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8 Themes to choose from, for the Bridal Mehendi

‘Mehendi Ki Rasam‘ is not longer a shy bride getting her hands decorated with Henna. Today its the bride that chooses and requests the best and the most exclusive designs. We at WedAbout researched the mehendi designs available and bring to you the best of the lot! Here are 8 themes of Bridal Mehendi that you can choose from.

1.Floral Patterns


Photo Courtesy @Jyotika Saluja Photography

The Floral designs are the easy ones to make and the least time consuming owing to the spaces that are in between the design. Hugely recommended for lean arms and hands due to the effect of a larger design.

 2.Linear Patterns

bridal mehendi

Photo courtesy @Sunanda Agarwal Photography

What could be more scintillating than the Linear flow of bridal mehendi that traverses through the length of the hands, tracing curves and designs, through the linear patters? Of course the Bride herself!

3.Circle Designs

bridal mehendi

Photo courtesy @Karan Sidhu Photography

Circles, when combined with meshes and nets are the most brilliant artwork pieces. What needs to be considered is the shape of the hands. Hands that are plump and chubbier look even rounder with the circle designs. Highly suggested for lean and thin hands with longer fingers.

4.Animal Designs

bridal mehendi

Photo courtesy @Nikhil Kumar Photography

Beautifully identified are the delicate “Mor Pankh” and “Swans” in the Mehendi designs that are aptly made with the expertise of the artist and of course the enthusiasm of the bride.

5.Human Designs

bridal mehendi

Photo courtesy @Rajesh Digital 

The faces with the minute details of the eyes in the pattern, come out beautifully in this design that is made with extreme care and caution and has to be completed in one go. We suggest this design for the rounder legs and arms for the sheer beauty it adds.

6.Block Designs

bridal mehendi

Photo courtesy @Image Graphers Inc

These are bold and lend attitude to the bride. Crafted and defined, the Block mehendi Designs are the most featured though out India due to the swift strokes of the Mehendi Cone in the Artist’s hands.

7.Pattern Designs

bridal mehendi

Photo courtesy @Sunanda Agarwal Photography

Minute, closer and intricate, the Pattern designs can cover either a part of the arms or the entire hand. Depending upon your choice, the artist can play with creativity and imagination.

8.Motif Designs

bridal mehendi

Photo courtesy @Foto Cult Photography

A personal favorite of the delicate brides, this design is favored by brides who love a mix of traditional and contemporary. Go for it, only if you can let it dry completely before you move and shake your hands.

Word of Caution: Apart from being sure that your Mehendi does not have coloring agents and any mixed dyes, make sure you sit through with patience and not interfere with the Artist. Trust them to know the best about it!

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Chitransha Chauhan

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