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Bookmark These 50+ Best Bridal Entry Songs For 2024 Indian Weddings!

Amidst all the hectic wedding planning, one of the most important things to do is finalizing a bridal entry idea. Once you have done that, it’s time to decide on one of the best bridal entry songs. Whatever bridal entry theme you have planned, you need a song to accompany and reflect the theme. Every song creates an ambiance, is of a specific genre, and has an appeal. It might be emotional, peppy, romantic, or dreamy, or could also reflect your and your groom’s love story.

Hence, you can’t leave this decision to the DJ because they won’t know what kind of vibe you want to radiate and what song is the perfect match for the bridal entry you have planned. You can’t settle for anything short of the best and cringy is definitely not an option. Moreover, your bridal song could also be exclusive as per the wedding ceremony type. For example, the song that fits perfectly for a Mehendi entry might not work for your Shaadi entry. You might also be looking for a culture-appropriate song that people, where you’re from, will sway to.

Whatever it is that you want, we got you covered. Scroll along to find the very best bridal entry songs that will help you to speak your heart out while you walk down the aisle towards your dulha!

Bollywood Bridal Entry Songs For The Filmy Bride

Kaala Chashma (Movie: Baar Baar Dekho) For The Bindaas Dulhan

Put on some shades and get ready to make a swagger entrance to your shaadi grooving to this peppy Bollywood track. Psst! It also makes for a great bridal gang performance song where all of you can rock some cool shades.

Laal Ishq (Movie: Goliyon ki Rasleela – Ram Leela) For A Royal Bridal Entrance

You have to agree with us when we say that this musical masterpiece in Arijit Singh’s voice creates a regal ambiance! This is so well suited for a grand or a royal entrance with lamps and dancers leading your way down the aisle.

Ek Dil Ek Jaan (Padmaavat) To Depict Love For Your BAE!

Another marvelous song by Arijit Singh from the movie Padmaavat! This will enlighten the aura of the venue as you enter. Trust us, all eyes will be on you as you walk down the aisle with this song playing in the background.

WA Tip: This song is a tailor-made match for a Mashaal entry on your wedding day. Find out more about this bridal entry in our bridal entry ideas blog!

Chalka Chalka Re (Movie: Saathiya) To Enter With A Bridesmaids Performance

Chalka Chalka Re is a song that can light up anybody’s mood, thanks to its bubbliness. If you were planning a cute bridal entry with your bridesmaids, then this is one of the best bridal entry songs for you!

WA Tip: Besides being suited for a wedding entry, it will also excel as a Mehndi or Haldi entry song. If you have something grand and OTT planned for your wedding day, then give this light-hearted song a go on your Mehndi or Haldi. Moreover, this is a wonderful pick for a bridesmaids’ performance on your Sangeet.

Ghoomar (Padmavat) For The Queen Bride

Ghoomar is a grand song in every sense! Not to mention, the awesome vocals of Shreya Ghoshal that add life to the song. Walk down the aisle with your head held high like a queen for a grand and royal entry!

WA Tip: Hold your ghoonghat while entering for added drama!

Mera Piya Ghar Aaya For The Ultimate Filmy Bride

Get ready with your latke-jhatkes to do some thumkas on the aisle! ‘Mera Piya Ghar Aaya‘ is the perfect way to address that your BAE is here to sweep you off your feet and have a healthy dose of Bollywood cinema as well.

Hawa Hawai

Who could have thought that this classic song of Sri Devi would work so well as a bridal entry performance song! All you bridechillas gather around, here’s the ultimate filmy song for you to dance on.

Phir Le Aaya Dil (Reprise) For The Romantic Bride

Phir Le Aaya Dil is a beautiful melody by Rekha Bhardwaj that will tug at your heartstrings. Perfect match for a solo bridal entry that will leave everybody teary-eyed when you walk towards the love of your life!

London Thumakda (Movie: Queen) For The Fun Bride

Plan a dance routine or a special sequence where you can include your parents, friends, siblings, or your entire bridal troupe. You’ll agree when we say that this is the ultimate bridechilla song for a dancing entry!

WA Tip: London Thumakda is also a perfect fit to adorn your thumkas on your Sangeet night!

Mangalayam (Saathiya) To Add Some Traditional Vibes

If you want to keep things a bit traditional, then this wedding song from the movie Saathiya is a pretty decent pick. It will look better if the entire bride entry sequence is choreographed as per the song.

Jashn-E-Baahara (Movie: Jodhaa Akbar) For A Fairy-Tale Bridal Entry

We can’t help but go gaga over this lovey-dovey song. The Mughal vibe combined with Sonu Nigam’s sweet and melodious voice gives us a charming song to rejoice! Also, you can also bookmark this one if you were looking for a melodious nikah entry song.

Punjabi Bridal Entry Songs For The Fun-jabi Bride

Main Tey Jaana Tere Naal (By Neeti Mohan)


If you haven’t yet heard this song, then do listen to it right now! It is fresh, unique, and has the beautiful voice of Neeti Mohan. In fact, the singer used this very song for her own wedding entry, so why shouldn’t you. It is perfect for an idyllic bridal entry and will have everyone sobbing as your walk in.

Din Shagna Da (Movie: Phillauri)

You must be well aware of the fact that “Din Shagna Da” has been all the rage when it comes to bridal entry songs. Hence, we can’t miss out on this one! This is one of the most popular bridal entry songs ever and there are so many renditions created of the song that you can use.

WA tip: Tired of the usual “Din Shagna Da”? Try using this rendition of Din Shagna Da to add a refreshing and elegant feel to your bridal entry while keeping the old-school charm alive. Or you could also get a mashup of this song with other trending wedding entry songs!

Kithe Reh Gaya (By Neeti Mohan)

When it comes to modern Punjabi wedding songs, Neeti Mohan is the queen singer! A fun-filled light-hearted song that is super-trendy right now as one of the best bridal entry songs. You have to do this with a dance performance to have the crowd clapping and cheering your moves!

WA Tip: Practice ahead on the real-venue with your videographer so that they are familiar with the sequence and know when to zoom in to your fun expressions!

Wakhra Swag To Show Your Swagger

If you want a cool dancing bridal entry, then this is the track you need to complement your moves. Besides having an Indo-Western feel to it, this song has authentic Punjabi elements too.

WA Tip: This song goes well for both solo and group dance entry. To add a bit of extra oomph, you can pair some shades and sneakers while grooving to it.

Mere Sohneya (Kabir Singh)

A lovely wedding song from the movie Kabir Singh, Mere Sohneya fits perfectly for the moment when you walk down the aisle to meet unite with your lover at last. Can’t help but admit that this song makes our hearts flutter a bit!

Madhaniya by Neha Bhasin For An Emotional Bridal Entry

This is a beautiful and enigmatic rendition of the age-old Punjabi folk song Madhaniya. Neha Bhasin’s powerful voice gives a modern touch to this evergreen classic. Trust us, everybody will sob as you enter all decked-up as Dulhan with this song playing in the background.

Mast Magan (Movie: Two States)

Mast Magan from the movie Two States surely has a special place in our hearts. And what better song than this one to narrate your love for your husband-to-be. Let the crowd rejoice in your and your groom’s love story as you walk forward to tie the knot with him.

Ve Maahi (Kesari Movie, Arijit Singh)

When it comes to love songs, Arijit Singh is the ultimate king! Walk down the aisle with this alluring song playing in the background. And trust us, your groom will shed a tear of joy to watch you all decked up looking like a fairy!

SwagWaliBride/Chidiyan Da Chamba (Akriti Kakkar)

Tailor-made for bridal entries, this song is the best bridechilla entry song that has to be on your bridal playlist! A fresh, modern, and enigmatic song dedicated to the 21st century bride, SwagWaliBride is the very BEST song that could reflect your personality. Prepare a dashing dance sequence to complement it.

WA Tip: This is a great pick for your Reception bridal entry song. Or else, it works great for a bridal shower entry as well.

The Soul Shaadi Mix

This is a rare song that combines all your favorite Shaadi-themed songs and combines them to form a soulful melody. If you can’t really fix your heart on any one song since all of them are so awesome, then this was tailor-made for you! Also, isn’t it such a cool song for a bridal shower entry!

Nehu Da Vyah (By Neha Kakkar)

We all know that Neha Kakkar recently got married and guess what, being a singer she has her own marriage song! If your love story is as cute as Neha and Rohanpreet’s, then bookmark this sweet and bubbly song now for your bridal entry song.

WA Tip: You could combine this with a dance sequence to surprise your man. Or enter with placards showing your love-story for an added charm!

Best 2024 Hindi Bridal Entry Songs

Nazm Nazm (Bareily Ki Barfi)

If you want something simple yet magical for your bridal entry, then this is what you need! With poetry disguised as lyrics and the melodious voice of Sumedha Karmahe, this song is a picture perfect match for your dreamy bridal entry theme.

Leja Re (Dhvani Bhanushali) For A Dashing Dance Entry

This modern rendition of the classic Leja Re is so satisfying to listen to and more so to shake a leg to. Dhvani Bhanushali’s voice will add a fresh vibe to your wedding entry and everybody will start grooving to it.

WA Tip: Leja Re is also a great choice for your Sangeet entry.

Saude Baazi (Movie: Aakrosh)

This is a cute love song that will make your bridal entry special and exclusive. It is very bubbly and will fit perfectly for a chirpy yet coy bride. Do go for it if you love a bit of uniqueness and earthy charm!

Aaoge Jab (by Neeti Mohan, Payal Dev)

This rendition of Aaoge Jab is meant to adorn your shaadi by all means! It even has a shehnai intro to it that leads to the mesmerizing vocals of Neeti Mohan and Payal Dev. Perfect to show your longing for your would-be-hubby!

Laadli (By AR Rahman, Lata Mangeshkar)

Composed and sung by AR Rahman and Lata Mangeshkar, you can’t disagree when we claim this to be a magical Indian wedding entry song. The lyrics are like poetry in disguise. If you were looking for a fresh entrance song for the bride that is traditional as well, then this is the best choice ever! Bookmark now!

WATip: This song is great for Kathak dancing and so, you could have a grand wedding entry on this song with Kathak dancers leading your way as you walk. Add some more oomph by including lamps and other grand elements.

English Bridal Entry Songs

Falling in Love (By Haley Reinhart)

Falling in Love is one of the evergreen love songs! If you are a bride who can’t stop falling in love with her groom even on your wedding day, then this is what you need to let him know your feelings.

A Thousand Years (By Christina Perri) To Let Him Know That He Is The One

This is the perfect song to create the dreamy atmosphere you were looking for. Let this song depict your feelings as you keep getting one step closer towards the man of your dreams.

WA Tip: You can use this for your engagement entry or reception night entry as well to create the perfect atmosphere and feel.

Perfect (Ed Sheeran) For The ‘Perfect’ Wedding Entry Song

Trust us, you can blindly bank on this heart-warming number by Ed Sheeran. Not only will it leave your guests all teary-eyed but also give your hubby goosebumps on the wedding day!

WA Tip: This song is magical for great for a reception dance performed by the newly-wed couple.

Just You And I (Tom Walker) To Create A Soulful Aura

This song will weave magic into your wedding entry while the guests watch in awe. And if you were looking for a soulful English track to land your wedding venue on, then this upbeat song by Tom Walker is perfect to create cherishable memories.

Young And Beautiful (By Lana Del Ray) For The Boho Bride

Nobody can disagree when we say that the lyrics of this song reflect both the happy and tense thoughts that a bride might be having before getting married. If you haven’t already heard it, then listen to it NOW and we can guarantee that you’ll fall in love with it! Bookmark it to have a heavenly bride entrance song in your wedding playlist!

Instrumental/Sufi Bridal Entry Songs

Roshay (Made in Heaven)

This is a fresh and unique song that not everybody knows of by now! So, bookmark it now if you want an elegant song that will be exclusively picked for only your bridal entry.

Afreen Afreen (Coke Studio)

We’ve noticed that coke studio songs have been rapidly gaining popularity as bridal entry songs. And Afreen Afreen is such an evergreen song that tugs at our heartstrings when Momina Noor sings it. A classic song seconded by refreshing vocals is just what you need to shine in your wedding entry. Now, we do know that Afreen Afreen has been done quite a few times in recent years but trust us, ladies, this song is here to stay for long!

Raabta (Night in Motel) For A Dreamy Wedding Entry

Yet another beautiful melody to add magic to your shaadi venue when you walk towards the mandap! Its lyrics are delightful and so poetic that fits perfectly for a dreamy wedding entrance. This female rendition of Raabta is a flawless wedding entry song that works well for your Nikaah entry too.

Kabira (Encore) For The Modern Day Bride

If you remember the coming-of-age movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani that we all love so much, then you are sure to be a fan of the bridal song of Kalki Koechlin in this movie. It talks about all the sweet elements of a wedding and how the bride will be gone in a few moments. Fit for a chaadar entry and you have to do it if you have a personality like Aditi (played by Kalki Koechlin).

Latika’s Theme Song (Slumdog Millionaire) For The Demure Bride

This is an innocent yet powerful tune that will reflect the blushing bride so well when she walks down the aisle to meet her groom. It soounds so refreshing and has a contemporary vibe to it that will leave the guests teary-eyed as you walk towards the man of your dreams.

Nachdi Phira (Movie: Secret Superstar)

Nachdi Phira is one of the most popular bridal entry songs. It has powerful lyrics sang by a powerful voice. It will help you convey your love and feelings towards the groom and so, works perfectly for a Dulhan entry song.

WA Tip: You can also use Jasleen Royal’s rendition of the song to add an Indie effect.

Gujrati Bridal Entry Songs

Chogada (Movie: Loveyatri) For A Dhamakedaar Entry

This is such a powerful song with Darshan Raval’s melodious voice. If you want to leave the guests in awe or have them grooving to the garba beats, then Chogada is the best bridal entry song for you. Also, prepare a dance routine with your bridal troupe to give your hubby-to-be an extra surprise.

Shubharambh (Movie: Kai Po Che!) For An Energetic Bridal Entry

There couldn’t be another modernesque song whose lyrics are apt for a Gujarati wedding. It is soulful and enigmatic enough for you to embark on a new journey with positive vibes since Shubh Ghadi Che Aayi!

WA Tip: This is perfect for a dancing wedding entry. Grab your Garba sticks and radiate the ultimate Gujarati vibe with your bridal gang!

Udi Udi Jaaye (Movie: Raees) For A Gujarati Dancing Entry

This is one of the perfect songs to mark new beginnings and start your married life. It is so playful and flirty that your groom might even blush a little when you lip-sync to the song!

WA Tip: Add this track to your playlist to have a WOW Sangeet song!

Tamil And Telugu Bridal Entry Songs For 2024 Weddings

Inkem Inkem (Movie: Geetha Govindam)

Straight out of the very popular movie Geetha Govindam, Inkem Inkem is easily one of the perfect songs for your bridal entry. It is magical and will set a fairytale-vibe at your wedding venue as you walk towards your groom.

Ullam Paadum (Movie: Two States)

If you have watched the movie Two States, then you must have heard this powerful track in the movie. It is fresh yet traditional and passionate enough to mark a stunning bridal entrance.

Saarattu Vandiyila (Kaatru Veliyidai)

This song sets the mood for a some cool dance moves and hence, is apt if you want to include a dance sequence in your entry. The peppy beats and the flawless music of the song scream a dancing entry. So, bookmark now!

Vachindamma (Movie: Geetha Govindam)

If you wanted your bridal entry song to radiate traditional wedding vibes and yet be modern, then this one is perfect for you. This is a beautiful melody that will soothe your soul when you listen to it. Bookmark it now to have the guests humming to its beats!

En Jeevan (Movie: Theri)

This is yet another soulful and magical song that will add life to your wedding entry. Not to mention that the lyrics are all about unconditional love. If you want to let your hubby know how much you love him in front of one and all, then this is it.

Malayalam Bridal Entry Songs

Sita Kalayanam (Movie: Solo)

This is a serene and melodious song that almost every Malayali bride identifies with and cherishes. The lyrics portray the marriage of Sita and Lord Rama. What better way to enter your wedding mandap than with this beautiful song playing in the background!

Kattappanayile Ritwik Roshan (Movie: Parudaya Mariyame)

Yet another soulful Malayali track replete with rhythmic beats! It is tailor-made to be used as a wedding-entry song and will have the guests swaying to its beats.

Penne Nin Kalyanamayi (Movie: Meesa Madhavan)


This one is a Malayali classic song that will set the mood for a dance showdown. It is old-school but has stood the test of time and is still in trend as a bridal entry song.

Vennilave (Queen)

If you were looking for something soft and serene, then Vennilave is one of the most meaningful songs to make a bridal entry on. Besides grasping all the right emotions for a wedding event, it will also leave the guests tapping their feet to its soulful rhythm.

Thudakam Maangalyam (Bangalore Days)

Maangalyam is a youthful wedding song that cherishes the bond between the bride and her siblings. Trust us, you won’t find another song that resonates with the modern bride the way this one does. Also, it’s perfect for a bridal dance entry with siblings.

Phew! That list was full of enough options for you to finalize your bridal entry song! And in case, you didn’t know, we also have curated a list of amazing bridal entry ideas. Do check it out if you haven’t picked the perfect bridal entrance idea for your shaadi.

Whether you want your guests to go all GAGA over your entrance or leave them super-emotional, this list of the very best bridal entry songs should help you out. Let us know which one of these songs you love the most and which one you want to enter your wedding on! Do tell us if we have missed out on any awesome bridal entry song.

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