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Bookmark these 30+ Best Bridal Hairstyles for Round Face

Outfit, jewellery, shoes, all set for the wedding, but don’t know what to do with your hair? Don’t worry we’ve got your back. One of the most common face shapes, brides with a round face can easily experiment with their hair and have stunning hairdos at their wedding functions. Hair is a women’s crown and it especially has to be perfect on your most special day. Bun adorned with flowers, though beautiful, isn’t the only option of Indian bridal hairstyle for round face. With stunning headbands high on-trend, there are so many different wedding hairstyles for round face that you can now try. But first, it is imperative to know your face type and then to choose the right hairstyle accordingly.

Be it a simple bun decorated with gajra or a braid adorned with jadai, hairstyles that suit your face type can make you look like an absolute goddess. One of the most coveted face types is an oval face, and when you have a round face it gets easier to create that illusion. The idea is to give your face an elongated and sleek look which can easily be achieved by just a few correct hairstyle tricks. Face framing fringe is a great bridal hairstyle for round face, it creates an illusion of lifted and sculpted features. You can also opt for long open waves with a middle parting to hide your wide cheeks and give your features a snatched look. Try to avoid sleek, pulled back hair looks as they can make your face look even wider.

What is a round face shape and how to know if you have one?

One of the most common face types, a round face tends to have the same width and length throughout and gives an illusion of a circle. Faces with round shape have softer edges, narrow chin and wide cheeks.  An easy way to figure out if you are a beauty with a round face is by checking If your forehead and jawline are of the same width with no hard edges.

How to pick the perfect hairstyle for round face?

Round face types have narrow forehead and chin with softer lines so always pick a hairstyle that not only compliments your outfit but also accentuate and highlight your most gorgeous face features. Opt for hairstyles that will frame your face perfectly like messy updo with flowers or a puffed hairstyle to add volume and create an illusion of a long, oval face.

Which hairstyles should round faces avoid?

People with round face type have wide cheeks, so the brides with round face should avoid hairstyles that brings the attention to the cheeks or adds volume to the sides like – sleek pony, short bob, or bangs. Such hairstyles create a wider-shorter shape which isn’t desirable. Choose hairdos that draw attention away from the cheeks, adds volume on the top and highlights your jawline like a dramatic combover or half up half down hairdo in soft curls. Whatever round face bridal hairstyle you choose, just don’t forget to have fun with your tresses.    

Pick your Favorite Bridal Hairstyle!!

From traditional chignon bun to floral hair tiaras, we’ve chalked out some trendy and ethereal Indian bridal hairstyles for round face that you just can’t miss.

1. Gorgeous Saree Bridal Hairstyle for our Desi Girl

The charisma of our 6-yard-long beauty is unmatched when it comes to bridal attire. Sarees are super versatile in nature, they can easily go from daytime to night look or switched from casual to cocktail pretty quickly. This means it can pretty much compliment any hairstyle you choose. For an elegant hairstyle for round face in saree, opt for a messy bun with gajra for a traditional look and flaunt your gorgeous backless blouse or style your hair in a side sweeping waves and give everyone #hairgoals!

Saree Hairstyle with bun and gajra
Via – My Pictures
bridal hairstyle for round face in a saree
Via – Makeup By Apurva

2. South Indian Hairstyle to Flaunt your Long Locks

A long thick braid adorned with traditional hair accessories and flowers is a perfect fit for a traditional south Indian bride. This south Indian bridal hairstyle for round face is best when you don’t want a bun for your wedding look and want to show off your long tresses. What’s more? This bridal hairstyle is super simple and easy to carry and can take your whole look from 10-100 in a hot minute.

south indian bridal hairstyle for round face
south indian bride in jadai hairstyle
Credits – Studio 31

3. Classic Bun for the Win

You can never go wrong with classics and a bridal hair bun is one such classic that has stood the test of time. A stunning bridal bun is a quintessential bridal hairstyle for round face. It enhances your features and takes away the attention from your wide areas to your thick luscious tresses. Decorate it with flowers, maathapatti or paasa, when it comes to styling a bridal bun for round face, the options are endless

bridal bun with pastel flowers
Via – Mishavigmakeup

Match your hair accessories with the theme of your wedding or the colour of your bridal lehenga and look your absolute best on your D-Day.

bride in a bridal bun
Credits – Makeup By Apurva

This classic bun adorned with stunning vibrant flowers is a perfect bridal hairstyle for round face that will look gorgeous peeping through your ghunghat.

bridal bun with vibrant flowers
Via – Makeup By Sneha

4. Tie-It up

For pre-wedding functions, where you don’t wanna go too heavy with a bun but also want to do something fun to your hair, opt for a tied-up hairstyle. Loosely tie your hair in a braid or a loose ponytail for a casual yet chic wedding guest look.

This tweaked braid decorated with stunning hair accessories and floral detail is a perfect Indian bridal look for round face. Be it for a mehndi function or a sangeet night, let your hair loose, and dance the night away.

bride in yellow with open hairstyle
Bride in a traditional tied up hairstyle adorned with flowers
Credits – Makeup By Oosh Chawla

5. Stunning Half-Updo for Round Face

Half updo with long tresses cascading down the shoulder is a romantic engagement hairstyle for round face. A contemporary, trendy twist to the classic bridal bun, half updo adds a touch of chic and casual to your whole wedding look. Perfect for brides with long hair, it is also a great way to flaunt your luscious tresses. Decorate it with flowers or wear a headband, half updo is a perfect party hairstyle for round face.

Half up half down bridal hairstyle for round face
Via – Shradha Luthra
Open bridal hairstyle for round face with hair accessory

Flaunt this stylish look at your pre-wedding functions, half updo is a flawless hairstyle for Indian brides with round face.

Half updo bridal hairstyle for round face

6. Exquisite Hairstyle for our Christian Brides

This gorgeous wedding hairstyle for round face with a puff adds volume to the top, creating an illusion of a long and slender profile, an ideal bridal hairstyle for round face brides. Luscious locks tied at the back in soft curls adds just the right amount of drama to the whole look. Complete this hairdo with your favourite flowers and flaunt this bridal hairstyle at your wedding functions.

bridal hairstyle decorated with tiny roses

Or go for this stunning hairdo with soft curls and a headband for a dreamy round face bridal look.

Christian bride in soft curls
Via – Priyanka Shere

7. Round Face Hairstyles for Maharashtrian Brides

For all our Maharashtrian goddesses, this knotted bun bedecked with fresh roses is a great bridal hairstyle for round face. The volume on the top creates an illusion of a thinner face and the stunning maang teeka snatches away the attention from the cheeks. Complete your Maharashtrian look with a beautiful Mundavalya like this one which will not only compliment your features but will also draw all the attention to your gorgeous eye makeup.

maharashtrian bride in a maang tikka and a Mundavalya

8. Traditional Hairstyles for Punjabi Brides

A low bun adorned with fresh flowers is a great way to bedazzle your wedding outfit. Add a stunning paasa and a mang tikka for that traditional Punjabi bridal look. You can also add hair accessories matching to your bridal suit to add that extra oomph to your whole look. Or ditch it all for an all-traditional braid with a dazzling parandi and flaunt your luscious mane at your pre-wedding rituals.

punjabi bride in a traditional hairstyle with maang tikka and paasa
Credits – Safarsaga
punjabi bride in a low bun adorned with flowers
Credits – Hairstylist Deepak Sheshodiya

Check out this gorgeous bridal hairstyle for long face and save it for later.

parandi as a bridal hairstyle for round face

9. Braid it Up

The classic braid is the ultimate bridal hairstyle for round face. It is a beautiful way to add a touch of tradition to your bridal look. Perfect for brides with long hair, braids are an easy way to show off your luscious tresses, plus they will also protect you from the harsh heat of the summer. A versatile choice, braids can be an exquisite option for both wedding and pre-wedding functions. Tweak up your plaits to add volume to your braid or style it with some baby breaths and fresh flowers for that perfect daytime Indian wedding look.

bride in a saree and her hair in braids

Add garlands of mogra to your braid with delicate golden hair accessories and your casual yet pretty bridesmaid’s hairstyle is ready for a sangeet night or a wedding reception.

braid bridal hairstyle for round face
Via – Hairstylist Deepak Sheshodiya
bride in french braid with fresh baby's breath

10. Add Some Romance with Rose Hairstyles

There’s nothing more romantic than a rose in a girl’s hair especially if that girl is the bride. Sprinkle some romance and love into your wedding ceremony outfit by styling your hair with some fresh red roses. Add a bunch of it to your bridal bun, or wear just one rose behind your ear, these flowers of love will surely steal your man’s heart.

bride in red with hair adorned with red roses
Via – Poise By Amrita Singh
rose as bridal hairstyle for round face
Credits – Sheetal Dang Makeup
sonakshi sinha in a tied up hairstyle with red roses

If you don’t want the bright red roses you can also opt for pink or white roses for a pastel colour palette and a soft romantic look.

bride in a bridal bun with flowers

11. Poufy Puffs for Round Face

If you’re a bride with a round face type, the easiest way to create an illusion of an oval face shape is to add volume on top of your head to create a mirage of a slender and long face. Opting for a puffed hairstyle is a great way to add that volume. The poufy puff will not only give your face an elongated look but will add some height and make you look taller, perfect for a short bride. 

madhuri dixit in a puff hairstyle
puffed ponytail bridal hairstyle for round face

12. High Bun for Your Highness

The high bun is a formal wedding hairstyle for round face that compliments both traditional and contemporary looks. Select it for your wedding or pair it with a contemporary gown, your high bun is sure to catch all the attention. It will not only add some extra height to your face but will also look stunning with your bridal ghunghat. Pair it with a headband or go traditional with a heavy mathapati or paasa. High buns look especially stunning with contemporary and western outfits, pair it with your favourite outfit and rock your wedding festivities like a queen.

bride in a bridal high bun
bride in high bun hairstyle for her wedding

13. Unique Hairstyles for Quirky Brides

For our out of the box brides who are bored with the traditional hairstyles and want to opt for something trendy and fun, check out our options for some unique Indian wedding hairstyles for round face and rock it at your wedding like the absolute diva you are.

unique and quirky bridal hairstyle for round face
Credits – Hairstylist Deepak Sheshodiya
bride in a unique floral hairstyle
Via – Sunny Dhiman Photography

This butterfly hair accessory adds a touch of uniqueness to an otherwise classic hairdo. Fun and quirky hair accessories look super cool and are perfect to get those instaworthy pictures.

quirky butterfly hair accessory
Credits – Hairstylist Deepak Sheshodiya

14. Contemporary Hairdos for the Modern Bride

Contemporary hairdos are all the rage now with more and more brides moving towards a more modern design and vibe. Western hairstyles aren’t only simple but are also beautiful. A faultless bridal hairstyle for round face, contemporary hairstyles are fuss-free and looks absolutely stunning. This modern hairdo with soft waves is one such option of a bridal hairstyle for round face. Accessorise it with delicate hair accessories or adorn it with a gorgeous maathapatti for a unique indo-western look.

bride in wavy hairstyle and white headpiece
bride in a contemporary bridal hairstyle for round face
Via – H.headdress

15. Fragrant Jasmine Flowers Hairstyle

A symbol of love and beauty, these stunningly fragrant flowers are one of the top choices of the brides for their bridal hairstyle. A quintessential hairstyle for round face for a wedding, Mogras can very easily turn a boring updo into a gorgeous hairstyle within minutes. Adorn your hairdo with some fresh jasmine flowers and let the scent of love wash all over you. These white flowers create a breath-taking contrast with Indian brunette hair and also compliment almost every outfit.

jasmine floral bridal hairstyle for round face
Via – Misha Vig Makeup
bridal hairstyle for round face with jasmine flowers

16. For the Love of Gajra

Gajra is a popular flower garland that is used as a hair accessory by Indian women all over the sub-continent. Its beautiful fragrance and little flowers are significant to Indian culture and have adorned the hair of women for ages. Even now, a lot of brides opt for a simple gajra to decorate their wedding hairstyle for an exquisitely traditional look. Make a gorgeous floral tiara or simply tie it around your bridal bun, gajra is sure to give you all the bridal feels!

gajra bridal hairstyle for round face
bride in a traditional gajra bun
Credits – Sunny Dhiman Photography
gajra jali bun cover for the bridal bun

17. Easy Breezy Plaits

Soft plaits are a lovely bridal hairstyle for round face as it draws the attention away from the cheeks and highlights the face’s natural features. Leave some locks loose and let them fall on the sides of your face to highlight your eyes. Style your plaits braid with a western gown for a contemporary pre-wedding shoot or pair it with your lehenga for your engagement, this versatile hairdo is a perfect hairstyle for brides with a round face.

french braid adorned with fresh pink flowers
Credits – Artistry by Sangeeta Sehrawat
bride in a plaited braid decorated with flowers
Via – Safarsaga
bride in braid and heavy golden parandi

18. Let your Hair Loose

For a fresh and casual look, leave your hair loose and let it flow while you dance to your favourite wedding song. The loose hairstyle is a young and fresh take on the otherwise formal bridal hairstyles. It is also a great way to flaunt your long locks and make everyone jealous of your luscious tresses. On beachy waves, add some dainty hair accessories or paasa for a traditional look and the bride is ready to rock the party.

bride in an open loose hairstyle
Via – Anwar Hairstylist
wavy bridal hairstyle for round face
Bride in an open loose hair hairstyle as a bridal hairstyle for round face
Credits – Shradha Luthra

19. Orchid Flowers for a Fresh Vibe

If you don’t want the traditional gajra but want a modern floral look, decorate your wedding hairstyle with some fresh orchid flowers. Orchid flowers will add a touch of femineity and romance to your bridal look. Perfect for modern brides, orchid flowers look great with a myriad of different hairdos. Style it with a bun or make a tiara to wrap it around your side-swept waves or opt for blue orchid flowers for a super fresh and unique look, whatever you choose don’t forget to click tons of photographs with your beautiful hairdo.

bride in a bridal bun with orchid flower
Via – HHeadress
bridal bun decorated with orchid flowers

20. Funky Fringes

For brides with a round face, fringes are a super smart way to draw attention towards your delicate eye makeup and also help you hide your big forehead. Fringes give an illusion of a slender face and also add a touch of modernity to your bridal look. Face framing fringe is a top bridal hairstyle for round face shape.

face framing fringe as a bridal hairstyle for round face
bride in a face framig fringe and a low messy bun
Via- Thatbohogirl

Check out this modern bride slaying with her killer looks, a bold lip and fresh and trendy chop!

bride in fringe and bold lip colour

21. High on trend – Headbands

Headbands are the latest entry into the wedding hairstyle industry and we cannot keep calm! Headbands are a fun and quirky way to oomph up any outfit. Be it your cocktail party or your reception, headbands are a super versatile accessory that can be flaunted by brides with both short and long hair. From traditional to modern, headbands come in various different designs and styles, and compliments myriad of bridal attires. Choose the one that suits your style the best and let your personality shine.

indian bridal headband
bride in maang tikka and headband

22. Boho Vibe for the Boho Bride

Are you the fun and quirky bride looking for some bohemian hairstyles for your wedding? Look no further. Bohemian-inspired looks are super fun and are very high on the trend list. The bohemian style adds a hint of quirk and fun to an otherwise formal event. Take your bridal hair game up a notch with this quirky floral bohemian bridal hairstyle for round face.

boho flower crown as a bridal hairstyle for round face
Via – Sunny Dhiman Photography
sonakshi sinha in a boho look with pink roses
bohemian bridal hairstyle for round face

23. Chignon Bun for the Classic Lovers

Looking for something classy, sophisticated yet chic? Look no further. Chignon bun is an elegant hairstyle that also screams fun. For a formal and exclusive look, a chignon bun is the best bridal hairstyle for round face. They not only look stunning but also make you look class apart. Chignon buns are perfect for summer weddings when it’s too hot to let your hair loose. The classic bun will also let you drape your veil or ghunghat beautifully and will look gorgeous peeping through your bridal dupatta. Add some flowers or dainty hair accessory and your easy yet fancy Indian bridal hairstyle is ready.

bride in a classic chignon low bun

Let some hair fall on your face to hide your wide cheeks and accentuate your jawline. These loose hair on the side gives the bride a romantic and flirty look.

getting ready shot of the bride with her hair in a chignon bun

24. Traditional Donut Bun

Perfect for brides with long to medium hair length, donut bun is another popular option opted by brides with a round face. A voluminous bun at the back of your head allows the limelight to be on your gorgeous bridal make up. Be it your wedding or your reception, donut buns look stunning with traditional attires and will also allow you to dance away the night without worrying about messing up your perfect hairdo. Pair it with a delicate headband or add some flowers, when it comes to styling the classic donut bun, the options are endless.

classic donut bun decorated with roses
bride in a saree with her hair in a donut bun

25. Celebrity Hairstyle Inspo

No one does style and glamour better than Bollywood and if you’re looking to add some drama to your wedding look, take notes from our celebrities. This soft wave hairstyle with a middle parting hides the widest part of your face while further accentuating your eyes. This can be a beautiful engagement hairstyle for a round face or can be pulled off by the bridesmaids as well. The gorgeous waves cascading down the shoulder is absolute #hairgoals.  

deepika padukone in red with her hair loose

Perfect for the sister of the bride, this tweaked ponytail with a messy top is a great option for someone who’s looking for something sweet but with a hint of spice. The tweaked ponytail gives your tresses some volume and can be created with any length of hair.

Alia bhatt in a tweaked pony tail

26. Vintage Vibes with some Retro Hairdos

The glorious days of poufy puff and sadhana cut are back in trend. For all the vintage lovers, check out the pictures below to find your perfect retro-inspired hairdo for your wedding.

bride in a retro braid with heavy golden hair accessory

Bring a touch of old Hollywood romance with this gorgeous retro bun with a puff and feel like a hollywood diva at your wedding.

retro bridal hairstyle for round face

27. Dreamy hairstyles for Princess Brides

Every bride wants to feel and look like a princess on their wedding day and you can very easily achieve that dreamy look with just a few hairstyle tricks. Add a tiara or a floral crown to your hairstyle for that princessy vibe. Pair it with a ball gown or a stunning lehenga and twirl away with your prince charming. Don’t forget to click tons of pictures.

bride in a rose tiara and matching kaleere
Credits – Kriti Chhabra Makeovers
bride in a rose tiara and floral hair accessory
Via – Kriti Chhabra Makeovers

28. Wrap it in a Ponytail

Who said ponytail has to be boring? When styled with flowers or your favourite hair accessories, ponytails can be just as fun and is a great Indian bridal hairstyle for round face. A versatile option, the ponytail is a stunning wedding hairstyle that can be worn by both brides and their bridesmaids. Ponytails will bring freshness to your outfit while also raising the hotness meter.

rashmi desai in a voluminous ponytail
Via – Rashmi Desai

Bookmark these beautiful lehenga hairstyles for round face now!

ponytail as bridal hairstyle for round face
bride in a low ponytail as a bridal hairstyle for round face
Via – Hair by Simran Bamrah

29. Glam it up with a Twisted Hairstyle

A super easy and quirky hairstyle for brides with round face is a simple twist hairdo. Create a knot in your hair for a quick and simple hairstyle that looks like a million bucks. Don’t believe us? Check out the pictures below. You can then throw the rest of your hair in soft curls or add some flowers for a glamorous summer wedding function.

bride in open hairstyle and dainty hair accessory
bride in twisted hairstyle with open hair in soft curls
Credits – Poise by Amrita Singh

This simple yet stunning hairstyle looks super gorgeous on short hair as well. And If you want to add a little bling to it, pair it with a beautiful headpiece or hair accessories and you’re good to go.

bride with short hair in a twisted hairstyle
Via – Hairstylist Zakir Hussain

30. Easy and Simple Hairstyles that are High on Trend

You cannot deny the beauty of simplicity. A simple basic blowout or soft curls are classic hairstyles that will never go out of trend. They not only look stunning, but a basic hairstyle allows the limelight to be on you and your prince charming. The perk of having a simple hairdo is that there is no chance of a blunder. No matter what, you will look stunning and gorgeous. And if it’s too simple for you, you can always lift the look with beautiful hair accessories like paasa or adorn it with some fresh flowers.

bride in easy open hairstyle
open hair in soft curls adorned with a heavy paasa as a bridal hairstyle for round face

31. Side Bun for a Classy Look

A side bun draws attention away from your cheeks and accentuates your jawline. Brides with round face have soft edges so a side bun will help them give some definition to their jawline. A side bun will also add a touch of old Hollywood romance to your bridal look. So, ditch the good old hairdos and add a touch of vintage and class with a classy side bun. Pair it with a traditional saree or style it with a western gown, a stunning side bun will compliment your outfit beautifully.

low side bun as a bridal hairstyle for round face
Side bun as a bridal hairstyle for round face
Via – Stylemeupwithsakshi

Are you still drooling over all these stunning bridal hairstyles for round face? We totally are!! Comment and let us know your favorite hairstyle. Bookmark the ones you loved and rock them at your wedding like an absolute diva.

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