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50+ Unique Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas for Every Couple!

A pre-wedding shoot is all the rage now and is a beautiful way to preserve your love in gorgeous photographs which you can cherish forever. It offers you a chance to get comfortable in front of the camera and the photographer before the wedding to avoid any awkwardness. There are so many beautiful pre-wedding shoot ideas that you can now opt for according to your aesthetic and vibe, that will not only make your wedding more romantic but will also make it beautifully memorable. You can then use these pre-wedding shoot pictures in your invitations or can also play it on your wedding functions.

How to choose & plan your pre-wedding shoot theme?

Time to take out all your Pinterest boards and decide on a theme you love. Discuss your chosen aesthetic and theme with your photographer so he can capture the exact vibe you’re after.

Next, decide on a budget, fix how much you will be spending on different areas of the shoot like location, props, photographer etc. This will also help you in deciding if you want your pictures in multiple locations which will mean more days and more money. 

Time to plan your outfits. Decide your outfits according to the aesthetic you’re after and also the location. 

Check out some couple demo poses before the shoot and try it out with your fiancé. It will help you in understanding what you want and what you’re not comfortable with. Plus, it will help you get those perfect romantic pictures with ease. #couplegoals

To make your pre-wedding shoot magical, experiment with different props like wrap fairy lights around you and your partner for a dreamy click or if you’re the adventurous couple, you can even strike a pose with a bullet bike or opt for a classic Jeep as a background while you kiss your partner on their forehead. For the foodie couple, cheesy snapshots of biting into a cheese pizza together can also be a great option.

What to wear for a pre-wedding shoot?

You can opt for a gorgeous ball gown for the bride and classy three-piece suit for the groom for a luxuriously modern pre-wedding shoot look or go the traditional route with stunning silk saree and kurta pyjama for a royal touch. Coordinate with your partner. Complimenting pre wedding props like wine glasses, fairy lights or funky umbrellas are also great ideas to have your perfect Bollywood-romance moment. Don’t forget to keep matching accessories, and make up for touch-ups later.

When is the right time to get a pre-wedding shoot done?

Pre-wedding shoots can be done anywhere between 6-7 months or just a couple of days before the wedding. But just a few days before the wedding is when you’re at your busiest with all your wedding rituals and last-minute arrangements. So, it is always a better idea to have this shot a couple of months before so you can give it proper time and attention, it requires. Having pre-wedding shoot months before your wedding will give you enough time to perfect every little detail and enjoy those precious moments with your partner.

Which location should you choose for your pre-wedding shoot?

Are you a beach person or a mountain lover? Choose a location that best suits your personality or the vibe you’re looking for, according to your budget. You can even pick out places significant to your love story to make it even more romantic. Decide if you want your pre-wedding shoot in your city or somewhere else. And if you are opting for a different city, hire a photographer from that location and save some bucks on their travel and stay.

While deciding on that perfect pre wedding shoot location, try to schedule your shoot at off-season. Off-season months means less crowd and great deals at hotels, and flights. But don’t forget to check the weather before making plans. For mountain lovers, August to October are the perfect off-season months to shoot in Manali, Shimla or Nainital.

Love beaches but hate the crowd of Goa? Opt for Andaman for an easy-breezy beach pre-wedding shoot. And if your love story is like Raj and Simran, get your pre-wedding shoot in the fields of Punjab in the months of October to March. For a vintage Pre Wedding shoot location, you can opt old forts of Delhi NCR. Once your location is decided, check if you’ll be needing any permits to shoot and if so, who’ll be arranging them.

Who captures your pre-wedding shoot?

Pre wedding shoot is captured by a professional photographer or a team of photographers. Choose the best camera person according to your budget for best results. Try to have the same team for your pre-wedding shoot as the one who will be capturing your wedding. This will help you gain comfort with your photographer and give the photographer ample time to understand your personality, love and best camera angles, allowing him to capture you in the best possible way and give you stunning pictures.

How much does a pre-wedding shoot cost?

Pre wedding shoot packages start from as low as Rs 10,000 and can go upto Rs. 1 -2 Lakh for a highly experienced wedding photographer. 

Prices can vary for an out of the city shoot, or multiple days shoot with different locations. It can also change depending upon the equipment type, chosen theme & team members involved in the process. For instance, Underwater photography might need hi-tech equipment versus the usual couple portraits. 

Some photographers also offer exciting packages to cover both the pre-wedding and wedding functions which will help you save on some extra bucks.

1.Casual Pre Wedding Photoshoot at Home

If you are a 2024 about-to-be-married couple, then you must be having difficulties finding that perfect outdoor destination amidst the pandemic restrictions. Well, now you can also have a lovely indoor pre-wedding shoot with your partner with these inspirational ideas!

cute couple poses for pre wedding shoot ideas
Via: Kirandeep Photography

Such an adorable couple pose! Those string lights in the backdrop add such a glimmer to this lovely photo.

indoor-couple-pre wedding shoot ideas
Via: Dipak Studios

You can also use a simple white fabric as background to get that minimalist and cozy feel like this couple shoot.

2. The Gourmet Couple – A food themed photoshoot

All food lovers assemble! We bring you a delicious food themed photoshoot idea for all our foodies. Who doesn’t love food? From loaded pizzas to chai to gol-gappas, every food item can serve as great pre-wedding photoshoot props. And what a great excuse to gobble those cheesy calories!

Unique couple poses for pre wedding shoot ideas
Via: Dreamcatchers Photography
Via: Dipak Studios

You can add some cute couple mugs or aprons for an adorable romantic prop!

3. Pre Wedding Shoot in Taj Mahal

Since Shah Jahan’s love for Mumtaz forever embedded on this earth as the Taj Mahal, this heritage monument serves as a great background for a majestic pre-wedding shoot idea. You can even nurture the idea to its highest potential by striking classic Bollywood-style poses for a bit of dramatic flair. Or you can go simple and just let the scene speak for itself.

monument background pre wedding shoot ideas
Via: Dipak Studios Photography

Just a simple and sweet pose in front of the royal monument with their reflection captured in the water below!

creative couple pose for pre wedding shoot ideas
Via: Dipak Studios Photography

Here is a glimpse of different poses you can try with the same background. This is a silhouette photography effect while the couple embraces each other.

4. Rajasthan palaces for a royal pre wedding shoot theme

Every traditional couple needs a royal Indian palace for their pre-marriage photoshoot, and what better source than the beautiful Rajasthani Palaces like the Jaisalmer Fort and Ranthambore Fort? Their gigantic pillars, old craftsmanship, vibrant marble and sandstone designs, step wells, wide gardens and so much more makes for a lot of royal backgrounds for your Indian pre-wedding shoot ideas.

cute couple pose for pre wedding shoot
Via: Sunny Dhiman Photography
pre-marriage shoot in a palace
Via: Dipak Studios
Romantic pre wedding pose
Via: Sunny Dhiman Photography

5. Love lightens up the world- a colourful pre-wedding shoot

It is well known that love defeats darkness or that love is a medium of light, so what other props to use other than light itself to represent your strongest emotion? Get creative with all kinds of beautiful fairy lights, candles, lanterns, diyas and sometimes even crackers to jostle up your unique pre-wedding shoot.

unique pre wedding shoot ideas
Via: Aakriti and Hitesh

This is such a bright and lively picture with the couple in the center. Even the bride-to-be’s dress is so colourful and vibrant. You should definitely save this creative pre wedding shoot idea for your future wedding!

fairy lights prop for pre wedding shoot
Via: Oragraphy and Riya and Rushab

Entangle yourself and your partner in these fairy lights, may your love grow stronger everyday. We are completely fawning over this extremely cute night pre wedding shoot idea with fairy lights as props! And the sheer adoration in their eyes is just an added factor to this photoshoot.

umbrella light prop for pre wedding shoot
Via: Stories by Brijesh Patel

You can also play with the lights and add some additional props like umbrellas, flowers, baskets, paintings etc.

6. Get cozy in a Hill station – photoshoot for nature lovers

Chilly seasons are the best excuse for a bit of a romance. The hills of Manali and Shimla, dark forests and misty fog add such a beautiful mystery to your pre-marriage shoots.

hillstation pre wedding shoot
Via: Akansha and Ankit

Are you loving that flying veil cause we definitely are! The mystical fog, that cyan-coloured gown and the beautiful mountain range in the background, it’s just like those cosy cinematic scenes we often see only in the movies.

wide angle photo for pre wedding shoot
Via: Akansha and Ankit

This couple strike a simple pose overlooking the wide mountain range and forests in the backdrop.

hillstation photoshoot
Via: Silon Talkies

7. An adventurous escapade for the adventure-loving couples

If you love going on adventures and enjoy the sheer thrill of adrenaline rushing through your blood, then you both make for the adventurous couple! A wild dive in the ocean with the fishes and corals, or bungee jumping in the mountains, river rafting, sky diving etc. , if these ideas make your heart pound then why not have your pre-wedding shoot show your wild side?

unique pre wedding shoot ideas
Via: Dipak Studios Photography
romantic pre wedding shoot pose
Via: Dipak Studios Photography

A unique photoshoot with Helicopters! These days everyone opts for simple scenarios like mountains and rivers, why not go a step further and try these extraordinary ideas? Imagine reminiscing these memories when you have grown old together! Also, we couldn’t just leave out this cute ‘prince-charming kiss’ pose!

Pre marriage shoot in desserts
Via: Sunny Dhiman Photography

A unique pre marriage shoot idea in the hot Dubai Dessert with the beautiful sunset in the background.

hot air balloon prop for pre wedding shoot
Via: Aakriti and Hitesh

Who would have thought a hot air balloon would make for a creative pre wedding photo? Now surely that might turn some heads!

8. Don’t forget your favorite cars!

Some of us have those favorite cars or bikes we absolutely cannot live without! Show your passion and love by including those in your new pre wedding photos.

creative couple poses ideas
Via: Nidhi and Chirag
Via: Dipak Studios

Let go of those boring hand-holding poses and aim for more realistic and fun poses like these! These funny pre-wedding shoot poses ought to make a giggle out of you for sure.

car prop couple pre wedding shoot ideas
Via: Sonu Photography, Kajol and Hardik

An aerial shot of a couple posing inside a lavish car by using Drones. A different perspective and another distinctive photography style!

9. Pre wedding shoot with boats

Water lovers but don’t want underwater shoots? We got you couples covered too! Boats are perfect if you want to catch the calming essence of seascape in your photographs. A beautiful sunset over the water as background, some seagulls or dolphins in the photo or even the couples chilling on the boat enjoying the view are some ideas in which you can have the best pre-wedding shoot on a boat.

Pre wedding shoot ideas on boats
Via: Made in Heaven Studios
seaside photoshoot on a boat
Via: Sonu Photography, Kajol and Hardik

A pre-wedding shoot on a boat with the couple holding wine glasses. A modest yet lavish pose for our fancy couples.

filmy style pre wedding shoot ideas
Via: Nishtha and Granth

Remember that Titanic scene? Well, these couple definitely brushed up on their recreating skills and gave us the Indian version of Rose and Jack!

Beachside pre wedding shoot ideas
Via: Nishtha and Granth

Not a great fan of Jack and Rose? This couple perfectly captured the scenic essence of desi Bollywood style romance oh so effortlessly, but major kudos go to the amazing photographer! This is such a quirky pre-wedding story concept.

10. Destination Pre Wedding shoot – a Foreign Fairytale

A weeklong trip cum pre-wedding shoot in foreign countries like London and Paris sounds absolutely amazing. You do deserve a foreign getaway trip when you’re constantly busy stressing over your wedding. Why not make a sweet photoshoot out of it?

london shoot pre wedding shoot ideas
Via: Hadi

We spy the beautiful London eye in the backdrop while the couple in pastel-attire embrace each other. What adorable pre-wedding shoot ideas!

pre wedding shoot pose ideas in london
Via: Hadi

Is that the famous Tower bridge in London? This pair surely know how to take the best of London in their pictures.

Eiffel tower romantic photoshoot
Via: Rahul Jagani Photography

We could not have made a post of pre wedding shoot ideas and not have included the famous Eiffel Tower! Absolutely loving the giant tower in the background and the lovely couple in focus.

cute couple in a romantic pose
Via: Pinterest

Another creative pose idea, this is giving us those princess vibes with the way the bride-to-be’s gorgeous gown is flowing over the stairs. The pink gown, the lovely eye contact and the hand-holding, everything is so regal in this photo!

11. Into the woods photoshoot

This is for all the nature lovers out there who are tired of heights and mountains. One can create beautiful shots even in your backyard garden or even huge forests with pine trees and scent of winter. You just need to be on the lookout for possibilities!

Pre marriage shoot in forest
Via: Harsheen Jammu, Ombrebyhj
Romantic photoshoot in a forest
Via: Akansha and Ankit

A sweet pose in pine tree forest.

pre wedding shoot ideas in woods
Via: Nishtha and Granth

Or amidst falling autumn leaves and rusty stairs.

12. Booklovers paradise – pre wedding shoot with books

Bookworms are found mostly in dimly lit corners with their head and nose deep inside the pages of a book. Sounds familiar? Then, you clearly are a book lover. Books are a great companion as much as pets, you can use your favourite books as props or better yet just have a photoshoot in a library!

booklover photoshoot ideas
Via: Dreamcatchers Photography

Here we have a couple cuddling with books and colourful ottoman and chair as background.

photoshoot in a library
Via: Edit Master Studios

13. Pre wedding shoot props ideas

Props will come in handy especially if you’re stuck to indoor pre-wedding shoots in this Covid 19 season. Props as simple as books, plants, candles, paintings, and even your rugged furniture comes to great use to create memorable photos. They will add the pop to any pre-wedding shoot ideas.

photoshoot with sky lanterns
Via: Made in Heaven Studios

These Sky lanterns, or commonly called candle balloons are the latest props in trend for photoshoots.

Pre wedding shoot with props
Via: Dipak Studios Photography

One can go as novel with ideas as they can, like this couple who are seemingly enjoying each other’s company while having fun with paint buckets!

indoor pre wedding shoot ideas
Via: Rimghim Photography

This photo is a sheer example of mind-blowing creativity with just a simple use of books, furniture and a vintage gramophone. The photographer helps create a visual of the everyday life of this couple, enjoying each other’s company, listening to music and just living. An ordinary picture with extraordinary feels.

14. Like a Disney princess

We all have read our fair share of Disney stories and some of us even want a magical godmother to create us a carriage out of pumpkins! Sadly that is only a fairytale for some of us but this couple didn’t let their hopes die and recreated that famous Cinderella carriage (maybe out of a pumpkin, who knows?)

fairytale wedding shoot
Via: Knotty Affairs

15. Unique Photography edits and storytelling

You can also add some edits or filters to make your pictures more crafty. Like this photographer has used the technique of double exposure which helps bring out the two perspectives of the same photo.

unique photography graphic
Via: Oragraphy, Riya and Rushab

Or this unique photoshoot style.

couple photoshoot edit
Via: Sony Brothers

16. Photoshoot in the Swimming Pools

Enjoy a relaxing swim in the swimming pool? Here are some unique photographs to pump up your spirit!

intimate couple pose ideas
Via: Aakriti and Hitesh

Don’t shy away from posing intimate kissing scenes, we have come a long way to our acceptance of a little PDA. A kiss depicts your happiness and your love, so make some room in your wedding album for the “seal the deal with a kiss” photoshoot!

Pre wedding shoot in swimming pool
Via: The Wedding Vibes

17. Beach pre wedding shoot

Beaches have been the romance hot spot for generations, It is often flooded with couples on their dates or just hanging out. Steal a chance to get some steamy pictures in your bikini or swimsuit with your partner during the hot summers!

pre wedding shoot in a beach
Via: Dipak Studios
beachside couple shoot
Via: Sonu Photography, Kajol and Hardik

18. Some candid pre wedding shoot poses

A picture can depict thousands of stories, there is no need that a background or prop be the primary focus. The main characters are you, so tell your story with some affectionate candid poses.

candid pre wedding shoot pose ideas
Via: Akansha and Ankit
pre wedding shoot poses for couples
Via: The Blemished Tales

Ah, the sun in the middle while the couple kisses. A total classic!

19. Some cold nights ahead – a Photoshoot in the snow

A chilly photo shoot may not be everybody’s cup of tea but one should take advantage of winter’s most prominent attribute. This photoshoot idea should be in every winter bride’s list. Snow can be fun too! Try adding the element of fun by taking candid or funny shots. Be real with the poses and just enjoy the moment. Here are some more fun moments to give you an idea.

pre wedding shoot in snow
Via: Sunny Dhiman Photography
funny pre wedding shoot
Via: Ishita and Anurag

Getting clicked while playing a snowball fight or snow wrestling are also super fun pre-wedding shoot ideas.

cute couple pose idea in Hillstation photography
Via: Ishita and Anurag

A cute, candid pre-wedding shoot idea with a snowy morning walk over a wooden bridge. This might also turn into a great bonding session with your significant other!

20. A Paw-some Pre-wedding Photoshoot with animals

If you have some furry friends, don’t forget to bring them along for a fun-filled pre-wedding shoot. Your pets of course are a huge part of your family.

couple photoshoot with animals
Via: Made in Heaven Studios

Did you enjoy or get a little jealous of these beautiful pre-wedding shoot ideas? We definitely enjoyed creating these for you. And maybe got a little inspired too!

So, which photoshoot inspired you the most? Tell us in the comments below! Don’t forget to check Expert Tips for a dreamy Pre Wedding Shoot.

And for more such photography tips, wedding ideas and inspirations, keep following WedAbout on Instagram & Facebook or download WedAbout App.


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