20+ Latest Mehendi Decoration Ideas That Are Simple Yet Fun!

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20+ Trending Mehendi Decoration Ideas That Are Simple Yet Fun!

One of the most exciting and fun rituals of the wedding for a bride is her mehndi ceremony. It not only kicks start your wedding festivities but it also sets the tone for the rest of your functions. Mehndi function is the perfect time to experiment and showcase your personality and even your love story through your design and décor. Have your initials engraved at the entrance or have an Alice in Wonderland theme, when it comes to mehendi decoration ideas, the options are endless.

Green outfits and décor for the mehndi functions at home are now passe. Play with different colours, props and patterns for a quirky and eclectic décor. Rajasthani prints matched with vibrant shades of orange, pink and yellow are some of the gorgeous, traditional Mehendi decoration ideas, fit for a traditional bride.

Day time ceremonies are the perfect time for fresh and modern colours like peach and teal to add a feminine and fun vibe to your mehendi function. For the romantic in you, opt for a dreamy twilight themed mehndi decoration with white flowers, fairy lights, dream catchers and pastel colour palette. 

For our budget brides, DIY your mehndi décor at home and save some extra bucks while also adding a personalised touch to your function. Decorate bird cages and old glass bottles, with mogras and fairy lights, throw some pillows and accessories with gold accents and your classy, sophisticated decoration is ready for your mehndi function at home. You can even bring out your old mirrors, wooden crates, kettles and decorate it as per your theme which will not only make your décor more lively but will also serve as an interesting photo booth props to click those insta-worthy pictures with your bridesmaids. 

We at WedAbout have curated a list of simple yet fun mehendi decoration ideas of 2024 which will not only help you in easily decorating your home or venue for your mehndi function but will also add a touch of oomph in all your bridal photographs.

1. Floral Backdrop for the Princess Bride

Who doesn’t love flowers? Live your princess life and have a throne adorned with beautiful and fragrant mogras, marigolds or romantic roses at your mehndi ceremony. Floral arrangements are one of the best mehndi decoration ideas. They aren’t just easy to create but also look like a million bucks. Choose your favorite flowers or the ones matching your wedding theme and create a colorful and stunning mehndi décor at home or outdoors.

outdoor marigold floral decoration for the bride
Via – Studio Kelly
Rose flowers decoration with gold accents and white seating
Via – The wedding Wale
Pink and Blue décor with floral seating decoration
Via – Abhinav Bhagat Events
Marigold and vines as mehendi decoration ideas
Via – Shutterdown

2. Cycle Décor for the Quirky Vibe

If you are the fun and quirky bride who loves to experiment with old things to create something stunning, this one’s for you. Take out your old cycle and DIY it with colourful ribbons, flowers or fairy lights to create a fun mehndi backdrop. Your old cycle will also bring a touch of your childhood, a memory to cherish at your wedding and will surely be your guest’s favourite photo booth. You can easily decorate it as per the theme and vibe of your mehndi function. Perfect for your outdoor ceremony, this quirky mehendi decoration idea is durable and can also be reused as an interesting photo booth at your haldi or sangeet.

cycle decorated with yellow flowers and vines as mehendi decoration ideas
Via – Shutterdown
cycle decoration with sunflowers and fruits
Via – Ajay Decorators

3. Easy – Breezy Garden Mehndi Ceremony

In this time of social distancing, an outdoor mehndi ceremony can be a good idea in more ways than one. Garden mehndi ceremonies come with a myriad of possibilities when it comes to design and decorations. According to your wedding theme, you can decorate your venue with fresh flowers or even fresh fruits of the season. Outdoor ceremonies are comfortable and can easily be done in your back garden or lawn. Thanks to the natural light, you will also have that gorgeous golden hour glow for your bridal photographs. Garden mehndi ceremonies can be decorated in any colour palette. You can add your favorite flowers, lights, or even quirky umbrellas to make it look like a million buck.

garden mehendi decoration ideas with fresh fruits and trees
Via – Ajay Decorators
Pink garden decoration with quirky umbrellas
Garden decorated with marigold flowers and pinwheels
Via – Folio Haus

4. Personal Signage for that Personal Touch

It’s always a good idea to add a touch of you in your wedding festivities, after all, it is your mehndi. It allows the guests to remember the functions long after they are over. Add a personal touch to your mehendi decorations by adding vibrant and beautiful signage. You can also add colourful signboards that not only look stunning but will also help your guests in figuring out the way around the venue. You can colour it in vibrant colours according to your theme and can also add your initials or your nicknames so that the guests can get a closer touch with the couple.

Signage decorated with fresh pink flowers and mangoes as mehendi decoration ideas
Via – Its an Affair
colourful signage decorated with marigolds for mehendi function
Via – Folio Haus
multicolor signboards with directions as mehendi decoration ideas
Via – Virag Vision Studio
signboard with flowers and golden vases

5. Swing Décor for your Mehndi at Home

Another unique and quirky at-home mehendi decoration idea is to use a swing as a seating arrangement. You can decorate the swing for an indoor mehndi function or can also take it outside for a fun evening. Swings are super comfortable for those long hours of mehndi designing and are also very easy to bedeck according to your theme or favourite colour palette. Swings, when decorated can be a great mehndi backdrop to click those cute couple pictures.

bridal seating decorated in pink tones with yellow flowers
Via – Infinite Memories
swing decorated with pink flowers and vines
Via – Infinite Memories
swing decorated with flowers and umbrellas for the bride

6. Fun and Summery – Beach Mehndi

For ocean lovers what’s better than a beach mehndi ceremony? With the soft breeze in your hair, sea-gulfs singing for you in the background, a beach wedding is every couple’s dream. You can have a stunning beach mehendi decoration and use seashells and your favourite flowers as table centrepieces. A destination beach wedding will not only be a celebration but will also be a vacation for your guests. And the stunning view of the gorgeous blue waters will guarantee insta-worthy pictures every time. What’s more? You can also have an underwater bridal shoot for one-of-a-kind wedding photos.

beach mehndi decoration ideas with wedding hashtag
Via – Shutterdown

7. Boho Décor for the Boho Bride

Bohemian vibe is also a hot favourite among the young brides these days. Colourful bohemian setup isn’t just fun but is also aesthetically pleasing. You can have bohemian setup for your mehndi function both at home and outdoors. Its versatility ensures that the mehendi decorations can also be used for your other wedding rituals. You can buy colourful bohemian mehndi décor online or can easily DIY it at home. Think colourful patterns, animal prints in vibrant colours, quirky hairstyles and you have your bohemian theme ready.

bohemian décor with animal printed chairs and flowers as decorations
bohomian style seating arrangement in yellow colour palette as mehendi decoration ideas

8. Ceiling Décor for a Royal Feel

Who doesn’t love a stunning décor full of gorgeous flowers and dreamy fairy lights? Ceiling mehendi decoration gives your home/venue a grand and splendid appeal. Feel like a princess at your mehndi function with these gorgeous ceiling décor ideas. Be it a shade of flowers, colourful ribbons or a canopy of fairy lights, these mehendi decoration ideas are sure to leave you feeling like royalty. From romantic pink to vibrant bohemian, you can decorate your ceiling anyway you want and have the wedding of your dreams.

ceiling decorated in pink tones with roses for mehndi function
Via – Infinite Memories
ceiling décor ideas with dreamcatchers in pastel shades
Via – Eventalya

9. Dreamy Canopy Décor

For all our outdoorsy brides, canopy mehendi décor is the perfect way to add a touch of your personality into your wedding functions. Canopies are versatile and are super easy to decorate – add flowers or strings of fairy lights and your unique and gorgeous seating arrangement is ready for your mehendi function. Canopies are the perfect mehendi decoration ideas for when you want to go the non-traditional way.

yellow canopy decorated with vines and flowers
Via – Vintage Films
canopy decoration with flowers and vases
Via – Noor

10. Easy DIY Mehendi Décor

One of the most budget-friendly and fun ways to jazz up your home for your mehndi night is by DIY-ing the mehendi decoration as per your theme and aesthetics. DIY-ing your mehndi décor will not only save you some extra bucks but can also be a super fun activity to do with your girl gang. So, pick up your old trunks, kites or blackboards and get your creative juices flowing.

old trunks and blackboards painted and decorated with flowers as mehendi decoration ideas
Via – Vows & Tales
DIY mehndi decoration with old kites, flowers and umbrellas

11. Magical Mehndi Entrance Décor

The entrance to the venue is the first thing that your guests will see so, it has to be fantastic. From floral arrangements, quirky umbrellas, to strings of lights and colourful props, the list is endless when it comes to decorating your mehendi entryway. Play with your theme and bedazzle your guests from the get-go.

entrance decoration with leaves, sunflowers and mangos
Credit – Ajay Decorators
entrance décor with marigolds flowers and gold accessories
Via – Ajay Decorators

12. Floral Drapes for the Princess Bride

Why have a boring bridal seating arrangement when you can easily have a dreamy setup? There is nothing more magical than the flowers cascading around the bride into a stunning drape. Drapes as a mehendi decoration idea is a sure shot way to make your venue look even more romantic and ethereal. Zhush up your bridal seating with floral drapes in vibrant shades and don’t forget to click tons of pictures with your gorgeous setup.

pink floral drapes as mehendi decoration ideas
Via – SafarSaga Films

13. Indian Style Seating for the Traditional Bride

Nothing screams grandeur and opulence better than Indian décor. Vibrant shades, quirky prints, and gorgeous patterns, one can never go wrong with traditional décor. Quirk-up your seating arrangements with traditional khats, or turn it into a royal affair with diwans and masand pillows. You can also take décor pieces like mirrors, umbrellas, sofa covers in traditional patterns mix it up with vibrant shades of pink-orange or yellow and the traditional Indian mehendi decoration is ready for the traditional bride.

 traditional prints seating arrangement decorated with flowers
Credits – Ajay Decorators
khats decorated in traditional prints as seating arrangement

14. Indoor Mehndi Décor

Who said indoors can’t be fun? In this Covid season, having your mehendi function at home can be beneficial in more ways than one. Mehendi functions at home aren’t just lively but are also a beautiful and intimate affair. You can have fun activities with your friends while decorating for example make beautiful rangolis with your girlgang and have an awesome time. To zhush up the space even more, add strings of marigolds, roses and mogras with candles or diyas and your indoor space is mehendi ready.

indoor mehndi decoration with roses and marigolds
Credits – Scented Memories
Indoor decoration with mogras, marigolds and vines accessorized with gold accessories
Via – The Con Artists

15. The Good-Old Marigold Décor

Marigold – the flowers of brightness and positive energy are one of the most favorite and sacred flowers of India. Decorate your mehendi venue with marigold flowers for a beautiful and stunning traditional décor. Marigolds will not only make your venue look beautiful but its colors will prove to be a breath-taking mehndi backdrop.

Marigold decoration with green accents for mehndi function
Credits – Bling And Whistles
Marigold seating arrangement for the bride
Credits – Plush Affairs
Marigold decor for mehndi
Marigold and purple mehendi decoration
Credits – Ramit Batra

16. Sunny Outdoor Mehndi Décor

Outdoor and lawns are your blank canvases that can be painted in a myriad of different mehendi decoration ideas as per your aesthetic, theme and colour scheme. Add colourful table covers and floral canopies to make the space livelier and brighter. Also, if it is a night time event, don’t forget to add fairy lights so your mehndi venue shines just as bright as you.

mehendi decoration ideas with vibrant colour scheme and pinwheels as table décor
Via – Folio Haus
Floral outdoor Decor with pink flowers and cycle wheels for mehndi function

17. Modern Theme for the Modern Bride

Are you the bride who loves everything modern? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Instead of bright orange or green, you can opt for fresh and modern shades like peach, grey, teal or lime. These new and latest shades make for the perfect mehendi decoration ideas for when you want to bring a breath of fresh air to your venue and add a unique touch to your décor that your guests will remember for a long time.

Modern mehndi décor in powder blue and pastel pink with fresh yellow flowers
Via – Shyamalee Thevar

18. Fairy Dreamy Night Décor

Everything is more ethereal and magical at night time, don’t you agree? Evenings are the perfect time to experiment with interesting lightings and décor. Give your venue a princess vibe with fairy lights, and lots and lots of flowers. You can even use quirky bulbs or light fixtures to brighten up the space even more. Or go rustic with wooden seating wrapped with organza ribbons and lights. Whatever you choose don’t forget to click tons of pictures.

Night Setup done with fairy lights as mehendi decoration ideas

19. Summer Mehndi at Poolside

Poolside is the perfect venue for when you want your mehndi function to have a relaxed and chill vibe. You can match your mehendi decorations with the blue of the pool or choose vibrant shades like yellows or reds to funk up the space. If you want to give your mehndi venue a more bridal and romantic appeal, bedazzle the space with roses and accessorize it with pink accents.

poolside mehendi decorations in pink color scheme
Credits – Sanchita and Abhishek
Poolside seating arrangement decorated with flowers and umbrellas

20. Safety First with Sanitizer Stations

The whole concept of weddings has taken a 360-degree turn after the introduction of Covid. Safety is now a top priority, thus is it very important to have sanitiser stations at your mehndi venue. But that doesn’t mean it has to interfere with your décor. Decorate your sanitiser station with flowers or have your initials engraved on the bottles and keep your guests safe while also adding a touch of style to your venue. I’m sure your guests will appreciate the extra effort.

sanitizer stations as mehendi decoration ideas
initials embossed sanitizer bottles as mehendi decoration ideas

21. Quirk-It up with Funky Table décor

With all the big and huge mehndi decorations don’t forget the small details. Table décor is a quick and easy way to jazz up your mehendi decorations. You can easily DIY your table centrepieces by using old kettles or barnis at your home or rent mehendi decorations online to take your décor to the next level. From floral bouquets to quirky props, play with your options and choose the one that fits best with your style.

bamboo baskets as table decorations
Via – It’s an Affair
old tins decorated with flowers as mehendi decoration ideas
Credits – Shyamalee Thevar
table decoration with flowers and old kettles
Via – DEI

22. Fun & Vibrant Umbrella Décor

Don’t want the old and boring décor? Take out your old umbrellas and paint it in vibrant shades and gorgeous patterns to give your mehndi decoration a unique and fun look. Umbrellas with ethnic prints can give your venue a great mix of traditional and contemporary designs. They are a fun way to increase the cool quotient of your venue. What’s more? This décor piece can easily be reused again at your haldi or sangeet function.

quirky umbrella mehendi decoration in yellow and pink tone
Credits – Studio Kelly
Umbrella and floral mehendi decoration ideas

Did you find your perfect mehendi decoration idea? Let us know in the comment section below.

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