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45+ New & Unique Indian Bridal Entry Ideas For A Memorable Wedding!

It goes without saying that every Indian bride rummages through the internet for exquisite bridal outfits, jewelry, and mandap decor ideas. But, they also wish for a mesmerizing bridal entry because the 21st-century brides are nothing short of superstars! The Dulhan must ensure that every bit of her bridal entry is impeccable so that people remember the dreamy entrance sequence for a long time to come.

While some bride entry sequences like the chaadar entry, a simple bridal entry dance, etc. are mostly DIY, but others, especially the grand ones require expert help. Don’t worry because there are tons of bride and entry planners skilled enough in this arena to make your entry sequence absolutely flawless.

What to Ask Yourself Before Planning Your Bridal Entry?

1.  Who you wanna enter with? Could be a solo entry, or with someone like your father, both parents, brothers/sisters, friends, bridesmaids, nieces, or even your groom!

2.  What’s your bridal entry song gonna be? Romantic like Thousand Years, Nazm Nazm, etc., or something funky, maybe extravagant, or emotional ones such as Dilbaro, Din Shagna Da, and so on.

3.  How do you want to make the bridal entry? Walking under an umbrella, sitting in a doli or palanquin, dancing entry, rowing in a boat, etc.

4.  Do you want your bridal entry theme to be grand or simple? Some brides prefer larger than life and grand bridal entries like riding on a rath, palki, or with firecrackers. On the other hand, some keep it simple with a chaadar entry. Some are making it fun and sassy with quirky and non-conventional entries by arriving in a golf cart, cycle rickshaws, and so on.

5.  What elements/props do you wish to use? Firecrackers, petal showers, dry fog, smoke bombs, and placards are some ideas for the same but honestly, there is a myriad of options to choose from. 

6.  Do you want a unique bridal entry idea curated especially by you? You can explore and combine different ideas together like combine a chariot entry with dancers leading your way. And to make it happen, you can discuss what you want with the bride and groom entry planners. They will curate a beautiful entry sequence around your vision.

7.  What kind of vibe should your bridal entry theme radiate? Vintage, royal, dreamy, fairytale-like, funky, grand, and so on.

Gather round bridechillas and bridezillas, because we bring you the most sought after bridal entry ideas for a dhamaakedaar 2024 wedding. Scroll through these breathtaking 45+ Indian wedding entry ideas to chalk out your ideal bridal entry theme and sequence!

Phoolon Ki Chaadar Bridal Entry Ideas With a Twist

Elegant phoolon ki chaadar bridal entry idea
Via: Shades Photography India
Bridal entry under a flower and kaleera chaadar
Via: The Wedding Salad

The brides here are rocking their wedding entry by matching elements of the famous phoolon ki chadar to their wedding theme. Phoolon ki chaadar is one of the few bridal entry themes to have been passed down generations. And let’s admit that the Indian brides love modernizing old traditions to suit their tastebuds. Use contemporary colours for flowers, use both flowers and kaleeras for your chadaar entry, or come up with something else.

Pro-Tip: You can hold a flower bouquet while you enter for added charm.

Check out this unique variation where phoolon ki chaadar has become a floral cage:

bride entering in a floral cage
Via: Aman Photography ASR

Dreamy Bridal Entry Sequence Under A Floral Dome Shaped Canopy

wedding entry idea for bride under an umbrella shaped floral canopy
Via: Vintage Films Photography

This larger than life bride-groom/couple wedding entry under an umbrella-shaped giant floral canopy has a special place in our hearts. From the peachy color-coordinated outfits to the serene location, everything about this entry is perfect. And so, you simply cannot miss out on this one.

Pearl Beaded Chaadar Bridal Entry Ideas

bridal entry under a pearl beaded phoolon ki chaadar
Via: Divine Mantra
bridal entry with a pearl and flower decked canopy
Via: Sonakshi Raaj

If you’ve had enough of phoolon ki chaadar, then try revamping it with pearls. Adorn your phoolon ki chadar with exquisite strands of pearls and witness the magic as it happens. And throw in some crystal beads too to amp up the phenomenal look. After all, the entrance set up should be as bejeweled as the bride is!

Traditional Punjabi Bride Wedding Entry Idea With Chaadar/Dupatta

traditional bridal entry under a chaadar
Via: Happy Frames

Phulkari dupatta is a traditional Indian way to enter your mandap. While this idea is centuries old, it is still quite in trend. However, the fashionista brides manage to tweak it every now and then to match their personalities.

Deepika Padukone's Bridal Entry Chaadar

Deepika Padukone kept her bridal entry game strong by sticking tight to the ancestral tradition. The Bollywood superstar looks like a true queen as she walks down the aisle under heavy work dupatta with zari borders.

Kaleerey Ki Chaadar Bridal Entry Idea

Beautiful bridal entry under a kaleerey chaadar
Via: House On The Clouds

Not a problem if you find kaleereys to be too heavy when you wear them on your wrists. You can do what this gorgeous bride did and hang a couple of kaleereys from your bridal entry dupatta. Amazing idea for all those ladies who don’t prefer flowers that much!

Simple And Minimalistic Bridal Entry Under a Satin Leheriya Dupatta

bridal entry with a satin chaadar
Via: Sharonaya K Design

As much as we love the phulkari dupatta, we can’t help getting bewitched by this unique bridal entry idea with leheriya dupatta. Besides, breaking norms with the sister gang carrying the satin dupatta over the bride’s head, this wedding entry idea will also enrapture the audience like anything. And you thought simplistic bridal entry ideas could not look gorgeous? Well, think again.

Isha Ambani’s Grand Wedding Entry With Chaadar and Long Dupatta Veil

Isha Ambani bridal entry with chaadar

You know it’s going to be grand when it’s the Ambanis’ wedding party. Isha Ambani walking down the stairs to her groom wearing an extra long dupatta is GOALS! And can we take a moment to appreciate the wonderful color contrast between her golden bridal lehenga and red chadar over her head. Simply majestic!

Bridal Entry With Long Dupatta Veil and Smoke Bombs

As far as veiled dupatta bridal entry ideas go, this one by far is the most emotional one. Besides giving the audience a dreamy visual experience with all the smoke bombs, it also makes them feel the bride’s pain as she realizes that she’ll be leaving her parents’ home forever. So, ladies if you were looking for an awesome bridal entry idea with a long dupatta veil, here you go.

Dramatic Bridal Entry With Dupattas

You could have the bridal party or the guests prepare an interesting routine like so with a couple of props. Not only is it an innovative bridal entry idea, it is also something people will love and adore.

Bridal Entry Ideas in a Doli

Special Bridal Entry Idea in a Flower Basket Shaped Doli

bridal entrance in a flower basket doli

Take it a notch further by replacing your traditional phoolon ki chadar with a phoolon ki tokri. Yes! You read that right. The pretty brides are nothing less than a special gift for their hubbies. So, how about you do arrive like a gift in a beautifully decked up floral basket doli! This is one of the most unique and adorable wedding entry ideas we’ve come by in a while. So, you better save it right now!

unique bridal entry doli
Via: The Innovative Focus

Here’s yet another unique bridal doli you could ride while going to your Mister. A cage-like white doli with pastel-colored minimal floral adornments. What could be a better fit when it comes to simplistic bridal entry ideas?

Enter Your Wedding “Palki Pe Hoke Sawaar”

White Palki Bridal entry
Via: Mir Anwar Studios

Palkis make for one of the dream rides that every bride wants to take. And here’s a modernized version of the traditional palki. With the aesthetic off-white hues, intricate designs, and pastel flowers adorning your sophisticated palki, you will gleam on your wedding ride with grace and elegance!

Dance Your Way Into The Wedding! (For the Ultimate Bridechilla)

You just have to choose a theme and based on that pick a bridal entry song. It could be a peppy Bollywood number or an emotional track. The best part is that you are free to decide who you want to enter dancing with. It could be a solo performance, or a performance with the bridesmaids, or with the entire bridal gang!

Who said the bride has to lower her eyelids and coyly walk down the aisle? Here’s to all the quirky brides who won’t follow the conventional norms! Let’s say YES to shaking a leg when you walk down the aisle. Now, you can choose how to make the bridal entry dance special, unique, and most importantly memorable.

You could also emphasize your performance by throwing in some props and accessories like black shades. Time to set the aisle on fire with some thumkas either solo or with the entire bridal gang!

Pro-Tip: Don’t forget to practice while your videographer team is present so that they know how to film the sequence perfectly.

Beautiful Bridal Entry Ideas in A Boat

Bridal entries in boats guarantee that all eyes would be glued to you as you enter one of the most important days of your life. And it just keeps getting better as you add creativity to it. Don’t go the usual way and kick things up a notch! If your wedding venue is beside a lake, an ocean, or even a swimming pool, then you need to utilize that opportunity by making a spectacular bridal entry in a boat.

Rowing Towards Your Mister’s Heart in a Kashmiri Shikara

elegant wedding entry in a shikara
Via: Fotowalle, The Story Folks

If you plan to have a lakeside wedding, then here’s a unique bridal entry idea to win everybody’s hearts. Zip through the blue waters in a beautiful shikara only to emphasize your wedding look. What could have been more dreamy and elegant than this?

Or A Sophisticated House Boat Entry With Your Bridesmaids

bridal entry in a house boat
Via: The Wedding Story Official

If your wedding is alongside a large waterbody, like an ocean, then you can go for a houseboat entry and include all your bridesmaids, or even the entire bridal party.

Pro-Tip: For some extra filmy drama, hold your dupatta veil as you step off your boat ride.

Adorn Your Bridal Entry Boat With Pastel Flowers

bridal entry in a boat deacked up with flowers
Via: Destination Photographers

Sit and relax on a fairytale-like boat adorned with pastel flowers and foliage as you are rowed towards your wedding mandap. You’ll look like an angel which you already are, as you ride on this bridal entry boat.

And How About a Floral Wreath to Decorate the Boat

bridal entry in boat decked with floral wreath
Via: Crimson Circle

For the brides who want a dreamy fairytale-like boat entry, here’s your take. A floral wreath on the boat marking the seating area of the bride and smoke all around as you emerge from it, riding on the waters. How tranquil is that?

Peacock Fans Adorning The Bridal Entry

Bridal entry with peacock fans
Via: Prashant Kumar Photography

This one’s for the OTT bridezillas out there who love everything grand and sumptuous. The bride here raised the bar by having people sway peacock fans as she enters into the mandap. Such a regal idea that you must bookmark!

The Perfect Fairytale Bridal Entry in a Dreamy Cinderella Carriage

Dreamy bridal entry in a cinderella carriage
Via: Morvi Images

For all the brides who wish to make their fantasies come true on their wedding day, well ladies, this is how you do it. We can’t stop but stare at the breathtaking visuals created by this enthralling cinderella carriage. It is decked up with multiple elements like cold pyros, lights, bells, and more to make the bride look nothing shorter than a princess.

Pro-Tip: This unique setup has wheels too and that means it can be rolled on the ground for extra convenience.

Light Up Your Wedding Entrance With Lamps

Bride entering with lamps
Via: Happy Frames

Light up your man’s world by entering with vibrant diyas and candles! You can use this idea only or make it even more magnificent by teaming it up with floral chaddar or something else that’s in your creative mind. Ask your parents to accompany you and that would make a heavenly entrance to make the guests go all teary-eyed.

Unique Wedding Entry In a Doli With Dancers Leading Your Path

Unique floral doli bridal entry with dancers
Via: Depictions Photography

OTT brides, gather around! Here’s a larger than life bridal entry idea you must save if you want to make heads turn in a jiffy! Traditional dancers performing down the aisle while you enter in a beautiful doli decked up with a floral wreath. Ladies bookmark this idea now because it can’t get any more grandiose!

Via: Cinelove Productions
bridal entry with umbrella and dancers
Via: Isrrani Photography

Or, maybe you could go a step further and have different types of dancers performing as you walk towards the mandap. The bride here is guided in her way to the man of her dreams by two Kathakali dancers as the Bengali dancers do aarti in the background. Now, this is a great opportunity to represent both your and your better half’s cultural backgrounds in a festive manner. You can trust us blindly on this one, it will be one heck of a bridal entry that nobody will ever forget!

Neha Kakkar’s Grand Chariot Entry

2020 was filled with the hashtags Nehu Da Vyah and her stupendous royal bridal entry. Who doesn’t want to ride an intricately designed grand chariot on her wedding day? And to amp up the ambiance, you can have dancers leading you on the sides of the aisle. Look no further because this OTT wedding entry idea is fit for a real queen like yourself!

Royal Carriage Wedding Entry With Fireworks For All The OTT Brides!

Grand bridal entry idea with royal carriage and fireworks
Via: Brijesh Patel Photography

For all the brides who like a bit of extravagance, here’s a treat for your eye! An OTT rath with sparkling fireworks is what you need to show the world that you are the ultimate queen bride.

Walk Down The Aisle With a Parade of Mashaals

Bridal entry with fire mashaals
Via: Baala Raja Company

One of the best ways to keep all eyes on you as you make your way to the mandap. We simply love this colossal bridal entry idea with the veiled bride leading a parade of mashaals. And how well-suited this bridal entry theme goes with the bride’s regal lehenga. Don’t waste a second and bookmark it right now!

Creative And Trendy Bridal Entry Ideas With Umbrella

Innovative Bridal Entry Idea Under An Umbrella With A Long Veil!

bridal entry with veiled umbrella
Via: Beginnings For You

Here’s one of the latest bridal entry ideas that tug at our heartstrings so bad that we couldn’t help but share it with you. Real bride Gopika upped her bridal ensemble by entering with her twin brother holding a satin pink umbrella. What really caught our eye was the long net veil in the back held by her bridesmaids. Perfect dreamy entry to enrapture your guests’ hearts.

Cute Bridal Entrance Under A Peachy Lace Umbrella With Your Father

Unique wedding entry idea for bride under a lace umbrella
Via: Safarsaga films

Dressed in an enchanting peach pink lehenga, how adorable this bride looks while exchanging a cute look with her daddy. We can tell from their eyes that the bride is her father’s pet. What ups the look is the equally endearing lace umbrella adorned with crystal hangings and soft peach flowers. Bridezillas, you can’t miss this delightful idea, so bookmark now!

wedding entry under a fabric umbrella
Via: Ombre by HJ

Latest Floral Umbrella To Replace The Usual Floral Chaadar

dulhan entry idea with a floral umbrella
Via: Reels & Frames

Indeed a unique way to go to your hubby! This is a trendy wedding idea for a Dulhan to make her shaadi a stellar affair. The bride here walks down the red carpet aisle while her brother holds a mini floral umbrella decked up with vines, dainty flowers, and crystals. So, it’s time you say goodbye to the age-old phoolon ki chaddar and embrace this modern version with an umbrella.

Brothers Holding Up Multiple Paper Parasols

bridal entry with brothers holding paper umbrella
Via: Colomono

We can’t stop adoring how cute the bride looks with her brothers accompanying her with mini paper parasols! And let’s not forget about the color co-ordinated outfits with matching umbrellas. A picture to remember forever!

Walk Through an Entry Tunnel Made With Hands

Bridal entry under hand tunnel
Via: Oragraphy

If you’ve ever seen a cooler bridal entry than this, then do let us know! Because we haven’t witnessed a better way to create a remarkable wedding entry. Here’s a bridechilla playing Orange Juice n’ Lemons with her bridesmaids and her groom adoring his cute bride as she playfully comes towards him.

Pro-Tip: You could have a children’s song play in the background for added childishness.

Elegant Bridal Entrance Idea in a Vintage Car

wedding entry idea for bride in a vintage car
Via: Beginnings For You

Well, why should the groom be the one to enter in a car always? Swap the conventions and make your entry like the grooms in the golden days used to, in a vintage ambassador car decorated with flowers.

Bridal Entry With All Your BFFs Partying in a Car

Bride entering with her friends in a car
Via: The Lightsmiths

Bring out your swagger with this ultra-cool car entry idea with your BFFs. If you are a party lover bride, then this is a great way to tell the world so. Enter the wedding venue with your gang, vibing to the music, and partying in a car.

Or Maybe Step it Up With a Lamborghini!

Emit a chilled out vibe as you enter in a Lamborghini swaying to the beats of ‘Lamborghini chalaye jaane o’ and make the crowd dance as well. So, all you cool brides-to-be, here’s some serious inspiration for your wedding entry.

Bridal Entry in A Jeep For All the Swagger Brides!

Because you can always up your bridal entry game. Some ideas to play around this theme are driving the jeep yourself solo, sitting on the jeep, or have someone drive you in it.

Pro-Tip: You could also ask your bridesmaids and friends to join you in the ride and maybe some of them could hold signboards with messages directed towards the groom.

Let The Kiddos Announce Your Entrance!

dulhan entry pic with kid holding placard

Overload the cuteness quotient in your wedding with this adorable dulhan entry idea. Probably one of the best ways to announce that the bride is coming is by asking a toddler to do it. You could play around with this unique idea. The kids could hold up signs with fun messages that indicate that the bride is here and then you walk in under a phoolon ki chaadar, under an umbrella, and so on.

Allow Loved Ones To Lead You Into Your New Life

Walk Towards Your Forever and Always With Your Daddy Dearest

bridal entry with dad
Via: Dipak Studios

For all the pampered brides out there, there’s absolutely no sense in not including your dearest Papa in your wedding entry sequence. So, if you are a daddy’s girl, then please walk down the aisle with the first man in your life. And a bouquet of flowers in your hands would add the perfect charm.

Bridechilla Walking Down The Aisle With Her Bridesmaids

dulhan entry with her bridesmaids in color co-ordinated outfits
Via: Farah Tali Baziz

Bridesmaids have a lot of duties to meet in your wedding. But, amidst all that hustle, they sure have the time to escort you to your prince charming because that’s their top priority.

Bridesmaids Holding Your Bridal Entry Chaadar For A Change

wedding entry with bridesmaids holding your bridal chaadar
Via: Fatima Tariq Photography

We can’t help but nod to this non-stereotypical initiative taken by the bridesmaids who have decided to hold up the bridal entry chaadar. Swapping gender roles with the males in style to accompany the bride all the way to her mandap!

Walk Down The Aisle With The Man Of Your Dreams

bridal entry with groom and fireworks
Via: The Royal Diaries

We know that you are the only person entitled to your bridal entry. And yes, we agree that it should revolve all around you. But, for a change, why don’t you take the offbeat route and enter into this new phase of your life hand-in-hand with your hubby-to-be. Show the world that the love between you two cannot keep you apart even for an entry!

Pro-Tip: You can come up with several amazing wedding couple entry ideas like under the traditional phoolon ki chaadar or with blinding firecrackers. Other contemporary ideas like under an umbrella, on a two-wheeler, or four-wheeler works great as well.

Pets Could Be a Cool Bridal Entry Companion Too

bridal entry idea with floral chaadar and pet
Via: Design Aqua Studio

For all the Dulhans who are proud pet owners, here’s an awesome way to incorporate your snuggly buddy into your wedding. Walk down the aisle to your husband-to-be with your affectionate pet. We can’t help but go all AWW… at this touchy way to show your love for your doggo!

The Most QUIRKY Bridal Entry Ideas For 2024 Indian Weddings!

Ride a Tractor And Make Them Go Wow!

bride riding a tractor entry
Via: Nilesh Rajput

There’s no better way to tell them that you are the ultimate jattni. Skip all the conventions and show the world your daring side with a tractor entry. With that, you can create the party ambiance with a cool song in the background.

Pro-Tip: It also fits well as a quirky bridal entry idea for your Mehndi or even Haldi.

Quirky Bridal Entrance With Groom On a Rickshaw

bridal entry idea with groom on a rickshaw
Via: Isrrani Photography

A wonderful way to spice up your wedding is by entering on a cycle rickshaw with your better half cycling it. Well, we don’t support the male being the driver always but let’s just say that it’s cool for your special day. Also, this is one of the latest and trendiest bridal entry ideas for your mehendi or haldi ceremony. Just deck up a rented rickshaw with flowers or add some quirky elements, and your wedding entry ride is ready!

Dramatic Bridal Entry With Smoke Bombs!

Bride and groom entry on a scooter with smoke bombs
Via: Phototantra
Pink Smoke Bomb Entry For Brides
Hitched & Clicked

Add drama to your entry in your wedding ceremonies by asking the guests or the relatives to blow up some colorful smoke bombs. Here’s proof that it will look fantastic and give you some of the best photographs in your entire wedding album. Also, keep in mind that you can incorporate the smoky effect with any of the bridal entry ideas, be it a ride, just walking, or something else. Get creative, ladies!

Pro-Tip: If you swap the smoke bombs with dry fog, then that makes for a great Engagement or Sangeet entry too.

Swap the Gender Roles By Making a Bridal Entry on a Horse

bridal entry on a ghori
Via: Six Studio

Again, why should boys get to ride ghoris to their wedding. Let’s break the rules once and for all, on your wedding day by entering in style on a horse. And sooner than you realize, you’ll find the audience rooting for you as you enter.

Pro-Tip1: You could include band-baaja playing as you enter to give off the ultimate wedding feel!

Pro-Tip2: How about stepping it up a notch further by curating an elephant ride entry?

Quirky Dulhan Entry in a Golf Cart!

Quirky bridal entry in a golf cart
Via: Dream Knots

Bridechillas, here’s how you up your bridal game by entering in a golf cart. Because, why not? There’s no dearth of unique ideas, and here’s one that you should take cues from.

Dare To Go SOLO To Your Shaadi?

Bridal solo entry idea

What Anushka Sharma did on her wedding day is a beautiful bridal entry to emulate! She walked down the aisle solo with the emotional song ‘Din Shagna Da’ playing in the background, while her groom Virat Kohli was mesmerized to look at the pretty bride walking towards him. You too could make your groom googly-eyed by doing the same!

Go Solo With Dazzling Fireworks

Bride entering with dupatta veil and fireworks
Via: Folio Haus

Such a fairytale like entry for a bride! The sparkle of her golden lehenga, the cold pyros, the golden hue, and her veil, everything combine together to give you a dreamy bridal entrance.

Pro-Tip: Don’t forget to have a dreamy bridal entry song playing as you walk down the aisle!

Revisit Your Childhood In Your Wedding Entry With Balloons

Bridal Entry Idea With Balloons

Or How About A Balloon Blast Bridal Entry!

Yet another way to make a grand entrance! You’ll be overwhelmed when you witness the spellbound audience looking at your entrance in awe. The best part is the reaction of the crowd when all the balloons down the walkway blast off to unleash thousands of smaller balloons.

Phew! With that, we have finished compiling our list of 45+ best unique bridal entry ideas you should bookmark for your 2024 wedding. If you were going frantic for not having a couple of creative bridal entry ideas for your wedding, then we guess that problem is solved now.

Let us know which bridal entry idea is your favorite amongst these! And for more such bridal entry ideas, wedding ideas and inspirations, keep following WedAbout on Instagram & Facebook or download WedAbout App.

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