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Car Decoration For The Wedding

For a bride, one of the most unforgettable moments on the wedding day is riding off in a beautifully decorated vehicle to her new home. After all, it’s a royal ride in which the man of your dreams will sweep you away to your all-new life. So, whether you choose a classy vintage ride or decorate your everyday vehicle, you know that there is undeniably something great about a creatively decorated getaway car. Car decoration is one of the most vital components of the wedding.

So, We at WedAbout bring forward some quirky yet classy ideas for enhancing your wedding vehicle stylishly.

1. Floral Ribbons and Satin

Car Decoration

Making use of ribbons and satins will definitely give your car an elegant look. You can make small bows with satin ribbons which are wider than normal ribbons. These bows can be placed at different spots on the car or can also be added with a bunch of flowers to elaborate the look.

2. Make Use Of Banners and Posters

Car Decoration

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You can either add ‘Just Married’ posters to your car or you can make use of personalised magnetic banners with you and your spouse’s name on it. Also, printed banners can be stuck anywhere on the car such as windows, doors, bumper etc.

3. Lush Flowery Garlands


Car Decorationpicturecredit@Design Aqua

One of the most traditional ways of decorating the car is by using fresh flowery garlands. A beautiful bouquet can be tied on the bonnet or on the hatchback of the car while the rest of the car can be filled with single flowers. Also, you can make a heart-shaped flower wreath at the hood of the car which looks very stylish.

4. Try Window Markers or Liquid Chalk

Car Decoration

Liquid chalk, glass markers or window stickers can be used to write messages on the car’s windows. Some people even use shoe polish but that needs to be removed after few hours otherwise it will ruin your car. Always remember to write large and clear so that the people can read from a distance.

5. Vibrant Color Balloons



Balloons are one of the easiest ways to decorate your car with, plus they are very cheap too. You can attach some different colour balloons to your car which will definitely grab attention. This will also add a fun touch to your wedding car.

6. Creative Streamers

Car Decoration

Make use of streamers which come in lots of attractive fun colours. Like you can use crepe paper streamers matching to your wedding colours. Or, you can use metallic streamers which shine in the sunlight and won’t lose colours if it rains. Again, a big bow can be made with the steamers for the hood of the car.

While these awesome ideas will make your getaway car look perfect, just make sure you don’t over-do anything as this might make your Car Decoration look messy and hideous.

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Chitransha Chauhan

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