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Thoughts that cross a Bride’s mind: WedAbout

Finally, your wedding day is here and you can’t be more excited than this. But wait, you are nervous as hell too! As a bride, one moment you are feeling an emotion and the very next moment you may be feeling something completely different. There are different thoughts which cross the bride’s mind during the wedding.

WedAbout talked with 10 different brides and found out what was going on.

1) Lehenga jewellery, mehendi…I am so tired, I wish I would have eloped


Photo Courtesy @Tania Seth Photography

2) I suddenly feel stupid dressing like a princess of Chittorgarh. I can’t wait to get back into my shorts


Photo courtesy @ Rajesh Digital

3) I hope he is not freaking out. What if he is having second thoughts?


Photo courtesy @Our Wedding Chapter

4) I hope he doesn’t snore


Photo courtesy @Foto Cult Photography

5) Wow! My sister-in-law is looking so pretty today. Is she looking better than me?


Photo courtesy @Karan Sidhu Photography

6) I so hate getting photographed. Oh yes, smile for the camera!


Photo courtesy @White Frog Productions

7) I am soooo happy…I am going to cry


Photo courtesy @Ruby Singh Photography

8) Why am I crying? My mascara is getting spoiled.


Photo courtesy @ Lakshya Manwani Photography

9) If anybody posts pictures of my wedding before I do, I will make sure he is dead!


Photo courtesy @Tarun Jha Photography

10) What if I don’t feel like doing it tonight?


Photo courtesy @Aman Gera Photography

Regardless of the contrasting and somewhat hilarious thoughts. A bride can’t be happier as the day she has been waiting for has finally arrived.

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