Back Hand Mehendi With Personalized Elements

Personalized bridal mehndi design with portraits
Via: Neha Assar

Here, the bride has incorporated what she loves the most in her bridal mehendi. Hers include a beautiful picture of hers and her groom coupled with her poochie on the other hand. Not only does it depict how important your loved ones are for you but it also makes the bridal mehndi all the more memorable.

50. This Personalised Mehndi Design For All the Game Of Thrones Fans Out There

Game of Thrones back hand mehndi design for brides
Via: Alankrita by Raashi

What better way than this to express that you are a true GOT fan? The brides of 2024 are taking their mehndi game to a whole new level by personalizing it. Real bride, Penny has depicted her loyalty to the Khaleesi by incorporating the House Targaryen logo on her hands. You can do the same. All the brides who love watching a good series, here you go.

Best Bridal Mehendi Designs To Adorn Your Feet And Legs

Elaborate Bridal Mehendi Design Ideas For Feet / Legs

51. Round Mandala Patterns For A Full Leg Bridal Mehndi Design

Round Circular Mandala Bridal Mehndi Design 2020
Via: Kkanchan Mehandi

Look at this super cool striking leg mehandi design! Brides of 2024 will love to rock it like a boss. Despite having a plethora of mandala patterns all over, it still leaves some space out for a bit of refreshment. It looks more like a gladiator shoe made of mandala. And how can we not adore the cute paisley motif on the feet.

52. Vintage Rose Seeded in a Diamond Pattern To Adorn Your Feet

Net Mehndi Design For Feet With Diamond and Rose Motifs
Via: The Cheesecake Project

Mesh mehendi design is back in style and we are rooting for it. This floral jaalidar pattern highlights a vintage rose design enclosed in a diamond border. And it’s so fulfilling to look at! Ladies if you were looking for the perfect half leg design, here it is.

53. Peacock Motif With Intricate Mehendi Pattern For Your Feet

Layered peacock motif feet bridal mehndi design
Via: Candid Wedding Stories

For brides who want everything maximal, this is your take away! A spaced-out prominent peacock motif with swirly patterns bordering it looks heavenly. And since nothing can be quite monotonous these days, some lotus vintage motifs to bring some change. As jewellery Mehendi designs are in right now, so you could also finish it off with a thick and heavy anklet mehndi design.

54. Fusion of Traditional and Trendy

Elephant Motif Marriage Mehendi Design for 2020
Via: RJS Company

For brides who love both traditional and modern, this is a fusion of both! Combined with Rajasthani motifs like decked up elephants, flower mandalas, and peacock motifs, here is a bridal mehndi design fit for a queen. To add that contemporary touch, we have some string motifs and light lacework for refreshment.

55. Intricate Lotus Motif Feet Mehndi Design With a Fusion Of Rajasthani Swirls

Side swept lotus motifs for feet mehandi design
Via: Deep Joshi Gallery

The best way to incorporate different elements to your bridal mehndi design is by making partitions. Take this one, for instance, it has a surplus of lotus motifs on one side and on the other partition, it is jammed with intricate paisley motifs.

56. Leg Mehndi Design with Peacock Motifs and Leaf Meshwork

Leafed Gridwork Feet Bridal Mehndi Design With Peacock Motif
Via: Mehndi by Nazwa

Jaalidaar Mehendi design topped with a detail giant peacock motif is game this wedding season. Net bridal mehndi design goes well with all sorts of lehengas. Couple it with some mandalas and floral work and you have a masterpiece staring at you!

57. Leafy Meshwork With a Plethora of Dots and Vines

Leafed meshwork henna design for the brides of 2020
Via: Henna By All NY

You must have realized by now that there is no dearth of designs when it comes to playing around with grids. This is one of the most preferred bridal henna designs for feet. A leafy mesh with tomb-like border towards the toes and a sharp V one towards the ankles. And in between the grids, we have dots making a diamond formation. Also, we can’t forget to commend the beautiful anklet design.

58. Exquisite & Modern Arabic Mehendi Design For Feet

Beautiful Arabic Mehandi Design With Paisleys
Via: Kundan Henna

There’s nothing more pretty than a connected arabic design replete with florals, paisley motifs, and strings. Take this picture for instance, the fingers too have been heavily accentuated with arabic mehendi strokes. Truth to be told, we are sold at the sight of it!

59. Basic Floral Minimal Leg Mehendi Design

Side Feet Floral Arabic Mehndi Design
Via: Kundan Henna

And if a diagonal arabic mehendi design is not what you prefer, then take to the sides. Here’s an intriguing floral motif placed at the side of the feet while the centre is adorned with an equally intriguing mandala design.

60. Half Feet Indian Mehendi Designs for Feet With Meshwork And Motifs

Half Feet Meshwork Bridal Mehndi Design For Feet
Via: Kkanchan Mehandi

So, you don’t wish to go overboard with your feet mehandi? After all, your heavy lehenga and payal are gonna cover most of it. You can resort to half feet mehndi designs in such a case. Here’s our favorite grid pattern mehndi with paisley motifs, strings, leaves, and floral adornments.

Minimalistic Leg and Feet Mehndi Design Ideas For Indian Brides

61. Stylish Leg Mehndi Design with Mandalas, String Motifs And Flowers

latest mehandi designs for bridal feet
Via: Reels and Frames

There is something very mesmerizing about mandala motifs that lures all the brides towards it. If you are no exception, then here is a centre mandala design with dainty patterns for you. Notice the difference created by the Mughal tomb-like borders and dotwork all around. Also, a great way to highlight your toenails is by adorning the toes with mesh designs.

62. Lotus Mandala Motif With Toe Jewellery Mehandi Design

Lotus mandala mehendi design for feet
Via: Soleillx

Dominated by a circular lotus mandala motif, this simple and minimalistic bridal mehndi design is sure to make you look like a floral princess. It also has finger ring designs that work great as replacements for real rings. The side-swept floral vines will be visible from the sides even after you get decked up in your bridal ensemble.

63. Replace Your Payal With A Band of Bell Motif Design

Lotus and Bell Motif Feet Mehandi Design
Via: Sanika Ranade

This wedding season, let’s ditch the conventional payal and replace it with a mehendi payal. So pristine and perfect it looks! A band of lotus motifs adorning your ankles with bell motifs hanging from it. And the scalloped intricate edge design is absolutely exquisite to fill up the rest half of the feet.

64. Easy Leg Mehndi Design With a Cicular Mandala Motifs

minimalistic bridal mehndi design 2020 with chakra
Via: Paran Singh Photography

If you are the kind of bride who wants everything subtle, then a light mehendi design is imperative to sync everything together. This minimalistic wide-spaced mandala motif design is sheer grace. With fingers replete with precise net design defined with a thick border and an anklet mehendi design to complete the look, this mehendi decor is simply stunning!

65. Side-Lined Simple Mehndi Design To Adorn Your Feet

simple bridal mehndi design for side feet
Via: Henna By Payal

If you plan on wearing feet jewellery and a heavy lehenga for the D-day, then there’s no use of investing much on a feet mehndi design. But, you are the bride and you have to get your feet stained, so how about you stain the visible side feet only. Not only is it wise but also a unique and trendy mehandi idea of recent times.

Contemporary Feet Mehndi Designs For the Brides of 2024

66. A Map Etched Out on Your Feet For All the Quirky Brides Out There!

minimalistic modern bridal mehndi 2020 design

Brides who wanna keep it short and simple but still wish to stand apart will love this one. Here, the world map is drawn on the feet because girl, you know he’ll bring the world at your feet! This is a symbolic way to tell the world that you and your would-be hubby love travelling. Save this one now because millions of girls would kill for it!

67. Modern Moroccan Feet Mehndi Design

Contemporary Morrocan Mehandi Design For Feet
Via: Henna Lounge

Moroccan Designs look so sophisticated and chic! And just because you have it on your palms, doesn’t mean it can’t be applied on your feet. The sharp geometric patterns bring in the edginess required to reflect the personality of a bold and beautiful bride. Enough of conventional age-old Mehendi decor, let’s go modern girls!

68. Unique Dulhan Mehndi Designs for Legs

Unique umbrella cut leg mehndi design for 2020

This inverted U shaped umbrella border has taken the mehndi trends by a storm. It can be mixed and matched with several elements so feel free to experiment. Here we have a dancer bride performing in her regal lehenga under the umbrella shaped mandap. Go ahead, let’s see what variation you come up with!

69. Bring The Bling To Your Feet with this Glitter Leg Mehndi Design!

Glitter Feet Mehendi Design Latest 2020

When every element of your marriage soiree is regal and lustrous, why leave your feet Mehendi behind. This beautiful side bridal mehndi design is full of glitter to match your equally shiny lehenga. We all know no amount of bling is enough for the Indian brides.

70. Lotus Motif Back Feet Bridal Mehendi Design

Lotus Motif Back Feet Bridal Mehndi Design
Via: The Cheesecake Project

The back feet mehendi trend is a new and quirky one and we bet that it’s here to stay! So, you better get this one saved lest you might not find a better idea. While you can always play around with designs, lotus motifs with floral elements and leaves look exceptionally good on feet.

Given the craze Indian brides have over their Mehendi function, we can imagine why they are going berserk looking for the best bridal mehndi designs. We hope that your searching spree has ceased here. Let us know which bridal mehndi design you’re gonna try in the comments below.

And once, you are done finalizing your mehendi design, you would certainly want it come out as deep and dark as possible to boast off the infinite love between you and him. So, don’t forget to check out: How to ensure your Mehendi comes out Deep and Dark!

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