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How To Choose Your Indian Bridal Jewelry: The Ultimate Wedding Jewellery Guide For 2024 Brides!

Indian bridal jewelry is held in high esteem for its rich cultural heritage and intricate designs. But too many varieties only make your shopping spree longer, don’t they? It’s the same when it comes to choosing Indian wedding jewelry. With the latest 2024 bridal jewellery trends on the rise, the task becomes even more daunting. And this is just an addition to the long list of to-dos like choosing a mandap decor, lehenga, bridal hairstyle, and so on.

You deserve to look like a million-dollar-baby on your big day and that’s simply not possible without the perfect bridal jewelry set for your precious lehenga. Now, choosing your shaadi-ke-gehne could be a tricky job unless you have proper knowledge about the types of Indian bridal jewellery. Not only will this help you pick the right ornaments and bridal accessories but also help you figure out what kind of look to aim for on your D-day.

There’s no denying the prowess your jewellery has to make or break your ultimate bridal avatar. So, a bit of guidance is essential when it comes to choosing the right jewellery and keeping it in accordance with your outfit and wedding function. Not to worry bridezillas and bridechillas, we’re here to take off the burden from your shoulders and give you a quick guide on the different Indian jewellery types and how to pick your ideal jewellery match.

Types Of Indian Bridal Jewellery


Polki choker necklace and earrings
Via: kulwantsm

Polki jewellery refers to raw and uncut diamonds set in a mould made of gold. Since the polki stones or diamonds are uncut and in their natural form, so, they tend to shine a lot brighter. The painted gold foil at the back of the stones makes them more luminescent. Also, this jewelry type has been in existence since the Mughal era. Its gold and diamond content makes it quite pricey.

Note: Polki looks a lot like Kundan jewelry but it has a lot more shine and lustre to it. Moreover, it is much more expensive than Kundan.

Miheeka Bajaj wearing heavy diamond polki set as her Indian bridal jewelry
Via: Rohan Foto
  • Cost: 4 lakhs to 3 crores (depends on the number of diamonds, gold content, quality of the jewellery, and workmanship)
  • Resale Value: On reselling, you can get up to 90% of the actual price back as per the gold and diamond content of your polki jewellery. Since the diamonds used in polki sets are uncut in nature, so they are always in high demand in the global market. But, the gold content in these jewellery sets is comparatively lower since gold is only used to make the frame of the set and the inside is filled with lac.
  • Maintenance/ Care:
  • Polki is a high-maintenance jewellery type. It is highly vulnerable to moisture and might lose its shine due to the same. To combat this, it is recommended that you store them in the velvet boxes they are sold in.
  • However, this might not be that effective, so it’s best if you wrap your polki pieces in butter paper or cotton and store them in airtight containers. This would keep the moisture away and store your precious baubles in a cool and dry place.
  • Cleaning a polki jewellery set and maintaining its shine is quite easy as well. Just soak your polki jewellery in warm detergent water and wipe them after a clean after a couple of hours.
Long polki diamond Indian bridal jewelry with green enamelling
Via: Sunny Dhiman Photography
  • Mistakes to Avoid/Things to keep in Mind
  • Polki jewellery tends to be quite heavy. So, it is important to make sure that you are comfortable wearing it and can move around painlessly since your lehenga might already weigh a lot.
  • Since there are so many fraudulent jewellery sellers, make sure that you choose to buy your polki jewellery from well-reputed jewelers only. Also, ensure that the jewellery is authentic and check the gold and diamond quality.
  • Try picking classic and evergreen designs that will stay in style even after 10 years from now. Opting for something that is trendy for the time being will be a foolish decision.
  • Don’t store all your polki jewellery sets in the same container. Otherwise, the polki stones would clash against each other resulting in scratches.
  • Don’t clean your polki jewellery with chlorine cleansers as it is not suitable for cleaning gold.

WA Tip:

  • Buying a diamond set could be very heavy on your pocket. So, if you want diamonds on your wedding day, then, getting a polki set is comparatively cheaper.
  • The royal and regal nature of polki jewellery sets makes them perfect for your wedding day bridal jewellery. So, brides-to-be look no further than polkis if you are looking for a grand bridal jewellery set.

Kundan Jewellery

Kundan bridal jewellery set
Via: kulwantsm

Kundan jewelry is made of stones and glass imitations set in a mold of gold or silver. Also, the back is made of colorful lac/ Meenakari. The stones used in such jewellery could be precious or semi-precious and are set in layers. Kundan looks a lot like Polki jewellery but it has lesser shine since it is made of glass stones mostly. Moreover, this makes Kundan jewelry much cheaper while keeping the traditional elements intact.

traditional kundan jewellery set for a royal bridal makeover
Via: AakritiDigitals
  • Cost: If you are going for handmade Kundan jewellery with real gold and gemstones, then your budget needs to be in the range of INR 50,000 to a couple of lakhs. Else, you can get artificial Kundan jewellery sets for INR 1000 or above.
  • Resale Value: You’ll get 40 to 50% less than the original value of the Kundan jewellery set upon reselling.
  • Maintenance/ Care:
  • The most effective and easiest way to clean your Kundan jewellery set is with soap and water (if it is not an artificial Kundan set). Just take a mixture of dishwashing soap and lukewarm water and soak your jewellery in it. After some time, take them out and wipe them with a clean cloth.
  • For storing, wrap your kundans in a piece of cloth so that it doesn’t get any stains. Then, keep it in an airtight container.
  • Mistakes to Avoid/Things to keep in Mind:
  • Choose buying detachable jewellery pieces since Kundan jewellery is quite expensive. These days you can have heavy earrings that can be detached into two small earrings. You can have all pieces of your bridal jewelry set made this way. This increases the reusability and customization of the bridal jewellery.

WA tip: Kundan jewellery can also be thought of as a less expensive variant of Polki. So, if you are a budget bride, then this is a really good option if you don’t want to wear imitation jewellery.


Jadau cannot be called a type of jewellery because it is a specific technique that is utilized to create traditional Indian bridal jewelry like Polki and Kundan. The literal meaning of the term ‘Jad’ is to be embedded. In Kundan and Polki jewellery types, the stones are embedded in lac or gold mold.

  • Cost: Could be in the range of expensive to very expensive as per the material and stones/jewels used.
  • Resale Value: Approx. 80% of the actual price at which you purchased the jewelry piece.
  • Maintenance/ Care:
  • Jadau jewellery pieces should be kept in a dry environment, mostly wrapped in cotton cloth.
  • Try not to expose your Jadau pieces to pollutants (including various cosmetics and perfumes). Make sure the jewellery doesn’t collect dust and keep it away from heat and moisture.
  • We recommend that you should take your Jadau pieces to any reputable jeweler for cleaning at least once every year.
  • Mistakes to Avoid/Things to keep in Mind:
  • Always check the purity of gold used in a Jadau set. Generally, Jadau jewellery pieces are made in 22 to 24-carat gold.
  • Check if the stones used are natural or treated. Several treatments are being used in the market to enhance the shine of various precious and semi-precious stones used in Jadau sets.

WA Tip: Do ask for or check the weight of the stones being used in the Jadau piece. Jewelers usually give a gross weight but it might not be correct. You should cross-check because the heavier the stone, the pricier the jewellery piece. Moreover, you should also ask for a guarantee, especially, if your bridal jewellery piece is made of precious stones like diamonds.


Meenakari bangle set to accessorize your indian bridal jewelry
Via: Purab Paschim

Meenakari jewellery includes all those jewellery pieces that are made by filling gold molds/frames with ‘Meena’ or colored lac. The frames or casts are made in different patterns and intricate designs, usually taking inspiration from flora and fauna. The jewellery pieces are finally coated with colorful enamels to achieve that glassy look or shine. These pieces are great to add some color to your outfit and make it pop out.

Meenakari choker necklace with gutta pasalu work
Via: Pixelena studio
  • Cost: INR 5000 to INR 40,000 – depends on types of metal enamel (silver or glass) and stones used, size of the jewellery, detailing, and pricing. Artificial meenakari jewellery sets could cost even lesser.
  • Resale Value: Fetches less amount on reselling as compared to Polki or Kundan since Meenakari is low on gold content.
  • WA Tip: If you are eyeing Meenakari jewelry for your bridal jewellery, then we recommend you invest in those Meenakari pieces with precious or semi-precious stones. This will make your investment worthwhile as it will fetch higher a resale price.
  • Maintenance/ Care:
  • The best and desi way to clean your Meenakari jewellery sets is by wiping them with a cotton ball dipped in lemon and tamarind juice. This maintains its color and shine and increases the life of your jewels.
Multi-hued heavy choker necklace with meenakari work
Via: Kamna Sharma Official
  • Mistakes to Avoid/Things to keep in Mind:
  • If you are looking for Indian bridal jewelry pieces that can be layered, then pick a Meenakari raani haar and pair it with some heavy Kundan or polki chokers.
  • For more affordable options, you could go for silver or glass enameled Meenakari jewellery and avoid precious stones like diamonds.
  • Styling Tip: Light-colored lehenga or saree goes best with Panchrangi Meenakari earpieces. If your wedding lehenga is of a single hue, then opt for the Ek Rank Khula Meenakari earrings that come in a single color. So, you can match the color of your jewellery with the color of your outfit.

WA Tip: These days, you’ll get Meenakari work done in artificial jewellery as well. This is very affordable for all the budget brides.

Temple Jewellery

temple jewellery for weddings
Via: pixelena_studio

Temple jewellery refers to chunky gold jewellery originally meant to adorn the temple deities. Now, temple jewellery has become an important part of South Indian weddings. It is made with pure gold and mostly doesn’t include any stones. However, you can always avail of temple jewellery pieces embellished with emeralds, rubies, and even diamonds. Moreover, you could also have polki string jewellery added with a temple jewellery style pendant. The designs usually consist of motifs of various deities. If you are a traditional South Indian bride, temple jewellery is your way to go!

beautiful temple indian bridal jewelry with meenakari work
Via: pixelena studio
  • Cost: Depends on the gold content and weight.
  • Resale Value: Since the major part of temple jewellery is made of gold, its resale value will depend on the gold price in the jewellery market at the time of reselling. Also, keep in mind that while purchasing a brand new temple jewellery set, you will have to pay the making charges too. That bit cannot be fetched while reselling.
  • Maintenance/ Care:
  • Soak your gold jewellery in soap water for a couple of hours. Then, scrub it off with a soft brush. Rinse it and blot dry it.
  • In order to keep the shine intact, use a jewellery polishing cloth to wipe it clean.
  • However, if your jewellery piece has precious or semi-precious stones, then do not clean it with water. Just wipe and clean it with a soft cloth.
  • Store your gold jewellery pieces in a cloth and keep them in their jewellery boxes. The best storage container for your necklace is a sponge box as it keeps your jewellery safe from accidental breakage and other damages.
  • Mistakes to Avoid/Things to keep in Mind:
  • You can also get silver temple jewellery with gold coating as an affordable alternative. This will help you save a lot of money while keeping the traditional look intact. Otherwise, you could also cut the cost by not investing in a full gold temple bridal jewellery set. Some pieces could be of gold and others like mang tikka could be made of silver since a lot of brides don’t prefer a pure gold mang tikka.
  • If you don’t have much expertise with styling temple jewellery sets, here’s a tip: Try wearing it in layers, so, you need to make sure that the different neckpieces you buy are of different lengths. This will give you the authentic South-Indian bridal look.

Gold Jewellery

Gold jewellery is a famous Indian bridal jewelry option in many parts of India but mostly in West Bengal. While temple jewellery too is made of gold, it is very different from this kind of jewellery as far as the design and motifs used are concerned. This is the Bengali bride’s go-to pick for her wedding jewellery. From necklace to earrings, from nath to bangles, the Bengali brides choose to have all their wedding accessories made in gold.

  • Cost: Depends on the ongoing gold price in the market, the gold content in your jewelry, and the craftsmanship charges.
  • Resale Value:
  • If you are buying your gold jewellery piece from a branded store, they have a buyback policy that will fetch your entire 100% of the value. This facility is also provided at many local stores. So, it is always better to sell your jewellery piece at the store you bought it from. However, you won’t be getting the making charges you paid while buying it.
  • Moreover, you should know that gold can be sold at any time of the year since it is so tangible. So, even if you buy a lot of gold jewellery for your wedding, it will help you out in bad times.
Bengali bride adorning gold wedding jewellery
Via: The Wedding Canvas
  • Maintenance/ Care:
  • Gold jewellery should be wrapped in a soft cloth and kept in velvet boxes. Make sure you allot different boxes for different pieces and not put them together. Otherwise, your jewellery could get scratched by rubbing against other pieces.
  • Also, never use chlorine cleansers to clean your gold jewellery.
  • Mistakes to Avoid/Things to keep in Mind:
  • Always buy your gold from authentic and reputed jewelers and stores.
  • It’s recommended to buy 24-carat gold jewelry sets only since low carat jewellery can fade in color and lose its luster.
  • Also, cross-check the ongoing gold price before buying a jewellery piece since the gold price changes every day and you can easily be duped by the jeweler.

Diamond Jewellery

diamond indian bridal jewelry set for your wedding reception
Via: Bugs&Co Wedding Photographers

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and the Indian brides are of the same opinion. As the name suggests, diamond jewellery consists of all the ornaments that are made of diamonds. A lot of contemporary Indian brides have shunned the idea of choosing to wear traditional gold, Polki, or Kundan jewellery. Instead, they prefer flaunting classic minimal diamond jewellery on their D-day.

beautiful diamond necklace set as your indian bridal jewelry
Via: Hazoorilal jewellers
  • Cost: INR 50k to INR 3 lacs per carat (as per quality and purity of diamonds and the workmanship)
  • Resale Value: Some jewellers have a buyback policy wherein they’ll give you 85% of the original value for the diamond jewellery purchased from their store. However, some might not give so much. Most pawnshops, jewellers, and buyers offer a certain fraction of the original price you paid while buying the diamond jewellery set.
  • Maintenance/ Care:
  • Store your diamond jewellery pieces in separate boxes or containers. Never put them jumbled with your other jewellery pieces in a single bag or box. Diamonds are prone to getting scratches when kept with other diamonds.
  • To clean your diamond ornaments, soak your jewellery pieces in a solution of lukewarm water and detergent powder. Keep them like so for a couple of hours and then, wipe them dry with a soft muslin cloth.
  • Mistakes to Avoid/Things to keep in Mind:
  • You should check the following things while buying diamonds: Carat weight, cut quality, shape, clarity grade, and fluorescence.
  • The carats affect the price of your diamonds and so, you should have a clear picture of the same to make sure you aren’t being fooled.
  • The cut of the diamond is what makes it look bright. So, a well-cut one will look brighter and bigger than its actual size. Always, make sure that the cut quality of your diamonds is high.
  • There are many different shapes of diamonds available in the market. So, you should ensure that you are getting the shape you want.
  • Always buy certified diamonds only to ensure that they are authentic.

Artificial Jewellery

Artificial Indian bridal jewelry
Via: Vehemence Pictures

Indian brides prefer wearing heavy jewellery with lots of intricate work and embellishments on their big day. As pretty as it may look, it can be a bit hefty on your pocket. So, if you are tight on your Indian bridal jewellery budget or even if you’re not, artificial jewellery could be a better choice for you. Heavy wedding jewellery pieces are not worn quite often. So, why invest so much in them. Also, you won’t have to struggle with new locker space for all the new wedding jewellery you buy.

  • Cost: 1k to 25k
  • Resale Value: You can’t resell artificial wedding jewellery sets because these don’t contain any precious or semi-precious gems or stones like diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and are also not made of gold or silver.
  • Maintenance/ Care:
  • Clean your artificial jewellery sets after having worn them to remove all the sweat and dust that might have collected on them.
  • Keep them away from chemicals, perfumes, water, lotion, etc. otherwise they will get tarnished faster.
  • Store each artificial jewellery piece separately by wrapping them in cotton or velvet pouches. When kept together, they can break, get tarnished, or get tangled.
  • Artificial jewellery should not be used regularly because these are not meant for daily use. It is recommended to wear it only on occasions. Else, it can wear off and tarnish easily.
  • Mistakes to Avoid/Things to keep in Mind:
  • Make sure you wear your artificial jewellery piece last while getting ready. Put it on only after you have finished applying your makeup, perfume, lotion, or any other cosmetics to avoid them landing on the surface of your jewellery.

Tips For Choosing Your Bridal Jewelry in 2024

1. Face Shape

It is quite important to factor in your face shape while buying your Indian bridal jewelry. Not a lot of people consider it but face shape is a deal-breaker when it comes to picking the right wedding jewellery for you. Some cuts and designs look amazing on certain face shapes but not so much on others. Given below are some tips to help you choose the perfect Indian bridal jewelry as per your face shape:

a. Indian Bridal Jewelry For Round Face Shape

Pearl stranded navratna choker and necklace with mathapatti
Via: Neeti Singh Jewelry

Trying to elongate your neck will help your round face appear slimmer. So, prefer wearing long neckpieces that go below your necklines. Also, you should pick pointy and angular-shaped earrings to break the roundness of your face. Chandelier and teardrop earrings are your go-to. You can also pick square or oval-shaped earrings.

  • What to avoid: Stay away from chokers and all other necklaces that begin and end high up on your neck. However, chokers might not look that bad, provided you accompany them with other longer neckpieces. Also, round earrings and round diamond cuts are NO-NO for you!

b. Indian Bridal Jewelry For Heart-Shaped Faces

Kajal Aggarwal flaunting her diamond choker necklace with V neckline

If you have a heart-shaped face, that means your chin is narrow. So, to make your face look rounder, you could put on shorter neckpieces like chokers. Long cylindrical earrings are ideal for your face. Say yes to all those long dangling earrings and teardrop-heavy work earpieces. These can make for the narrow chin area and fade your jawline.

  • What to avoid: Unfortunately, small earrings and studs are not your ideal match.

c. Bridal Jewelry For Rectangular Face

Since this type of face shape is already quite long, dangling earrings are not an ideal match here. Instead, go for soft and rounded earrings like buttons and studs. For neck jewellery, short and high neckpieces like chokers are your go-to.

  • What to avoid: Avoid wearing angular-shaped earrings because rectangles and squares will add to your already angular face cut.

d. Bridal jewellery for Oval Face Shape

bridal diamond choker necklace set for oval face shape
Via: The Cozy Vibe

If you have an oval face shape, you can pick and experiment with all kinds of jewellery designs. From large heavy work earrings to small ones, everything will go well with oval faces. Angular earrings like square and rectangular-shaped ones will look spectacular on you.

  • What to avoid: Don’t pick extra-long earpieces otherwise your face will appear longer than it is.

2. Indian Bridal Jewelry As Per Your Skin Tone

India houses a wide range of skin tones and obviously, the ideal jewellery type that you should wear should differ according to that.

a. Wedding Jewellery For Warm Tone

If your skin has a golden shine to it and your veins appear greenish, then your skin is warm-toned. If you want to incorporate stones into your look, then opt for colors like yellow, orange, coral, turquoise, olive, and golden pearls that are meant for you. And the Indian bridal jewelry types that you should pick are gold, Kundan, and polki.

b. Indian Bridal Jewelry for Wheatish Skin Tone

Matching meenakari jewellery with pastel pink lehenga
Via: Aren Jewellers

The best jewellery picks for wheatish complexion are Kundan, precious or semi-precious jewelry, and platinum jewelry. Colorful stone-based jewelry and Kundan will highlight your beauty and looks.

c. Wedding Jewellery For Fair Skin Tone

polki wedding jewelry set with uncut diamonds
Via: Shahid_Naar

Indian brides with a fair complexion can pair any metal with any color. However, these brides will look the best in pearl or diamond pieces. Also, you can enhance your beauty by wearing all your ornaments, from necklaces to rings and bracelets in matching designs and metal types.

d. Bridal Jewellery For Dark Skin Tone

gold and pearl jewellery for dusky skin tones

If you have a darker complexion, then rose gold and yellow gold will suit you well. Pearls and gold with heavy work on them are your best friends. Also, traditional gold bridal jewellery will accentuate your charm.

e. Indian Wedding Jewellery For Cool Skin Tone

Diamond and rose gold jewellery for cool toned skin
Via: makeupbyurmikaurr

If you have a rosy undertone and your veins are bluish in color, that means your skin is cool-toned. Diamonds will look the best on you and you can also go for other metals like platinum, white gold, and silver.

3. Ceremony Type

You can’t wear your D-day bridal jewelry on any other day of your wedding. Different ceremonies of your wedding will have different attires and looks and so, they require different jewelry types as well. Let’s take a look at which jewelry types are well-suited for different marriage functions:

  • Engagement: Diamonds have been pretty chic for engagements this year.
  • Sangeet: Chokers, something minimalistic or you could also pair minimalistic jewelry with an OTT mang tikka, stone-based jewellery, and diamonds.
  • Mehndi: Floral Jewelry, Meenakari, or a combination of meenakari with floral jewellery, Gota jewellery, Boho, Mirrorwork ornaments, Headgear, and other Contemporary Jewellery types.
Vibrant colorful jewelry for your mehendi or haldi ceremony
Via: Kulwant SM
  • Haldi: Ghungroo Jewellery, Meenakari, Miroorwork, Beaded Kundan jewelry pieces, Pom pom jewelry, Tasseled pieces, Haath Phool, Paasa floral jewelry.
Floral hathphool to wear as indian bridal jewelry on haldi
Via: Flosaira
Lavender hued floral hathphool for haldi ceremony
Via: Prune India
  • Wedding: Heavy Kundan or Polki, temple, and gold jewellery.
  • Reception: Diamond set, Precious or semi-precious stone-based jewelry.

4. Outfit Type

a. Neckline

Neha Kakkar wearing a heavy diamond long necklace with sweetheart neckline

Your necklace should go well with your bridal attire’s neckline otherwise your entire look will be ruined. If you are opting for strapless or sweetheart necklines, chokers and short neckpieces are best for you. Traditional scooped necklines with contemporary long and heavy jewellery like aadh haar. On the other hand, off-shoulder blouses with chokers create an endearing look. Also, you could contrast the color of your blouse with the color of gemstones in the choker.

Layered long necklace with choker and mathapatti paired with wide neckline
Via: Dipak Studios

The graceful boat necklines can go well with all jewellery types but layered jewellery or multiple stranded jewellery like the Satlada Haar is the best. Geometric or square necklines are the oldest in line for bridal blouses and you can pair all neckpieces with it. However, our personal favorite is the bib necklace and the raani haar.

b. Indian Bridal Jewellery As Per Your Saree/Lehenga color

Contrasting grey hued indian bridal jewelry set with red and orange bridal lehenga
Via: Sunny Dhiman Photography

Gone are the days when brides would only wear gold with their red lehenga or go for an all-matching look. The millennial brides are opting for a more contemporary look and prefer contrasting their jewellery with their bridal wear. You can also opt to match certain elements of your jewellery with your lehenga. For example, the color of stones embedded in your jewellery can match your lehenga color. Moreover, your could also match your jewellery color with the least-used color on your lehenga or saree.

5. Budget (Rent Vs Buy)

Indian bridal jewelry buying could be quite harsh on your bank balance. Given the amount of jewelry you need to buy and since bridal jewelry sets are mostly heavy work, it’s safe to assume that we are talking about a budget of a couple of lakhs at least for your bridal trousseau.

Obviously, spending so much is not feasible for everyone. So, instead what you could always choose to rent your Indian bridal jewelry for your special day. Even if budget isn’t an issue for you, buying so much jewelry might not seem like a good investment for you. Keep in mind that not all jewellery types gain a good resale value and also, heavy bridal jewelry can’t really be worn on every other occasion.

You need to answer the following questions to come to a conclusion:

  1. Do you plan to reuse your wedding jewelry? If you have chosen such a bridal jewelry set that can be reused or if you plan to pass it on as an heirloom, then you can consider buying, provided your budget permits you to do so.
  2. Will you be able to reuse the type of bridal jewelry you are eyeing? A lot of bridal jewelry can’t be reused time and again, so it makes sense to rent them.
  3. Is your budget on the lower side? If Yes, then, by all means, you should rent jewellery of your choice. This way you won’t be cutting a hole in your pocket and your bridal look won’t be ruined as well.

6. Indian Bridal Jewelry Trending in 2024

You surely don’t wanna miss out on all the ongoing trends of 2024. Check out all the current bridal jewelry hits to pick your perfect bridal regalia:

a. Combinations of Jewellery Types

The modern brides of 2024 have been seen depicting the cultural diversity of India through their jewels. Since interstate and intercultural marriages are increasing by the day, the brides have upped their jewellery game too. From pairing mathapattis with naths to pairing chocker with modern neckpieces, the bridechillas are making jewellery decisions on the basis of their aesthetics and you should choose to do the same.

b. Jadau

Jadau emerald and pearl stranded indian bridal jewellery
Via: Neeti Singh Jewelry
Beautiful gold choker with pearl strands
Via: Dipak Studios

This wedding season has seen a rage of pearl-stringed jadau chokers. With embellishments of stones, this traditional jewelry type is the perfect pick for 2024 weddings.

c. Polki and Emeralds Still Rule

Heavy wide band polki choker necklace
Via: Shivam Dua Photography

The traditional and evergreen combination of polki and emeralds can never go out of fashion. This effortless style is versatile enough to stay in vogue for years to come.

d. Adorned Diamond Choker Sets

Minimalistic polki choker diamond necklace set
Via: Kulwant SM

You can blindly invest in diamond choker bridal sets in 2024 as these have all the pizazz in the current wedding season. Moreover, you can accessorize these with anything in your bridal look book. The stone colors you should look for here are pastel and emerald drops.

e. Layered Pearls With Rubies And Other Precious Gems

Meenakari indian bridal jewelry set
Via: Neeti Singh Jewelry
Heavy indian bridal jewelry set with raani haar
Via: Kulwant SM

Multi-layered neck adornments have taken the world of bridal accessories by storm. Go for a multi-string long pearl necklace with a side brooch to bring all the sass to your wedding attire.

f. New Additions To The Tikka Fam

Heavy and intricate passa to accessorize your indian bridal jewelry
Via: Gautam Khullar Photography

The millennial brides of 2024 are nothing less than queens and deserve a crown alike headgear to show the same. Our glamorous maangtikka family has introduced new additions to the Indian bridal jewelry game. These include the stunning and edgy Passa, Matha Tikka, and Rajasthani Borla.

g. Temple Jewellery

temple jewellery set for brides
Via: pixelena_studio
layered gold indian bridal jewelry for south indian brides
Via: nandagopal94

The traditional South-Indian temple jewellery is now gaining fame in other parts of the country as well. These breath-taking gold adornments are now being flaunted by brides throughout India, thanks to the cross-cultural jewellery trend.

f. Cuff Bracelets

Opulent yet fashionable cuff bracelets have proved themselves to be an interesting addition to the bridal entourage. Minimalistic yet stunning, diamond and gemstone-studded handcuffs are your go-to bridal jewellery for 2024!

g. Naths

No better way to amp up your bridal look than an OTT nath! Yes, naths have taken the world of bridal jewellery accessories by storm and we’re totally rooting for it.

Phew! So much for the oomph and opulence of Indian bridal jewellery! All you Indian brides must feel lucky to be able to witness such intricate baubles and bling so closely. And now, you should no longer feel baffled by the aura of the grand Indian jewellery and would be able to choose the ideal wedding jewellery for yourself. We hope this guide serves as the one-stop destination for all your bridal jewellery needs. Do let us know which jewellery type/s you are opting for this wedding season in the comments below!

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