50+ Breathtaking Mandap Decoration Ideas & Designs For Your Wedding!

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50+ Breathtaking Mandap Decoration Ideas & Designs to Add Magic to Your Wedding Vows in 2024!

Marriages are made in heaven and they are meant to be made outstanding and memorable. And your wedding mandap decoration forms the centerpiece of this very important event of your life. After all, this is where the bride and her groom will take their pheres to get hitched on forever. So, it goes without saying that the wedding mandap design holds a considerable amount of significance in Indian weddings. And having a couple of stunning mandap decoration ideas in mind comes in handy!

Moreover, a lot of the wedding photographs will be clicked at the mandap itself on your big day. So, you better make it swoon-worthy! While doing so, keep in mind that the shadi mandap decoration must complement the overall theme, your outfits and location of your Indian wedding. However, trying out some cool new unconventional trends like mixing up modern with vintage, playing with contrasting colors, and other innovative ideas could really amp up your wedding. 

So, to help you with your mandap decoration, we are here to provide you with the best inspirations for a jaw-dropping mandap design. Scroll through 50+ latest & breathtakingly beautiful mandap decoration ideas, from simple to invincibly grand, and pick your favorites among the same!

1. Simple Round Mandap With White Drapes And MultiColored Flowers

simple outdoor open ceiling mandap decoration idea
Via: kis_cubed_events

This simple yet stylish mandap decoration design with plain white drapes, multi-coloured dainty flowers, and unique golden pillars is something that most people wouldn’t have thought of, right?

2. Royal Red Mandap Decoration Design With Draped Ceiling, Floral Chandelier & Fairylights

Heavenly abode! That’s what popped up in our mind when we saw this grand wedding mandap design. The bamboo framework of the mandap structure goes so well with the royal red drapes lined with golden fairy lights. Taking vows under those beautiful cascading floral strings would be a dream come true for all the matches made in heaven!

3. Suspended Giant Lotus Flower Chandelier With Crystals Hangings

This is the ultimate twist you need to bring to your traditional wedding. This giant flower suspended from the ceiling with cascading lights and crystals is a show-stealer! The royal gold-toned chairs and gold kalash setting, give this mandapam the much-needed contrast. Moreover, you could match a small element like the cushions to the lilac of the chandelier. After all, it’s all in the details.

4. Classic Mandap Decoration Idea With Cascading Floral Ceiling And Pink White Drapes

Your shadi ka mandap is incomplete without flowers. A classic way to adorn the mandap of your big day is by ornating it with flowers and drapes. To add a bit of freshness, you could throw in some foliage every here and there! Also, don’t forget that the colour tones must go along with the entire theme.

5. Dreamy Lakeside Wedding Mandap Decoration With White Floral Arches and Foliage

serene beachside wedding mandap decoration idea
Via: Marcyblum

This picture screams on natural beauty! A destination wedding with a scenic backdrop consisting of the ocean and hills. And a heavenly mandap decoration idea that compliments the natural colour tones. The topiary ceiling, stage, and the mandap pillars embraced with white flowers exhibit the splendor of nature like no other. Could you have asked for anything better?

6. Sustainable Mandap Decor With a Bunch of White and Pink Blooms and Wooden Branches

floral mandap decoration with pink and white flowers
Via: kis_cubed_events

Add a rustic touch to your simple mandap by introducing a framework made entirely of branches. This marriage mandap image depicts how well the blooming flowers have entwined the wooden branches to amp up your wedding decor. Moreover, keep in mind that pink, lilac, and white go really well together.

7. Simple Outdoor Mandap Decor With Bright Blue Drapes and White Trellis

outdoor marriage mandap decoration with blue drapes
Via: Pataka Events

A sleek and modern way to style your marriage mandap! White solid framework really in a minimalistic design really gives it that modern vibe. The pop of blue drapes breaks the monotony of the all-white setup. Finally, the yellow, white, and orange flower bouquets make for the icing on the cake!

8. Simple Purple Theme Mandap With Floral Blooms

simple outdoor mandap with violet drapes and flowers
Via: Pataka Events

An outdoor wedding set with the sky overlooking can beget several mandap decoration ideas. A simple mandap with violet purple drapes, neat stage, and seats in complementing colour tones are enough to seal the deal!

9. Unique Garden Outdoor Mandap Decor With White Drapes, Pastel Flowers and Hanging Lanterns

garden mandap decor with peach flowers and lanterns
Via: The Wedding Touch UK

If you were looking for a dreamy mandap design, then your search ceases right here! Here is an old-school floral mandap decoration idea with a modern twist. The pastel flowers and the foliage are stunning for an outdoor marriage ceremony and will also work perfectly for a backyard intimate wedding at home. The vintage moroccan lanterns hanging against the drapes add spellbinding rustic vibes.

10. Elegant Pink Theme Canopy With Hints of Flowers for a Beach Wedding

Seaside weddings are a dreamy affair for sure! To make your marriage dreamier, you can erect a pink closed ceiling simple mandap. This one also has a pink crown on the flower-adorned ceiling that further ups the game. Lemon yellow, peach, pink, green, and white are all amazing colour combos to go with the backdrop you got here. Moreover, can we just stop and stare at how beautiful the setup looks at sunset through those blinging crystal curtains!

11. Contemporary Outdoor Mandap Decoration in Pastel Lavender Hues

garden mandap decoration idea with lavenders
Via: Paras Events

Add that Rustic Charm to your outdoor garden wedding with a wreath of lavenders. Perfect for a day wedding function! The lilac of the seats’ cushioning complements the hue of the mandap’s arch. This simple yet modern wedding mandap design will stay etched in your memories for years to come. You can try this out as an indoor mandap design idea as well by pairing it with a flower wall or some drapes.

12. Modern Mandap Decoration Idea With Bright Multicolour Flowers & Pastel Drapes

simple mandap decoration with colourful flowers
Via: NahidGlobalEvents

Traditional and simple mandap decoration can be upped by several levels if you add some contrasting colours to it. This marriage mandap decoration image features an otherwise monochromatic pastel layout that stands out once you throw in a melange of multiple coloured blooms.

13. Floating Pink Theme Marriage Mandap Decoration With Suspended Floral Adornments

pink floating vidhi mandap decoration
Via: Artfoto Studios

A floating wedding mandap is a dream come true for probably all the couples out there! Why should you be left behind? Join the herd by taking the mandap decoration design on another level with a pink cherry blossom decorated mandap in the middle of blue waves. The stage and the cushions on the seat also match the pink theme pool mandap.

14. Tent Style Indian Mandap Decoration With White Drapes & Trendy Floral Wall

tent style white wedding vidhi mandap
Via: Wedlock Weddings By Vima

This is what a well-designed mandap looks like. So, you better take notes! All the colours adjust pretty well with each other. We have off-white round canopy structure adorned with a flower and foliage wall. A flower string chandelier to mark its uniqueness and furnishings in similar colour tones to finish the setup. This traditional vidhi mandap decoration is a stunning idea for a daytime wedding.

15. Minimal Outdoor Garden Wedding Mandap Style With Wooden Arch & White Cherry Blossoms

outdoor garden mandap decor with white and pink flowers
Via: Paras Events

Yet another colour combo to keep in mind if you are planning a simple mandap decoration! An elegant and impactful mixture of pastel colours. Adding timber twigs will provide that rustic charm to your day wedding. These colour tones go really well with the outdoor colour palette consisting of blue, white, and green hues.

16. Round Beachside Pink Theme Mandap Design

round ceiling pink mandap design
Via: kpstyleevents

Pink is the new trendy colour for marriage mandap design ideas! This beachside wedding ceremony setup has been amped by placing some plants at the feet of the mandap pillars. The open ceiling is decorated so well with the halo of pink roses and foliage and bright pink drapes.

17. Minimal & Rustic Theme Indoor Mandap Decor With Pink Flowers Twined Around Wooden Frames

indoor mandap decorated with flowers and foliage
Via: Paras Events

If you were wondering how to decorate your mandap for an indoor wedding, then here’s how. Who said you can’t bring nature indoors? This wedding mandap image is proof of how well a flowery mandap arch goes with white drapes indoors. The wooden framework, glass terrariums, foliage and the pretty bougainvilleas are all adding a rustic touch to the entire mandap setup.

18. Traditional Outdoor South-Indian Wedding Mandap Design With Marigolds

south indian wedding mandap design
Via: Best Day Ever By Deepika Shetty

Minimalism at its best! Here is a traditional South Indian mandap decoration idea with an innovative touch. Instead of building a new structure for the mandap, the already existing garden tree has been utilised beautifully. The branches of the tree are adorned with golden marigolds that further bring out traditional festive feels. Perfect for an intimate garden wedding at home!

19. Beach-Facing Mandap Adorned With a Blend of Coral Hued Roses and Greenery

beachside mandap with lots of flowers and foliage
Via: Prashe Decor

Pastels are the new trendy mandap decoration colours when it comes to beachside wedding ceremonies. Matching the right colours is an art and this is how you master it. You can decorate the mandap with a blend of pastel and neutral-toned flowers like light pink, peach, off-white, and rose pink to give it dreamy Victorian vibes.

The mandap in the picture here has several hanging twines with plenty of foliage. This spices up the wedding stage and adds a fascinating natural feel. Moreover, the seats have also been covered with moss grass. That’s a good eye on detailing!

20. Traditional Mandap With A Floral Wall and Pink Dome Ceiling

dome shaped mandap design in pink and orange
Via: Ramit Batra Photography

A dome-shaped mandap ceiling is back in trend in the current times. The vivah mandap image presented here can be regarded as one of the best South Indian wedding mandap designs. The colours rani pink, orange, yellow, and white complement each other perfectly. The flower wall made of marigolds and white dainty strings is a work of art. Moreover, all the seating arrangements are deep pink as well.

21. Dreamy Mandap With Lilac Hued Flower Decoration

outdoor open ceiling flower mandap decoration
Via: Prashe Decor

An outdoor mandap setup styled with cool-toned floral extravaganza. Lilac, blue, violet, purple and pink flowers used here emit a modern and sophisticated vibe. An open ceiling mandap with all-natural pillars makes it look organic and eye-poppingly stunning.

22. A Rosy Affair At a Beach Wedding

beachside mandap design with roses and branch pillars
Via: Prashe Decor

Nothing looks cuter than roses coupled with even more roses. Here’s your honeymoon-ish-looking fairytale mandap style erected right by the ocean. This closed ceiling mandap has embraced timber branches as its pillars. The roses are all of the same colour palette and have been matched so well with cutesy rose embossed chairs!

23. Scenic Outdoor Mandap With Bursts of Blooming Florals

seaside marriage mandap style decked with flowers
Via: Dark Cup Productions
Beautiful Contemporary Mandap Decoration with Red, Pink & White Cherry Blossoms
Via: Dark Cup Productions

Look at that arch overfilled with dainty flowers. This Indian wedding mandap has been styled with branches and cherry blossoms to impart enchanting contemporaneous feels. The amalgamation of pink, red and white has made this mandap a perfect wedding venue. Plus the theme perfectly complemented the bridegroom’s red and beige outfits.

24. Round Fantasy Mandap With White Draped Ceiling, Lush Green Pillars And Floral Strings

outdoor round ceiling open mandap with flowers
Via: Panodrama Events

The most striking part about this marriage mandapam photo is the falling flowers. The pink flowers hanging from the round closed ceiling mandap take this arrangement to a whole new level. Contrasting flowers of white, peach and blue colours adorn the pillars to make it stand out. This peachy graceful mandap decor is totally swoon-worthy

25. Amphitheatre Style Mandap Decor With Cosy Seating Arrangement

outdoor traditional mandap decor with open seating
Via: Ramit Batra Photography

If you want some traditional Indian Wedding mandap ideas, then take a look at this. A royal affair of jewel-tone colours with a palatial backdrop. This is a classy mandap design with an extravagant open theatre seating arrangement with bright colorful cushions & traditional georgic lanterns. 

26. Simple Floral Mandap with Green Foliage & White Drapes for a Hillstation Wedding

floral mandap decor at hill station wedding
Via: Anita Dongre

Set against the scenic view of hills and lake, this dreamy wedding mandap is everything you could want for your marriage. Light pastel pink tones to complement the blue in the surroundings works like magic! Moreover, the hints of yellow in the decoration and the chairs bring in a contrast to break the monotony of the setup.

27. Minimalistic Marriage Mandap with Multicolour Roses, Cascading Floral Strings and an Open Ceiling

simple peach and maroon outdoor mandap
Via: Pearls Event And Co.

Simple, minimalistic, and yet outstanding! This is a creative mandap decor idea that takes your wedding setup to a whole new level. The off white hanging flowers in the picture work wonders with the maroon thrown in every here and there. On the other hand, the peach orange and white flowers break the tediousness. To top it all, the maroon chair and the green ferns make this open ceiling mandap look super lively.

28. Simplistic Mandap With Pink Flowers Against Contrasting Backdrop of Blue Ocean

simple beach facing shadi mandap with pink accessories
Via: Panodrama Events

Yet another beachside wedding mandap but with pastel colour palette and wooden pillars. There are so many combos you could try out really. The foliage prevents the setup from being dull, yet pursuing the same scheme of colours. And the chandelier makes it well-suited for a seaside sunset wedding.

29. Outdoor Mandap With Bright Yellow Drapes Against a Serene Lake Backdrop

outdoor yellow mandap decked up with flowers
Via: Pearls Event and Co.

Here is a dream-like wedding venue set against green terrain, open sky, and a water fountain. The mandap strikes out in this setting and attains its much-needed pop with the bright yellow drapes that contrast the background colour palette. Elements like pastoral foliage and multi colour flowers on the pillars strike balance with the overall look.

30. Vintage All White Mandap Decor with White Blooms & Drapes

balcony mandap decoration idea in peach
Via: Pearls Event and Co.

This is by far, the best twists to usual mandap designs. Let’s make your wedding happen on the veranda except that it will be on the ground. A beautiful architectural aspect with a matching chandelier and chairs too. Offwhite drapes with peachy flowers, that’s what it takes to complete this English balcony breakfast set up. Except that it has a fire pyre in the centre and you will get married here! (wink!)

31. Elegant Peach Gazebo Style Mandap

outdoor peach dome ceiling mandap
Via: Weddings By Janvi Dave

This is a graceful peach gazebo style mandap with thousands of suspended mogra garlands from the ceiling and pastel drapes. The stage features rose pattern prints that match the roses used on the mandap. Moreover the gold and off-white also add depth to the sea-side wedding venue.

32. Peachy Pink Mandap Decor Theme With Similar Toned Flowers, Drapes, And Foliage

peach mandap decoration idea at home
Via: Flowers by Edgar

Here is a mandap decoration idea for home weddings! If you are planning for an intimate backyard wedding at your house, then this floral archetype is a perfect pick. Embellish it with some ceiling drapes and hang a chandelier in the center. And finally, style the pillars with the trendy blend of foliage and flowers in coordination with your colour theme.

33. Extravagant Mandap Decoration Idea With Suspended Flower Strings and Floral Printed Stage

rectangle open ceiling mandap decoration ides
Via: Weddings by Janvi Dave

A rectangle-shaped open mandap with a cascading floral ceiling and pillars decked with heavy floral arrangement. An edgy set up to go for but totally worth it! Decorate it with flowers of the same colour family and add a bit of contrast like the hints of yellow sunflowers in here. The hanging flower strands are yet another new and trending mandap decoration idea. Lastly, you could layout some posy decorated vintage lamps to illuminate the pathway to the stage for your wedding.

34. Picture-book Mandap Decoration Idea With an Overdose of Roses and Foliage

outdoor garden new mandap decoration idea
Via: Flowers by Edgar

Straight from the fairytale gardens, this outdoor mandap incorporates some key elements to give it a lavish look. The thick foliage pillars are adorned with an upbeat blend of greenery and pastel sprig. Other intricate details adding to the beauty are glass bubble tea light holders hanging from the square foliage ceiling and the fancy white & gold furnishings.

35. Flowery Mandap Decor At a Seaside Location

flower framework mandap decoration idea
Via: Flowers by Edgar

Blooms on point. Yet another heavenly wedding mandap decoration idea overstuffed with flowers! How much flower decoration is too much? We don’t really know because flowers play an important role in indian wedding decor. The walkway decorated with rose petals is something every bride-to-be wants to walk on. The stunning play of white & lavender flowers combined with bare white drapes make for a cosy open ceiling mandap design against a picturesque landscape.

36. Indoor Simple Mandap Decoration at Home With Loads of Floral Strings

mandap decoration idea at home with bright colours
Via: Shekhar Garg Photography

This is one of the easiest DIY mandap decoration ideas you can try for your at-home intimate wedding. It involves hanging several strands of flowers from the ceiling to make a floral chandelier. Mogra strings for the wall curtains and rose-pink drapes are just the right combo you need for a pretty and peppy marriage mandap! Lastly, you can pop up the style with bright fuschia pink cushions for seating.

37. Floral Mandap Design With White Drapes At an Exotic Desert Wedding

floral mandap design for your desert wedding
Via: VNJ Events – Imprint Wedding Photographer

If you wanted to have a destination wedding somewhere in the desert, then take note of this mandap decoration design. The pink, red and peach of the flowers are in line with the desert colour palette. On the other hand, the green of the twines is bringing in some refreshing twist and breaking the monotony of the mandap style.

38. Simple Mandap Style For An Outdoor Wedding

simple wedding mandap with drapes and flower lining
Via: Delhi Velvet

A destination wedding set at an eminent height calls for a pastel mandap decor with contrasting flowers as such! With coordinating chairs for guests who will witness your wedding, this is one of the classic simple mandap decoration ideas with a twist of bright multi-hued corsages.

 39. White & Red Theme Traditional Bengali Wedding Mandap Decoration

bengali grand mandap design in white and red
Via: Bengali Themed Decor

This indoor Bengali wedding mandap looks so stunning. The maroon, white, and gold, all the colour combinations in this mandap bring in the essence of Bengal. 

40. Grand Temple Style Red and Gold Wedding Mandapam

This is one the classic South Indian mandap decoration ideas composed of all the traditional wedding colours. It has red, maroon, gold, and white as well. A beautiful and picturesque combination of flowers and decoration makes it a classic closed ceiling wedding mandap design suitable for both day and night weddings.

41. Floral Dome Mandap Decor With an Aisle of Flowers

fairytale floral dome ceiling vidhi mandap design

Here’s the ultimate fairy-tale wedding setup you have been dreaming of! Imagine walking down that aisle full of red rose petals to enter a cosy floral dome-shaped mandap. Dreamy, right? A floral dome ceiling mandap surrounded with flowers and foliage, topped with a scintillating chandelier and a bespoke ‘Happily Ever After’ LED signage is the surely one of a class frameup to take your wedding vows in.

42. Grand Palatial Dome Set-up for Mandap with Golden Pillars

pink dome ceiling grand mandap decor

You can’t get married in a palace but you can surely have a palatial mandap erected for your wedding. This royal mandap is filled with intricate and minute details and is nothing short of an actual ancient tomb or palace. The dome ceiling has been decorated in a gleeful blend of pinkish hues and that gives the mandap a refreshing look. Moreover, pink and white complement the gold and ochre tones of the mandap structure perfectly. 

43. Picturesque Seaside Pink Theme Wedding Mandap With a Burst of Flowers

An open mandap by the seaside is one of the most refreshing mandap decoration ideas you will come across. Set with a pink undertone and contrasting blue, lemon yellow, lavender, and white and lilac blooms makes the mandap design stand out and feel different.

44. Lush Green Theme Foliage Marriage Mandap with Suspended Crystal Chandeliers

This can be one of the great indoor mandap decoration ideas at home. Decked up in green foliage draped pillars brings the refreshment of nature indoors. Plus an open trellis lined with foliage and bejewelled crystal chandeliers makes it perfect for an evening wedding ceremony.

45. Stunning Mandap Decoration Idea with Bright Flowers & Drapes

One of the most simple and serene South-Indian mandap decoration ideas! An open white mandap carousing under the blue skies with bright-hued flowers and plain white drapes is such a vision. The sea-facing mandap is laden with vivid blooms on the top and throughout the pillars. The lavender thrown in with orange and yellow brings in contrast and adds some depth too. Lastly, the carved bamboo leaves add a vague rustic touch!

46. Cascade of Red & White Dainty Flower Garlands for Mandap Decoration

white outdoor mandap with maroon and white flowers

A thick hanging blanket of thousands of white flower strings topped with red roses is all the trad mandap inspiration you need! This will give a surrealistic feel to everybody underneath the ceiling. Moreover, the all-white set-up goes so well with the pop of red. The flower wall with maroon, red, pink, and green tones refresh your eyes and make the mandap stand out against the all-white draped backdrop. Also, note how cleverly the seat cushion colour also has a hint of maroon.

47. Round Mandap Decoration Design With a Metal Dome & the Tanginess of Yellow & Orange Flowers

A traditional wedding mandap incorporating the classic red, orange, and yellow colours. These are usually associated with a wedding. To add a twist, the pillars of the mandap have been draped in greenery. Also, the dome-shaped ceiling, for a change, is open and has some exquisite and intricate designs. Lastly, the saffron seats create the much-needed Shaadi ambience.

48. Traditional White and Red Mandap Decoration Idea With Peacock Flower Statues

tent shaped mandap with floral peacock statues
Via: Jodi Clickers

Here is the ultimate grand wedding mandap setup you could go for. This is an extravagant large dome-type indoor mandap design. The element that brings forth the grandiosity of this mandap is the floral peacock installations made of white flowers. This is what brings out the oomph in the warm and cosy setup.

49. Beautiful Mandap Decoration With Gold Hedge Backdrop, Pink White Flowers and an Exquisite Chandelier

pink mandap style with flowers
Via: Isrrani Photography

This is one of the best mandap decoration ideas for a night wedding. The pink undertones of the mandap match so well with the thoughtful gold balustrade mandap decoration background. A Backdrop illuminated with magical crystal tea light holders and and ceiling ablaze with a magnificent chandelier is all you need to lit your evening wedding.

50. Outdoor Mandap in Colours That Complement the Backdrop

destination wedding mandap decor
Via: kis_cubed_events

Your search for the best outdoor wedding mandap decoration ideas ends here. Set in a hilly terrain over lush grassland, this mandap is easily what anybody’s dream wedding mandap looks like. Ceiling adorned with warm-toned roses, rustic chairs, and a floral aisle, this one fits the title of the ultimate fantasy mandap perfectly.

 51. Heavenly Abode of Gradient Pink Roses & Bougainvilleas

outdoor mandap decration idea with pink flowers
Via: Paras Events

If you love nature and roses, then here’s one of the most ideal wedding mandap decoration ideas. This outdoor layout built with a bunch of roses and pretty bougainvilleas has to be a trend-setting floral mandap design idea. Dainty blooms in varied hues of pink have come together in synchronization to make it a picture-perfect mandap design.

Aren’t these some of the most creative and pin-worthy marriage mandap decoration ideas you’ve come across? If yes, then share the blog right away and bookmark them as inspiration for your wedding planners and wedding decorators, for them to design a dreamy wedding mandap for your upcoming wedding!

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