8 Things To Look At While Finalizing Your Mehendi Artist

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8 Things To Look At While Finalising Your Mehendi Artist

Every bride wants her mehendi to be nothing less than perfect. And in order to get that perfect bridal mehendi, it is important to choose the mehendi artist wisely. Expert tips from WedAbout will help you finalize the right artist.

1) Years of Experience

mehendi artist

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While the quality of work matters the most, years of experience are important as someone experienced will understand your need as a bride better.

We offer a complimentary trial design (on someone else’s hand) to help you get an idea about our real-time efficiency as well as about the neatness and quality of design we make“, says Ram Kumar, a renowned mehendi artist from Delhi.

2) Kind of clientele

mehendi artist

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As a client, decide what matters to you the most. Are you price conscious or are you someone who don’t mind paying few additional bucks to get that upmarket, sophisticated mehendi design? What percentage of your wedding expenditure is for mehendi application?

3) Past work

mehendi artist

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Ask the artists for their portfolios before hiring them. It is always a good idea to take feedback from their past clients and find out about their experience working with the artist. Please check WedAbout app customer review of each artist.

4) Design capability

mehendi artist

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Every artist is unique and it is important to choose an artist whose designing capabilities can meet your requirements. While some artists can draw only fixed designs some are very versatile in their work.

  1. Only fixed designs

    Some Mehendi artists carry a booklet with designs in them and are comfortable only with those fixed designs. Check your artist’s booklet in advance and make sure you like the designs in his/her book.

  2. Can copy

    Show them any design and they can draw the exact replica of the design on your hand. However, when it comes to customization, they are not that good.

  3. Can create and customize

    These are the most versatile artists. They can customize designs based on your requirements and can even improvise the design during the application process.

5) No of Artists

mehendi artist

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Talk in advance about the total number of artists that are going to apply bridal mehendi. Make sure that the accompanying artists are equally quick and proficient in their job.

6) Application Time

mehendi artist

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Before you hire a mehendi artist, ask about the time he takes in applying the bridal mehendi. You won’t want to get stuck with someone who takes hours just to apply heena to one of your hands. Bridal mehendi needs simultaneous application on both hands/feet to ensure there is no color difference after drying.

7) Quality of Mehendi Used

mehendi artist

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Ask the mehendi artist about the type of mehendi he is going to use. If you have a sensitive or allergic skin, don’t forget to tell about this to your artist in advance. You need to specify if you want the use of only herbal colors.

‘Most artists make their own mehendi by adding different ingredients that help in giving it a dark orange colour’ says Ram Kumar, a well known mehendi artist from Delhi.

8) Budget

mehendi artist

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Different artists charge differently. Some mehendi artists offer a fixed price package while some artists charge on the basis of the design you choose. You need to consider all the options and choose the one that is most suitable to you.

Expert tip: If you have a specific design in mind, send its copy to the artist beforehand – Ram Kumar for WedAbout

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