20+ Best Bride And Groom Entry Ideas To Spice Up Your Wedding Events

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20+ Best Bride And Groom Entry Ideas To Spice Up Your Wedding Events

Why enter solo when you can rock the stage with your partner? If you agree, then you must agree that the stars of the evening should enter with a bang. So of course, bride and groom entry ideas are something to brainstorm to add an unforgettable charm to your wedding. That’s right, this is your sign to go all out with your bride and groom entry ideas! It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity you’ve been dreaming about.

Before you begin planning though, it’s important to consider the theme, colour scheme and time of the day. These factors can help choose what kind of entry would suit you the best, of course preferences play a major role here. Fresh, funky, fairytale, royal, badass, what suits you best? Secondly, you should choose according to the event. While haldi entry can be a simpler affair, you wedding entry is a totally different arena. Whether it’s reception entry or engagement, the nature of your bride groom entry concept can hype you up for the great memories that are yet to come!

For all couples, whether they wants to stun their guests or enjoy the day, a lot of trending entry ideas have swamped the internet. Looking for a flashy and rocking entry? Add sparklers! Want something fun? Use funky props like ribbons and smoke bombs! Something more offbeat? Make your entry in an ATV or even a camel! There’s a perfect something for all kinds of styles, personalities and couples out there. You can discuss your vision wih the bride and groom entry planners. They will curate a magical narrative around the desired theme.

We’re here with our banging list of bride and groom entry ideas to help you rack up your brain with some mind blowing ideas. Get ready to take notes and be amazed with our handpicked bride groom entry concepts, just for you!

1. Vrroom Through With A Dashing ATV Entry

ATV Floral Bike bride and groom entry ideas
Via Picture Perfect
atv colourbomb haldi unique couple entry ideas
Via Studio Kelly
offbeat reception entry ATV bike fun couple entry ideas
Credits Shutterdown Photography

Looking for a zabardast entry to flaunt in your destination weddings? Here’s where All-terrain vehicles come in. They look super cool and with just a few floral accesories, you turn it into a perfect bride and groom entry ride! Plus there’s a reason why they’re all terrain vehicles. Whether its beachside or a sandy dessert, these rides will make sure your entry is as dhamakedar as you want it to be. It’s a perfect couple entry for engagement and morning events like haldi or sangeet!

2. Classic Low Fog Machine Couple Entry in Reception & Wedding

low fog machince bride and groom entry in reception
Via Dipak Studios
dry ice fog machine couple entry in wedding
Via Dipak Studios

Nothing screams dreamy and fairytale more then a misty low fog entry does! Bride and groom entry ideas for wedding like these make your first step into the venue feel like an entry to the other world. Low fog machines are extremely trendy and not very expensive to hire. Make your wedding entry or reception entry an ethereal concept with a lil bit more romance by holding hands, which hints at our next entry.

3. Simply Romantic Hand Holding Entry

cute couple hand holding bride and groom entry ideas for reception
Sunny Dhiman Photography
cute wedding couple entry ideas for sangeet
Via Cine Love

A classic yet so romantic way to make entry so much more intimate and adorable. Sometimes you don’t need the flashy couple entry ideas so show how much you’re in love! It’s the small things that count and just walking in like an so-in-love couple holding hands will make your guests go awee.

4. Retro Vibes With A Vintage Car Entry

offbeat wedding vintage car bride and groom entry ideas
Credits Vivek Krishnan Photography
Fun & Offbeat couple vintage car wedding ideas
Via Once Upton A Time Wedding Tales
Floral and quirky vintage car bride and groom entry theme
Via Divine Mantra

Honk, honk! Make way for the stars of the show! Drive into you wedding venue in a classic vintage car for some extra offbeat beat and retro vibes. It’s a perfect for your wedding entry, just look at how adorable these couple photos look. Since the vintage car entry concept is especially trendy these days, you can easily find a vintage car for hire and decorate it with a gorgeous bouquet. Less effort and definitely worth those stunning shots.

5. Dreamy Horse Carriage Special Enteries in Wedding

fairytale disneyland horse carriage bride and groom entry in wedding
Via Mpire Weddings & Events
Unique Floral horse chariot wedding bride and groom entry
Via Mohit Jaura Photogaphy

Who says grown ups can’t live in fairytales? Get a gorgeous horse carriage with your dream floral or dreamy decorations to live the wedding you’ve always fantasized about. You can enter with your groom at his baraat, and not on a horse, but a whole horse carriage! Imagine how straight-out-of-fairytale moment would that be. These horse carriages serve as the perfect bride and groom entry ideas for wedding. We can already see these couples leaving their dream with a stunning Disneyland horse carriage, as well as a more traditional floral carriage for a couple entry.

6. Light It Up With A Cold Pyro and Sparkler Entry

phuljhadi couple bride groom entry
Credits Rakesh Prakash Photography
best sparkler wedding couple entry ideas
Via Shaan Weddings
fireworks cold pyro bride and groom entry in sangeet
Via Busy Bee Studios

Storm into your wedding with a bright spark of joy! And we mean that quite literally. Cold pyros and sparkles may seem like a cliche choice, but their charm is undeniable. That why they’re extremely loved in the wedding world. You can get your friends to hold phooljhaadis or sparklers while you make your grand entrance. You can even have pre-setup fireworks and pyros to announce your arrival! Best part? Sparklers are extremely bugdet-friendly and the resulting photos will have you swooning. They’re the best bride and groom entry ideas for engagement and reception.

7. All-Time Favourite Balloon Couple Entry Ideas For Engagement

quirky helium balloon engagement entry ideas
Via CoolBluez Photography
balloon unique entry of bride and groom
Via CoolBluez Photography

Who doesn’t love the evergreen festive balloons? If your answer to this was an “duh isn’t that obvious”, then this ones for you. Make your couple entry even more jolly and celebratory with a cluster of helium balloons. You can either enter holding them, or have your friends lead the way. The more people, the more balloons you can have! You can even let the all balloon fly up far into the sky as a sign of your happiness. That’s a very cute entry, if you ask us.

8. Enjoy a Scenic Boat Entry Of Bride and Groom

floral boat bride and groom entry in wedding
Via Beginnings For You
boat unique entry of bride and groom
Credits Lumiere Wedding Company
unique lakeside boat special entries in wedding
Via Anuhar & Varun Wedding

Fancy a lakeside wedding? This is a sign to get that venue booked and have a marvelous boat themed entry while you’re at it! Unique entry of bride and groom in a boat isn’t just aesthetic, but also has this irresistable romantic essence that will have your guests fawning all over you. If it’s a lakeside wedding, you can find a lot of gorgeous boats and vendors willing to offer up their services. Just add some themed decorations, and you’re good to go! This is a perfect ideas for morning weddings.

9. Hatke Rickshaw Bride Groom Entry

Floral and Offbeat ideas for indian groom entrance
Via Divine Mantra
floral rickshaw bride groom entry concept
Credits The WE Company
Fun Rickshaw bride and groom entry for sangeet
Via The Lightsmiths

If you’re a fan of all things hatke and offbeat, then this floral rickshaw entry is just for you! Transform a plain rickshaw into a gorgeous floral wedding ride to your venue, and have your guests fetching their camera to capture this adorable moment. Believe us, the photos will be worth every trouble. These stunning couple shots are just the push you need to decorate your own wedding rickshaw ride! Bride and groom entry ideas like these work best with morning events like sangeet and mehendi.

10. Phoolon Ki Chaadar Entry Ideas For Bride and Groom

phoolon ki chaddar couple entry
Via Lilac Weddings
phoolon ki chaddar special entries in wedding
Via The Picture Patch

Phoolon ki chaadar is usually used as a bridal entry prop, but why enter alone when you can make an entry with your bae? Phoolon ki chaadar symbolises that the bride has been has been raised with lots of love and care, on a bed of roses, by her family. Entering with your groom can add more meaning to the event by symbolising that your groom is well loved by your family, and that he will ensure your married life will be just as rosey as your life with your parents. Ultimately, these hidden metaphors would make the best bride and groom entry ideas for wedding.

11. Color Riot Smoke Bomb Couple Entry

Quirky Smoke bomb bride and groom entry ideas for sangeet
Via Love Shoot Repeat
smoke bomb best bride and groom entry ideas
Credits Studio Be Unique

Make your bride and groom entry as colourful as your love with the use of the ever popular smoke bombs! Have your friends line up at the entranxe with the smoke bombs and make sure they set it off at the right time. After that, just kick back and enter like a boss through the smoke of colourful clouds. According to latest wedding trends, smoke bombs has absolutely owned the stage thanks to the gorgeous pictures it offers. Seize the chance to make your reception entry or couple entry for sangeet even more rangeen and colourful. You won’t regret this budget friendly entry idea!

12. Keep It Cool With Engagement Entry Ideas With a Bike or Jeep

Trending Jeep jeep couple entry offbeat with friends
Via Designing Dates Weddings
badass couple bike Bride and groom entry ideas for engagement
Via Pinterest

Jeep and bike entries are perfect for that badass couple who would love to have a touch of desi swag in their couple entry. The good thing is you won’t need additional props for their entry if you already own a bike or a jeep. Just patch up some DIY decorations and flowers for a wedding feel. We can already hear your friends and family hooting as you enter in a jeep or bike! This entry works well with both night and day events.

13. Forever Evergreen Flower Shower Entry

flower shower offbeat bride groom couple entry for wedding
Via Shanq Events

Indian rituals always have a knack for flower showes during ceremonies. Why not use this classic and timeless practice as your bride and groom entry? Get your friends to welcome you with a shower of rose petals of marigolds as you make your way to the venue stage! Bride and groom entry ideas like these are a universal choice, and will never disappoint. It’s a safe pick for couples who want to go with something sophisticated yet fun.

14. Oh-So-Romantic Arm Carry Entry

bride carry cute couple wedding photoshoot
Via Anupam Maurya Photography
Adorable bride groom arm carry entry ideas
Via Anupam Maurya Photography

Is there anything more romantic than your groom carrying you to the venue in his arms? Certainly not and we’re here to tell you to use that to your advantage! Show off the love you have for each other by making an adorable entry in your to-be husband’s arms. We can bet you’ll hear a collective sound of awees and claps as soon as your family and friends see you! It’s a perfect pick for love birds who want something bold and romantic.

15. Offbeat Waving Ribbon Bride and Groom Entry Ideas For Sangeet

Quirky waving ribbons latest couple entry for engagement
Via The Wedding Salad
trendy ribbon best couple entry with friends
Via Wedding Nama

After the couple, it’s your family and friends who are the happiest to see you get married. Let them express their joy by cheering you onto you married life by waving colourful ribbons as you make your entry! It’s quite and a unique entry idea, but we love how happy the pictures turn out. The props are really easy to DIY as home too. All you need are ribbons and a stick to tie them onto. We love this concept and it’s suits morning events like mehendi and haldi for vibrant photos.

16. Fun Entry Through Friends’ Gateway of Hands

fun arm gateway with friends unique entry of bride and groom
Via NJ Wedding Photographer
fun people arm gateway special entries in wedding reception
Via XD Creation Photography

Do you know what kind of entries are the most exciting? It’s the ones that involves your friends and families! Play a little game of posham pa with your friends as they form an arm gateway for you to duck through. This fun reception entry idea creates a happy and engaging atmosphere as soon as you enter the venue. Not to mention the cheers you get as you walk through, it’s always exciting to involving everyone in yoir entry!

17. Drop The Beat With A Grand Dhol Nagada Entry

Fun dhol nagada classic couple wedding entry
Via Foto Walle
Classic dhol and nagada best bride and groom entry ideas for sangeet
Via Dreamzkrraft

Looking for some bride and groom entry ideas for sangeet? Well, you guessed it right. Be the one to lead the dhols and nagadas by making your entry with them! Add in some professional dancers into then mix and you’ll have some very memorable moments to include in your final wedding video. If you’re the one who starts or brings in the music to the venue, guests will be quick to join in with the dance. Before you know, you’ll be covered with laughs and happiness.

18. Exotic Camel Entry and Elephant Entry

elephant best bride and groom entry ideas
Via Lin and Jirsa Photography
camel latest wedding reception entry
Via Milles Fleurs

A destination wedding at an exotic location sounds so dreamy, doesn’t it? Make your destination wedding grand, but your entry even grander! Hop on a friendly camel or elephants for a perfectly offbeat and exotic entry that your guests won’t stop fawning over. It’s a perfect chance for blindingly aesthetic pictures, if you ask us. Make sure to book a camel or elephant in advance, and from an animal friendly service. The best way to thank your ride to the venue is to ensure it’s being taken care of properly!

19. Exciting Two Seated Scooter Bride Groom Entry

quirky floral twin scooter jai veeru wedding scooter entry
Via Weddings by Knotty Days
quirky twin scooter wedding couple entry
Via CoolBluez Photography

Recreate the iconic Jai-Veeru moment with your partner in crime, or actually your life partner-to-be! Get a twin scooter and have it laden with floral wedding decorations for a perfectly offbeat entry that will have your guests taking notes. These jolly couple shots are enough to motivate you to get make your own twin scooter entry with bae.

20. Shake That Leg For A Dancing Entry

dancing couple entry for wedding
Via The Camera Wala
flaash mob engagement entry ideas
Via The Phototoday Photography

Break a leg and loose yourself to the music, it’s your wedding! Make your entry super fun by playing an iconic couple entry song and dance with your way through the venue. Who doesn’t love a couple enjoying their wedding to the max? And a dancing entry is the best way to show your excitement! If your cousins and friends are as excited, you can even plan a flash mob as your entry performance.

21. Funky Auto Entry For Hatke Couples

auto rickshaw bride and groom entry ideas
Via F5 Weddings
auto rickshaw bride and groom entry wedding
Via Infinite Memories

Need a trendy and unique ride for your bride and groom entry? Then it’s time to get crafty with the most common public transport; the auto rickshaws. Have them painted, decorated with flowers or ribbons according to your theme to get the most fancy yet funky ride to your venue! It works well as a ride for all events, whether it’s your day wedding or a sangeet entry.

22. Picturesque Floral Umbrella Bride and Groom Entry Ideas

floral umbrella simple bride and groom ideas for sangeet
Via ShutterDown Photography
floral umbrella bride and groom entry concept
Via The Wedding Story

Phoolon ki chaadar is a classic and traditional entry option. What happens when you try to modernise it? You get these gorgeous floral umbrellas that everyone had been freaking out about! If you’re someone who loves staying up-to-date with trends, then you’ll love this floral umbrella entry concept! While the market offers a great collection of umbrellas, if you’re feeling crafty you can even DIY one at home. Mix this up with other elements like smoke bombs and sparklers to have one of those picturesque Instagram wedding entries.

Loved our collection of the best bride and groom entry ideas? Then don’t hesitate to bookmark, pin and share with your bae! And for more such couple entry ideas, wedding ideas and inspirations, keep following WedAbout on Instagram & Facebook or download WedAbout App.


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