5 Ways Good Makeup can improve your Bridal Look

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5 Ways good Makeup can drastically improve your Bridal look

The pressure of wedding preparations can take a toll on the natural glow and freshness of your skin. Thankfully, a good make-up artist can give you the look of a princess that is sure to mesmerize your prince charming.

We at WedAbout believe the following are the 5 ways good makeup can drastically improve your bridal look

1.  Well-applied base makes the skin look flawless

Bridal Look

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Wedding functions can last for hours and you will want your makeup to look unfazed throughout. Therefore, a well-applied base is important. Begin with moisturizing your skin, followed by a primer, and complete the base with a foundation that matches your skin. This will give your skin a smooth flawless texture to help you with next steps of your makeup.

Tip: Always use sponge to apply foundation to avoid leaving behind fingerprints

2. Using rouge adds freshness to your face

Bridal Look

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Your wedding day is going to be full of smiles and what better way to accentuate those cheek bones than applying rouge or blush. Use cream blush instead of powder blush because it stays longer and gives a look like you’re naturally blushing.

3) Using eye makeup adds glitz and glamour to your bridal look

Bridal Look Bridal Look Bridal Look

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No bridal look is complete without a carefully done eye-make up. It is a brilliant way to make your eyes standout and to add the much-needed glitz and drama to your look. Eye make-up done in accordance with the bridal outfit and theme of the party can drastically boost the impact of your bridal look.

4) Using lip colour completes your look

Bridal Look

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If you get your lip colour right, rest of the make-up will automatically fall into place. Your lip colour should match with your bridal outfit as well as with your skin’s complexion. Avoid choosing a lip colour that is too glossy or too matte. Choose a creamy bright lip colour that lasts long, and you are good to go.

5) Doing contouring can help you hide your facial flaws

Bridal Look

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Contouring is a wonderful way to hide your facial flaws and give it the shape you always wanted. Using a lighter shade to contour will make the facial area look more prominent and using a darker shade will make the area recede. That means if you have a round shape, contouring can help it look oval. If your cheeks are saggy, contouring can give them a firmer look. The magic lies in choosing the right shade and of course, in applying it correctly.

Top all this of with that beautiful smile of yours and you are ready to go!

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