This Bengali Marwari Wedding is an Inspiration for an Intercultural Union!

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This Bengali Marwari Wedding is here to tell you how Intercultural Weddings are done!

A Bengali Marwari Wedding is the crossover we never thought we needed. Komal and Aniket dished out a perfect Kolkata marriage in the Westin Hotel, Rajarhat. The marriage was traditional in every sense. Even so Komal’s outfits in every event were offbeat, ditching cliche and common colours. Whether it was her onion pink wedding dress, cool blue crop top or iconic red lehenga, her outfit game flooded us with gobs of awe and inspiration! In other words, Komal and Aniket’s union as people of two different cultures was beautifully reflected in the way the marriage was carried out. As a result, every event had a touch of both cultures.

floral embroidered pink bridal veil with bride in heavy jewellery and makeup

Although the grand wedding followed Marwari rituals, but it had Bengali elements like tuberose for the mandap decoration and the bride’s entry with betel leaves. Mayra, a traditional Marwari ceremony, was infused with Bengali elements like traditional red white sarees, decorations, dhunuchi dance and dhaak. Furthermore, Komal & Aniket also married with Bengali customs of Bashi Biye post wedding.

This adorable couple’s wedding was as dreamy as their relationship. All the ceremonies were an assortment of happiness, revelry, laughter and gratitude. Like a faithful and grand Bengali Marwari wedding, the venues were jaw-dropping. They ranged from a poolside to a flatboat. Embellished with imperial drapes, chandeliers or flowers, the wedding was nothing less than a fairy tale!

Small details like ‘Komal Aniket’ embroidered on the wedding outfit, the bridesmaid boxes or their hashtag ‘Komet Collision’ made everything so momentous. Such a quirky and fun Bengali Marwari Wedding has set a really high benchmark for all the intercultural weddings out there. Do you have one coming up? Bookmark, pin and read ahead to give your eyes a beauteous treat.

indian bride posing with groom in dark green kurta for reception

Meet Komal & Aniket

Best relationships are the ones you never see coming! Komal and Aniket met in college and their first meeting ended up in a big fight. The initial dislike was just momentary, though. That didn’t stop them from falling head over heels for each other. Komal and Aniket grew fond of each other over time and dated for 9 years before tying the knot. After he proposed, the couple decided to have a cheery talk with their parents.

Komal and Aniket got married in a place they both grew up in; Kolkata. The goal was to have an ideal amalgamation between both cultures and traditions. The result? A grand fusion between Bengali and Marwari traditions in Westin Hotel, Rajarhat. Evidently, here’s the lesson for today. First fights can end up with a majestic blend of cultures, more like a perfect and dream-like Bengali Marwari wedding.

candid of indian bride and groom in their matching pink and white attire

Grand Marwari Wedding & Reception With a Bengali Bridal Entry

indian bride in onion pink lehenga, light makeup and jewellery
indian bride in onion pink lehenga, light makeup and golden green jewellery
Marwari bride with Bengali entry holding green betel leaves
groom in white sherwani with bride in pink lehenga puting varmala
indian bride in read jaimala throwing roses at the camera with groom
candid portrait of bride in coordinated pink lehenga and groom in pink sehra
bride and groom in matching light pink attire during phera ceremony
portrait of bride in pink lehenga and groom in dark kurta for reception
bride and groom posing for reception photoshoot
bride and bridesmaids in offbeat lehengas for wedding reception
portrait of marwari bride in embroidered pink lehenga and blouse
marwari bride in golden green mathapatti
bride and groom's wedding date and name embroidered on lehenga latkan
golden green wedding choker with bridal footwear
indian bride designer pink lehenga with silver embroidery
indian wedding mandap with roses and golden accessories
indian wedding mandap with red drapes and white floral mandap
wedding venue with decorations in westin hotel rajarhat

Poolside Marwari Mayra With A Quirky Bengali Twist

marwari mayra ceremony with bengali sarees and dhunuchi dance
bride in a bengali saree and gold jewelry on a poolside venue
marwari bride and family in red bengali sarees and gold jewelry
bride in a bengali saree on a poolside rooftop of westin hotel
marwari mayra ceremony with traditional bengali clothes, dhaak and dhunuchi naach
mayra ceremony poolside with marigold flowers, rooftop white tents and decorations
marwari mayra ceremony poolside with yellow marigold flowers and drapes

Festive Dancing In A Colour Rioted Mehndi

couple in blue matching attire with bride in floral blue crop top and white peach choker
marwari bride in blue floral crop top, long skirt and white choker
bride and family in ethnic clothing for mehendi ceremony
indian bengali marwari couple in blue matching outfits for mehendi ceremony
mehendi design on hand for indian bride
bridal mehendi design for feet
bengali marwari mehendi venue with marigold flower chair and paper decorations

A Magical Sangeet On a Barge With Music And Revelry

bride in a red shimmery lehenga with silver necklace and earrings
couple with engagement ring and bride in diamond choker and earring
groom proposing bring in red full sleeves lehenga and diamond choker
tricoloured white pink and brown engagement cake ring box
white flowers and golden decoration for sangeet ceremony on a barge
white flowers and golden red drapes on staircase for sangeet
golden drapes, lighting and plants for a simple engagement stage

Bubbly Blend of Turmeric and Laughter in Yellow-Themed Haldi

bride in yellow kurta and simple colourful flower jewellery for haldi
bridesmaid and bride in yellow kurta and multicolour flower jewellery
candid of bride and family laughing in fun haldi ceremony
candid of bride applying mehendi to bridesmaid in haldi function
candid picture of fun haldi ceremony event
personalised filled bridesmaid gift boxes

Traditional & Intimate Bengali Bashi Biye Post Wedding

traditional bengali ceremony of bashi biye with bride in red indian saree

With this, Komal and Aniket’s regal Bengali Marwari Wedding reached an end, and they began their happy married life. Nevertheless, they left us with some spectacular ideas and inspirations.

The Wedding Creators

  • Wedding Venue: Westin Hotel, Rajarhat
  • Wedding Favors: House of Sasha
  • Bridal Makeup Artist: Harsha Surana
  • Wedding Photographer: Studio Prince Photography
  • Wedding Decorators: Baisakhi Flowers

‘Praise the Vendors’ ft Bride

Wedding Favors: “Sakshi and Shailja helped me curate my bridesmaids gift boxes. I personalized these gifts for each of my bridesmaids and handed these to them personally. They did a fantastic job with adding some quirky things to these boxes.”

Bridal Makeup Artist: “I had seen Harsha Surana’s work and I loved what she did. She created two of my main looks, both were magical. She made me look like the prettiest version of myself and was really cooperative.”

Wedding Photographer: “Sidharth and his team did a great job at capturing some candid shots. He made the place so vibrant with his ideas and made us feel really comfortable. It was a great experience working with the team.”

Wedding Decorator: “Romit and his team did a fantastic job with the decor. Each event looked magnificent and different from the other, and had a certain character. He supervised every bit, took care of all my requirements and delivered perfection, far beyond my own expectations.”