55+ Simple Yet Creative Low Cost Haldi Decor Ideas For Your Home!

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55+ Simple Yet Creative Low Cost Haldi Decor Ideas For Your Home!

Gone are the days when the Haldi ceremony for the bride and groom used to be simple and minimal. In this day and age, these pre-wedding rituals are conducted with a lot of vigour and fun. And haldi decorations are one way to make the occasion even more special and memorable. Well, you don’t have to settle for those bland backdrop, stage, or seating decor options when there is a lot to experiment with. Those looking for low-cost, simple haldi decorations at home can use flowers, tassels, balloons, pots, and other such items to spruce up their space. If you want to opt for a haldi decor theme, there is a cornucopia of choices, such as traditional, boho, Rajasthani, poolside, and so on. To help you take your Haldi celebrations up a notch, we have curated simple yet creative haldi decoration ideas across all budgets.

Whether you are looking for simple and easy haldi decoration ideas at home or want to go OTT with your outdoor or indoor haldi decoration, this blog has got you covered.

Haldi Decoration at Home

Haldi ceremony decorations at home can be simple, beautiful, and creative without having you shell out more than you want. Choose indoor haldi decoration items wisely for each corner of your home, and then let your creative juices flow. If you wish to keep a theme, pick decor items accordingly. From decorating the terrace and swing to installing a gorgeous backdrop, use these tips and ideas to do haldi ceremony decoration at home.

1. Easy haldi decoration at home with gorgeous flowers and pots
2. A traditional haldi setup with green backdrop for Insta-worthy pictures
simple banana leaf haldi decoration ideas for home for bride and groom
Via: elysianbyfuhaar
3. A stunning idea for indoor haldi decoration
low cost DIY haldi decoration at home for bride and groom
Via: Pinterest
4. Looking for a theme for haldi decorations at home for the groom? Take cues from this picture
low cost simple haldi decoration at home terrace with flowers
Via: Atisuto events
5. A creative, low-cost, & simple haldi decoration at home
decoration for haldi with banana leaf and marigold flowers
Via: decorbykrishna.com
6. Here’s a simple background decoration for an indoor Haldi ceremony
7. Mesmerizing pastel theme for haldi function decoration for the bride at home
8. Simple yet classy terrace & rooftop haldi decoration idea
Simple and classy terrace and rooftop haldi decoration ideas
Via: Pinterest
9. Another Haldi ceremony decoration idea for the terrace
10. Pretty pink indoor haldi decoration
11. Haldi decoration ideas at home like these are simple yet rare
12. Flower decoration for the haldi function with handmade birds
handmade simple background haldi decoration at home with marigold flowers and paper
Via: Pinterest

Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, Haldi function decoration at home shouldn’t feel like a chore when you have such brilliant ideas. Pick whatever you think will make your space look elegant.

Background Haldi Ceremony Decoration Ideas

Who says that a haldi background decoration design should only have yellow flowers and drapes? From tassels and flower background haldi decoration ideas to banana leaves and handmade crafts, here are some aesthetically pleasing haldi function background decor ideas for you.

13. This alluring backdrop adorned with marigolds, roses, & dahlias is sure to drive inspiration
14. For the love of tassels!
15. We have no words for this geometric background haldi ceremony decoration with enchanting drapes and florals
16. A gorgeously green banana leaf wall for the bride and groom
17. This yellow and white floral backdrop is simple and elegant
18. This haldi-mehndi decoration idea will do the trick!
low cost and DIY background haldi decoration ideas with paper
Via: Bigbash Entertainment
19. Want a simple haldi background decoration? A burst of marigolds for this ritual is always a great idea
20. This haldi function background decoration for the couple will please everyone like never before!

Whether you are conducting a Haldi function for the bride or groom, these background haldi ceremony decoration ideas will help you make your festivities a grand success.

Low-Cost & DIY Haldi Decoration Ideas

If you are hesitant to spend your precious money on haldi program decoration, do not fret. Either you can opt for low-cost, simple haldi decoration at home or use your creativity to make DIY haldi decor. Here are some easy and low-budget decoration ideas that are sure to inspire.

21. This simple and easy haldi decoration on the terrace won’t cost you much
low cost simple haldi decoration at home with flowers and cushions
Via: Pinterest
22. When you want to keep it organic
23. These hanging bottle decor elements are unrivaled!
low cost and easy hanging bottle on tree decoration
Via: Pinterest
24. Another easy DIY haldi decoration at home to please everyone’s eyes
25. This hanging marigold wicker basket decor is unique, sustainable, and eco-friendly
low cost and simple hanging marigold basket indoor haldi decoration
Via: Pinterest
26. DIY haldi plate or thali decoration ideas like these are truly adorable
DIY haldi plate thali tray decoration with doll and gems
Via: karousell.com
27. Adorn your house with this simple and traditional setup that’s worthy of every compliment

Take inspiration from these low-cost/DIY haldi decoration ideas and let your creative mind do all the talking.

Haldi Stage & Seating Decoration (Indoor & Outdoor)

Whether you are conducting a haldi ceremony at home or outdoors, make sure the stage and seating area for the bride or groom as well as the guests are top-notch. If you wish for a minimal haldi setup at home that is pleasing to the eyes or something extravagant, these haldi stage decoration and seating ideas will surely help.

28. Planning a joint Haldi ceremony? This traditional haldi stage decoration with marigolds and yellow curtains is unbeatable!
beautiful haldi stage decoration at home for bride and groom
Via: Pinterest
29. We have succumbed to the charms of this beautiful and trendy stage decor by the pool
30. Simple yet beautiful jhula decoration for your Pithi or Pellikuthuru
31. Another lovely haldi setup, this time with more colours
yellow and blue floral canopy for haldi
Via: weddingsecrets.in
32. For every tropical or destination wedding, this seating arrangement for the guests can make anyone swoon
33. Because simplicity and minimalism is the key!
34. This simple haldi stage decoration at home will bring those sunshine vibes in no time!
35. When yellow and green dominate the whole setting
36. Haldi decoration with balloons can’t get any prettier than this!
outdoor haldi decoration with yellow balloons
Via: partyshopavenue
37. Unique and quirky Genda Phool decor for the bride & groom
genda phool marigold swing decor for couple
Via: Pinterest

These ideas for haldi stage decoration at home are as pretty as a picture. Pick your favourite according to your Haldi ceremony theme and create a happy vibe effortlessly.

Haldi Signage & Photobooth Decoration Ideas

Want a pretty and fun photobooth where everyone can click pictures? Or want to add a quirky sign to your Haldi decor theme? These Haldi sign and photobooth decoration ideas will surely help you get some swoon-worthy pictures.

38. This groom’s Haldi & Pithi signboard is so adorable
creative cartoon haldi signboard decoration for groom
Via: Spectrum The Events Organizers
39. Forget sunglasses; this mask-shaped Genda Phool photobooth will charm everyone at your Haldi ceremony
40. This floral photobooth cum prop will never go out of fashion
41. And same goes for this colourful and quirky umbrella backdrop that serves as a photobooth too
42. How about this vintage tricycle prop adorned with flowers?
43. A pretty and unique bicycle photobooth for kids
44. Haldi Mehndi sign board to show guests the way

Use these sign and photobooth decoration ideas at your Haldi ceremony to make it even more lively.

Poolside Haldi Decor Ideas

Planning a poolside haldi ceremony? From sunflowers inside the pool to surreal marigold arrangements beside the poolside, there are a plethora of surreal poolside haldi decor ideas that will add extra fun to your celebrations.

45. This umbrella decor is a stunning element for your poolside haldi or mehndi ceremony
poolside haldi decoration with lamps and flowers
Via: Pinterest
46. In case you wish to swing in style
poolside haldi decoration ideas for swing
Via: Pinterest
47. Couple’s initials inside the pool

Table Haldi Decor Ideas

Whether it’s your haldi, mehendi, or wedding day, table centerpieces should be alluring enough to garner attention at a glance. Count on these table decoration ideas to create an amazing setting.

48. How cute is this Ferris wheel floral arrangement?
49. And so is this floral round table setup!
50. Look at this unique and elegant table decoration idea for your Haldi
outdoor table haldi ceremony decoration
Via: Romesh Dhamija Productions
51. Looking for Mehendi/Haldi function decoration ideas at home? Rely on this easy and simple decor
outdoor and indoor table decoration for Haldi function
Via: judithsfreshlook
52. Look how enchanting this floral centerpiece is
white and yellow flower table centrepiece decoration
Via: wedluxe

Covering Other Elements

53. This haldi plate/thali decoration is one-of-a-kind
54. Your guests will love these cute birds twinning at the entrance of your Haldi party
55. This quirky Rajasthani-themed entrance decoration for Haldi is ideal for any royal event
quirky and fun rajasthani couple entrance decoration for haldi
Via: Reels & Frames
56. Same goes for this regal floral elephant decor!
57. This is the coolest tropical theme Mehendi cum Haldi decor we have come across

We hope these outdoor and indoor haldi decoration ideas will help you plan your dream event. Stay tuned to the WedAbout blog for more wedding inspiration like this.

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