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This 2024 Ultimate Indian Wedding Checklist Is All You’ll Need!

What’s a bride’s best friend during all the wedding planning chaos? You got it, it’s an all-inclusive Indian wedding checklist! Trust us when we say it, weddings can be SO much easier when all your tasks are organized into a bridal checklist and the satisfaction of ticking them off one by one is beyond measure. Now, what is a wedding checklist? It’s a list of wedding tasks you need to complete, organized according to either time or categories. You can make a list of tasks, ranging from booking a venue, hiring vendors, making a guest list or purchasing your wedding trousseau. It’s an excellent way to keep track of what’s pending, what’s already done and what needs an alternative. Whoever invented checklists is surely in heaven and has the thanks of all the brides round the world! 

Now that you’re all pumped up to make a wedding list, what to do next? How to plan an Indian wedding step by step? To start planning and making a marriage checklist, you need to make you have up to 12 months. Wedding tasks can be sorted according to the timeline you’re left with, but it’s always best to have some extra time at hand. If you’re running late, just speed up the whole process! Coming up with a perfect Indian wedding checklist can be a deviously difficult task. We’ve made a super elaborate and comprehensive wedding planning checklist right from the moment you’re beginning at the 12th month, to the day of your wedding and beyond. There’s nothing that we’ve missed, and as long as you follow this complete wedding checklist, you’re all set for your dreamy big fat Indian wedding!

12 to 10 months before wedding

This list has the first things you should do to as soon as the wedding date and season is finalized. Since a solid base will lead to smoother preparations, begin these steps 12 to 10 months before your wedding or right after your engagement.

best indian wedding checklist with marriage things list
Via Shashank Issar
1. Discuss Priorities

Where do your priorities lie? Do you wish to have a gorgeous venue, or do you rank designer outfits and faultless photography higher up in the priority list? A detailed discussion about your wedding expectations can help you when you’re drafting your budget. Talk to your family and partner and keep your priorities straight from the very beginning. You should also discuss about other important decisions like whether you want a day or night wedding, or if you want a local or destination wedding. A clear mindset will lead to clear decisions.

2. Draft A Budget

Before your Indian wedding checklist and planning begins, you need to focus on drafting a budget. How much should you spend in an Indian wedding? Factors like destination wedding, travel or venue can drastically affect the budget. To prevent overspending, a rough budget can help you estimate the overall money you’ll need for the wedding plus it will help in allocating money wisely. When you’re done with a basic budget plan, you can also decide whether or not to apply for a wedding loan or insurance.

3. Finalize Wedding Venue

Popular wedding venues can easily be fully booked up for months in advance. Therefore, the sooner you start looking for venues, the better. To book a venue, ensure that it has the capacity to accommodate your guests as well as is aesthetically pleasing to look at. The location, ambiance and behavior of the staff are also key factors that can come to a decision. As soon as you find your ideal venue, book it!

4. Make A Tentative Guest List

Who to invite, who not to invite, and what if you forget to invite someone important? A lot of brides mull over these questions during their wedding preparations. The most easy was out is to draft a guest list. Categorize people into groups of family, close relatives, friends, colleagues or distant relatives. You can also sort according to distance to see who to send the invites first. In cases of a destination wedding, drafting a guest list will help you prioritize important people and cut excess costs. Making a guest list will also be necessary as you’ll need an approximate headcount of people before you decide to negotiate with the caterer.

5. Pick A Caterer

One of the golden rules of wedding planning says that good food equals happy guests! So when it comes to your wedding cuisines, don’t shy out and choose the best option you got. After all, who wouldn’t want to relax and have delectable food after all the tedious wedding ceremonies? If the venue you chose doesn’t provide catering services or if you have some local caterers in mind, now is the time to contact them! Draft a list of potential caterers and note down their pros and cons. Is their cuisine versatile? Do they have experience? Are they credible? Is their prices reasonable? Do they follow proper sanitary cooking methods (a necessary questions in the times of a pandemic)? Ask yourself these questions before you finalize them!

6. Browse For Trends & Inspirations

Wedding trends are rapidly evolving and there’s always some new trends that sweep up the market. For example, the year 2024 brought upon some bridal mask innovations and intimate weddings. Before planning a successful marriage, always test the waters and know what’s trending! You can browse through real wedding blogs, invitation ideas, cakes, venue decor trends, entry ideas or jewellery and outfit inspo! The more you know about your options, the better your wedding shall turn out. Now, where to do your research? Make use of all the social media sites and browse away! You can also read inspo blogs, create Pinterest boards and try questioning your friends.

7. Make Event List

Every religion has their own sets of events and marriage ceremonies. An event list can better help you prepare event-wise. This becomes even more important for inter-religion marriages and couples who wish to incorporate both styles of marriage in one! Organise and make a list of events, it’ll surely keep you from stressing out if you forgot about anything. You can add subheads of venue, outfits, seating arrangement and music under every event for better coordination while planning.

8. Hire Wedding Planner (if needed)

Weddings are supposed to be happy and exciting! If all this planning and chaos stresses you out, then don’t hesitate to leave everything to your wedding planner. Of course you’ll also have a major hand in giving suggestions and directions, but the wedding planner can handle the tedious part of the work! It makes things ten times easier for you and while you kick back, relax and shop, your planner will handle everything. They’ll be the one handling this Indian wedding checklist. For best results, hire a planner as soon as possible so that they have enough time to organize their own wedding checklist!

9 months to 7 months before the wedding

Make sure everything from the 12 to 10 month Indian wedding planning timeline is checked off before you start moving forward! This part covers all the tasks you’ll need to do nine to seven months before your wedding.

pink handmade invites for indian brides checklist for wedding planning
Via Tayjal Mani Is Creative
9. Visualize Wedding Décor & Themes

Now that you’ve racked up your brain with some trends and inspirations, it’s time to start visualising your wedding! Do you wish to have any themes in your events? What about colour schemes? Do you wish to go for boho, rustic, carnival, forest, disco, old-school or vintage vibes? Any DIY ideas you want to use? You’d want to start answering these questions one by one to have a better view of what you’re expecting out of your wedding. Of course the planner and decorators can do the job for you but if you want things to be a certain way, you’ll need to start brainstorming from the beginning. Give your creative mind juices a shake and get cracking!

10. Shortlist All Wedding Vendors

Wise men say, only fools rush in! Don’t just jump in and pick the first top rated vendor you find. You should always make a list of potential vendors and chalk out the best after you check their experience through their blog, visit their social media, scrutinize reviews, talk to them in person and get a feel of their personality. Wedding vendors you should consider hiring are photographer, choreographer, gifts and favours’, decorators, DJs etc.

11. Finalize Wedding Invitation

On first glance, an invitation is just a basic card to send around to invite your guests. But theres more to it than just that! For starters, you’ll be surprised to know how many things you can customise in a wedding invitation. You can pick the colour, pattern, design, feel, kind of handiwork, type of paper, type of cloth or even customise it with little gifts inside. Not just that, your invitations will be the first peek into the vibe of your wedding! It’s gotta be the best! Take your time to browse through wedding invitations, and finalize the wordings and layout.

12. Finalize Caterer & Menu

Do you know what’s the best way to finalize a caterer? To go for food tasting! Add a quick food tasting into your marriage checklist with all the shortlisted caterers. Once you finalise the caterer, brief them about the venue and date. The next thing you’d want to discuss is the menu. Most caterers have a basic menu and you can modify accordingly. There’s room for experimentation, but you can also play it safe by going for a evergreen traditional Indian cuisine.

13. Get Passports or Visas Ready (For Destination Weddings)

If you’re planning a destination wedding, you need to get visa and passport formalities resolved at the earliest! Not just your own, make sure all the family member that will be traveling together have their documents ready. Passports can take up to 30 to 45 days for approval. While visas approvals depend on your destination, it can take up to 4 to 6 weeks for approval. It’s best to check this off the Indian wedding checklist in advance to prevent last minute chaos.

6 months before the wedding

With the wedding only half a year away now, your preparations will be in full swing. The next half of the Indian wedding checklist shall cover finalizing vendors and accommodations!

wedding gifts and favours for indian destination wedding checklist ideas
Via Design Tuk Tuk
14. Pre-book Rooms For Guests

Rooms inside or around your venue can easily get booked up. Since guests coming from far away places will need a resting place not far from your venue, it’s always best to book rooms in advance. Take an approximate count of guests that will be needing hotel room stays and book in advance.

15. Finalize Wedding Photographer

Your photographer will be the only one to immortalise your memories so it goes without, they gotta be the best! Taking in consideration budget, experience, photography style and personality, you can pick the photographer that suits your needs the best. Remember to have pick a preferred style like candid or traditional before you negotiate with your photographer. Other than that, it’s always gets to get the photographer and videographer from the same place as it sales time, money and resources. Time is essence here, so book your favourite photographer asap, before they get too busy!

16. Browse and Finalise Wedding Gifts & Favors Options

Your friend and family travel all the way just to celebrate your wedding and it’s unfair to send them back empty handed! That’s where wedding gifts and favors step in! The good thing is that you have a variety of options to choose from. Personalized hand sanitisers, classic chocolate, gift cards, jewellery, sarees and what not! It’s best to browse online through gifts and favors vendors or ideas before you move forward.

17. Order Wedding Invites & Send Save The Dates

Half a year before the wedding is the perfect time to start printing your wedding invites! Other than that, you should also send out save the dates by now. Although it may seem unnecessary, save the dates can be quite handy. They’re used to book the date in your guests’ busy schedules and help them make necessary arrangements. Plus, it’s quite a shame to let everyone know about your wedding just 6 weeks before through invitations. Consider this a part of celebrations and the pre wedding checklist for bride!

18. Social Media Preparations

Thinking about creating your very own wedding website to showcase your best times? Or maybe you wish to come up with a unique Instagram hashtag or logo? How about a Facebook or Instagram page solely dedicated to your wedding updates, photographers and story? If these interest you, then jump in and start your social media wedding preparations as well!

19. Plan Honeymoon

Do you sometimes wonder why couples start planning their honeymoons even before they’ve tied a knot? Because no vacation can be as special as your honeymoon, your very first getaway as a married couple! So by default it has to be spectacular, isn’t it? To have a grand and memorable Honeymoon, you need to start planning in advance and half a year beforehand is the ideal time. Shortlist your favorite destinations taking in consideration budget and seasonal weather conditions. If it’s a stay in a foreign country, you’ll need to arrange passport, visa and tickets way before the departure date to minimize confusion.

5 months before the wedding

This half of the Indian wedding checklist will cover what you need to finish five months prior your wedding. This half of the indian wedding preparation list includes booking decorators, makeup artists and a bride’s favorite part – shopping!

wedding checklist for bride before wedding, decor tips and ideas
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20. Book Venue Decorators

No other vendor can help you transform your wedding into a fairytale as much as your decorators can. Now whether you wish to go for a Bollywood, fairytale, forest, minimalist, funky or retro vibe, it’s up to you. But the ones that will bring your ideas into reality will be your wedding decorators. Needless to say, choosing them will be one of the most crucial part of your wedding checklist for bride. Before finalizing a decorator, be sure to discuss your ideas, themes and expectations. Wedding decorators usually charge based on the decoration theme you choose, duration of the event and location. A detailed discussion with your decorators can and taking their advice whenever necessary can take you closer to your dream wedding.

21. Finalize Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist

Another area you shouldn’t compromise in the marriage list for bride is your makeup and hair stylist. Don’t you wish to be all dolled up on your wedding day and surprise your to-be husband? Only a bride who’s confident and satisfied with her grooming can slay her wedding! Don’t hesitate to book a demo makeup and hairstyling trial to get a better idea of their skills. If you plan on doing your makeup yourself, now is the time to arrange all materials for your bridal makeup kit.

22. Book Entertainment Options

Whether it’s a banquet or a home wedding, no bride would want to bore her guests! A desi wedding checklist is incomplete without some entertainment. So, how to you plan to spice things up? While a DJ or dhol nagaada is the most loved and common option among couples, you can also try experimenting with ideas like fireworks, trivia games, live band performances, photo booths, karaoke, food stalls, stand up comedy or even a flash mob with your friends! There are so many options, so don’t waste time and book whatever entertainment options you find the most exciting.

23. Shop Final Wedding Outfit

All these months of planning must’ve given you a basic idea of what you want from your final wedding trousseau. Now is the time to begin your search of that one perfect outfit that you’ll remember for the rest of your life! Start looking for designer brands or shops you wish to buy your clothes from. Shopping for clothes is fun, but it can take a lot of time of you can’t find exactly what you want. Since Indian wedding have various rituals on different dates, you’ll have to purchase suitable clothes according to the event like haldi, mehendi, sangeet or your wedding day. If you’re stuck in a bridal shopping block, then you can check out some outfit inspirations to give yourself a nudge!

24. Plan Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Don’t miss out adding a pre-wedding photoshoot in you wedding checklist for bride and groom. You can get your hands on some romantic pre-wedding shots, which will definitely be an awesome addition to your wedding album. Not only will you get an opportunity to get used to the camera, it’ll also be comfortable as you’ll be without heavy jewelry or clothing. Take your time discussing with the photographer regarding shoot destination, timings and expectations. Book a specific date and get ready to rock it!

4 months before the wedding

As the wedding approaches closer, you need to begin focusing on personal care as well. This part of the Indian wedding planning checklist will focus on the two mantras of bridal self care – more shopping and relaxing skin care!

wedding checklist skincare woman
25. Shop Wedding Jewelry

Now that your bridal trousseau is ready, you’ll need the jewelry to go with it! The reason we have buying jewellery after the attire in the wedding list for bride is because it’s easier to look for a set that goes well with your get up, instead of blindly buying whatever looks good. Make a small list of jewellery you want, like necklace, earrings, mattha patti, anklets or bangles and start visiting jewellers for the same!

26. Shop For Other Accessories

Don’t forget to shop for accessories other than jewellery such as your footwear, alta, bindi, hair accessories or flower bouquets. Shopping sprees can be the much needed break you can get from the whole wedding planning list. So don’t worry and spend your heart off to create the most head-turning outfits in every event.

27. Start Skincare Routine

Your wedding is getting closer and on your special day, you deserve the most flawless skin! That is something you can’t achieve overnight. Start planning and following a detailed skin care routine at least 4 months before your wedding to give your skin time to recover and glow up. Don’t forget to be diligent enough to practice it every day or the effects won’t be that drastic! You should also start a healthy diet, detoxification, proper sleep routine and frequent hydration.

28. Follow Diet Chart & Book Trainer (if needed)

Would you want to loose some extra kilos to look all fit and gorgeous on your wedding day? Then time to check this entry off your wedding checklist for bride! Start following a detailed diet chart and hire a fitness trainer if you require it. Even a few months of regular efforts can have glowing effects on you. Then ready to work for the hot wedding body you’ve always imagined yourself in! You’ll also need to lay off drinking or junk food for the time being.

3 months before the wedding

With your wedding just three months away, your focus should be on your sangeet performances and beauty. This part of the full Indian wedding checklist will cover that for you!

beauty treatments before indian wedding bridal list for marriage 3 months before
30. Get Pre-wedding Beauty Treatments Done

Now is the time to give extra focus on your skin! 3 months prior your wedding is the ideal time to get long term pre-wedding beauty treatments done. Book a visit to your dermatologist for tips and medications to have a more supple skin. Don’t forget to get regular facials done to ensure your skin is well nourished. You can also consider keratin treatment or rebonding for your hair.

31. Purchase Wedding Gifts & Favors

Finalize your shortlist gifts and place an order immediately. It could be a gift hamper of necessities, personalized items, metallic artifacts, coffee, personal care, handmade soaps, candles or what not! Many vendors would be willing to take orders for customized gifts, so buy gifts for either all the guests, or your closets friends and family.

33. Book Choreographer (if needed)

If you’re not too confident in your dancing skills, try booking a choreographer to help you have some banging sangeet dance numbers. Whether it’s a romantic couple dance or a bollywood fusion dance with your pals, a choreographer with give you much needed tips, practices and learning from an experienced dancer will definitely make your performances 10 times better.

34. Begin Dance Rehearsals

For brides and bridesmaids confident in their dancing and choreography skills, now is the time to begin planning your dance performances. If you start early, you’ll get enough time to sync and get your steps right. Gather you mates, decide on the song and steps and start practicing!

35. Plan Bridal or Bride and Groom Entry

The most awaited stars of the wedding should have a certain charm in their entries, don’t you think? Whether you’re entering solo or with your partner, a grand or funky entry can set the mood and pace of your wedding mood. Discuss with your partner if you wish to enter your wedding together with a grand bride and groom entry or if you want to have a solo bridal entry and then you can move forward check this off your wedding planning checklist!

2 months before the wedding

This part of the extensive Indian wedding checklist for bride includes how to plan a wedding in 2 months checklist. This will be handy to make sure your incoming last months of wedding planning is smoother.

indian wedding checklist ideas 2 months before
Via Priyanka Karki DS Joshi
36. Book Mehendi Artist

Every bride loves getting their hands inked with mehendi! And since this is gonna stay on your hands through the entirety of your wedding and its photographs, it HAS to be amazing. No matter how great your amateur cousin is at mehendi art, the work of a professional will be on another level. Browse through some mehendi artist local or online and check out their works to ensure they can produce desired results. You can also search for some trending mehendi designs in our blogs and have your artist take inspiration from it.

37. Send Out Invites

2 months prior your wedding is the perfect time to send out wedding invites! Arrange the invites according to printed names and distance. Try sending out invites to guests to live the farthest first, since it may take time to reach time. For local relatives, you can start visiting their houses to drop off the invites.

38. Try On Whole Wedding Look

Did your months of dieting and fitness training pay off? Though you purchased the outfit just a few months ago, it’s best to avoid taking any risks and check if it still fits perfectly. We’re sure you can’t stop admiring your wedding outfit so take this opportunity to try on your outfit and make sure everything is prim and proper. If you need any alterations done, now is the time to get this off the marriage list for bride!

39. Arrange Pick-up & Drop Vehicle

How do you and your guests plan to get to the wedding venue from your home or hotel? Go ahead and look for pick up vehicle options. If a family member is ready to drop you to the venure, great! Be sure to confirm once. As for your vidai vehicle, you’ll need to get something more aesthetic. Hire a local florist to decorate your car or you can even hire a vintage car that will come decorated right at your footstep. Confirm the date, timing and book your options.

40. File For Marriage Registry

Another important part of marriage works list is filing the application for registry. Take necessary documents and signed application to your nearest Sub-Divisional Magistrate’s office to file for your marriage registry. Registration can be 30 days after the date of notice and both parties plus 3 witnesses need to be present in the office. Once you finish this from the wedding to do list, you’ll be married by law for now!

41. Book Wedding Officiant

Most couples have their own family pandits, priests or wedding officiant. In case you don’t contact one and get them booked for your wedding date before they get too busy with something else. Discuss the list of things needed for a wedding, ceremonial items and preparations you’ll need to do and start purchasing all necessary items you don’t have at hand.

42. Enjoy Bachelorette Party

Spend some time with the girls! This is one of the most enjoyable steps to plan a wedding checklist because having fun is just as important. Go ahead and plan a bachelorette and party your last days as a woman who is about to get married. You could either plan a party or a whole weekend getaway to your favorite destination.

1 month before the wedding

With one month left for your wedding, the priorities in the Indian wedding checklist have switched from booking to rechecking. Here’s what you need to do!

indian online wedding checklist grooming 1 month before wedding
Via: drameinbaaz
43. Follow Up With Vendors

Reconfirm date, duration and location with all your vendors and make sure everything in the wedding list is all set from their part. A follow up is crucial because it not only serves as a reminder to the vendors, but also helps you confirm nothing is left undecided. Since you still have a month left, it’s enough time to come up with backups in case of mishaps and emergencies.

44. Glam Up And Groom Yourself

A brides gotta be all prim and groomed up for the wedding! You can visit your favourite salon to groom yourself and give some final touches. This would include waxing, threading, hair colour, haircut, hair extensions, facials and lash extensions. Discuss with your beautician what suits you the best and get your bridal beauty game on!

45. Shop For Honeymoon

If you thought that all the shopping over in the indian wedding items list, you were wrong! Don’t forget to shop for honeymoon necessities, whether is a swimsuit or trekking boots, depending on your choice of location. Take a trip to the market with your partner and get the honeymoon shopping off your Indian wedding checklist!

3 weeks before the wedding

If you have been following this bridal checklist from the start, your indian marriage preparation workload in the last few weeks will not be too burdensome. Here’s what you’ll need to do three weeks before you get married.

indian wedding checklist items with engagement wedding cakes

46. Book Wedding Cake

A gorgeous cake, one of the Indian wedding essentials, can take a lot of time and preparations to be made, especially if it’s one of those classic 3 tiered ones. So, contact a nearby bakery about 3 weeks before the wedding. You can either pick one from their catalogue, or get a customised cake.

48. Assign Event Arrangement And Guests To Family Member

Since it’s your wedding, you should be the one enjoying and not going around for errands. Give yourself a break from the wedding to do list and start delegating duties to your family members. Assign one person to look over guests, one to check for event arrangements and one to handle your social media.

49. Follow Up With Guests

Out of all the wedding invitations you sent, the number of people actually attending can vary quite a lot. Devote a little time to ask who will be attending and who won’t be able to make up. A small follow up with your guests will help you gather a tentative headcount of the crowd.

2 weeks before the wedding 

It’s alright if everything feels a little chaotic now that your wedding is closing in. But don’t let the chaos distract you from your bridal checklist entries you need to finish within the 2 weeks before wedding.

indian wedding preparation checklist 2 weeks before wedding
50. Give Final Headcount To Caterers

Now that you’ve had a chat with your guests, give a final headcount to the caterers so that they know how many plates worth food should they be making. This will prevent food wastage, gives your caterers a heads-up about the amount of materials they’ll need and help eliminate any chances of mishaps. Go on and add some extra to the headcounts as a preventive measure.

51. Send Out Music To DJ

If there’s a certain track list you have in mind, or if there’s a specific song you want to be played during your entry, you’ll need to get in touch with your DJ for that. Make a playlist of your favourite songs and additional specific instructions to send out to your DJ within this week. It’s not your wedding if you aren’t enjoying the music, afterall!

52. Discuss Shot List With Photographer

While it’s always best to just trust your photographers with their experience and instincts, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a specific list of shot ideas you wish to have clicked. Create a shot list of your choice and discuss with your photographer for better insights. They wouldn’t know what you really want if you don’t communicate well.

1 week before the wedding

Your wedding preparations should be in full swing, and this half of the marriage management list will cover things you have to finish one week before your wedding. Just relax and give yourself time to enjoy all the pre-wedding ceremonies! It’s such a golden opportunities to make memories with your to-be-husband and family. This is when you can reap the benefits of all the early planning!

bride carry cute couple wedding photoshoot
Via Anupam Maurya Photography
53. Prepare Paychecks & Cash Payments For Vendors

We all hate late salaries, don’t we? Same goes for your vendors! If you haven’t already fully payed your vendors in advance, go ahead and prepare paychecks and cash payments. You’ll need to keep it ready in advance so that you can pay them as soon as your wedding finishes.

54. Book A Spa Session & Relax

Getting to worked up and stressed about your wedding preparations can go against you. Stress can lead to skin breakouts, hormonal imbalance and hair fall to name some. Add a spa visit to your Indian wedding checklist and get some rest, you deserve it!

55. Get Manicure & Pedicure

Amidst all the self care in the bridal checklist, don’t forget to show some love to your nails! Make some time for manicure and pedicure to ensure every inch of your body is in the wedding spirit. Don’t hesitate to browse for some nail art inspo to pick for your wedding.

56. Steam Iron Outfits

Make sure your outfits are all set for your wedding by sending them to the dry cleaner or steam iron them at home to get rid of any wrinkles. Just like this Indian wedding checklist, everything needs to be neat and tidy!

57. Prepare Emergency Kit

Pack your bridal makeup kit and all the emergency items you’ll be needing on your wedding. Think of it as a mini crisis kit with necessities like band-aids, sewing kit, stain remover etc. You’ll feel more prepared for the day if you have one checked of this Indian wedding checklist.

A day before the wedding

This Indian wedding checklist is for the day just before your wedding. You don’t need to work too much, just follow this checklist and brace yourself for the wedding tomorrow.

family pre wedding photos
Via Ravs Studio
58. Confirm If Everything Is Ready

Spend some time to do some last minute checks and ensure everything is in place and ready to go. Once you’ve ensured everything in this Indian wedding checklist is completed and in order.

59. Spend Time With Your Family

Today would be the last day that you would get to spend with your family and it can get pretty heavy. No matter how busy you get with your wedding preparations, don’t forget to make some time to sit down and talk with your family. After you get married, you’re going to miss these days!

60. Stay Hydrated And Get Proper Sleep

Your wedding day is going to be very exhausting, so it’s best to get a full 8 hour sleep the night before. Don’t worry about how tomorrow is going to be like and just focus and waking up well rested. Don’t forget to drink water frequently and stay hydrated!

The Wedding Day

The final wedding day checklist for bride and groom is here, you’re about to get married today! This part of the marriage management list has the final things you need to focus on, which isn’t much because all you have to do is relax and enjoy.

bride getting make up done on wedding day
Via: mishavig makeup studio
61. Have Energy Rich Breakfast & Relax

Your day ahead is gonna be really busy, so you need the energy to get through to it all. Have a fulfilling healthy and energy rich breakfast that can keep you going throughout the day. Pack some energy bar snacks for the day too keep yourself energized.

62. Get Bridal Photoshoot Done

Get ready for your wedding can be pretty hectic, but it does give opportunities for some amazing solo bridal shoots. Take this opportunity to get some gorgeous bridal portraits. You need to flaunt all the efforts it took to get you ready, after all. Get those ‘yay I’m getting married’ shots and get that off your complete wedding checklist!

63. Take Your Vows!

This is the time you’ve been planning the whole year for! You may have entered the venue alone, but you’ll exist a happily married bride. Cherish it, take your vows and finally get married to your partner. Celebrate this moment and taste the joy of planning a happy and successful marriage!

Post wedding

After all the months of wedding planning has finished and you’re now happily married! While the wedding itself is completed, there are still some items in this all-inclusive Indian wedding planning checklist for bride that need to be wrapped up.

Eiffel tower romantic photoshoot
Via: Rahul Jagani Photography
64. Send Thank You Notes To Vendors

The devil works hard, but wedding vendors work harder! Take some time out of your schedule to appreciate the immense efforts all your vendors put to make everything run smoothly and end in success. Just a small thank you notes or email from you help them feel acknowledged and content!

65. Give Wedding Dress To Cleaners

Needless to say, your dress is going to be a very important keepsake of your wedding. Memories need to be handled carefully and preserved! So send your wedding dress to the cleaners and store it safely in your almirah.

66. Freshen Up From Wedding Fatigue

Nights full of ceremonies and months of excitement can come crashing down on you in the form of wedding fatigue. Give yourself some rest, freshen up and visit a spa with your partner. It’s important to regain your energy and enthusiasm before you decide to leave for your honeymoon!

67. Leave For Honeymoon!

Now that everything in this checklist has finished perfectly, it’s time for your first trip out as a wedding couple! Go ahead and give yourself the much needed break from the stress of a Indian wedding checklist. Enjoy some quality time with your now husband or wife. You deserve this break!

This Indian wedding checklist covers everything, from the very beginning till the very end! If you still feel unsure and need some advice, hop on to read some key wedding planning tips that make you less worried.

Key Wedding Planning Tips:

1. You should begin planning your wedding as soon as you are engaged. Experts say that the ideal Indian wedding planning timeline is about 10 to 12 months. Thus the earlier the begin your wedding planning checklist, the easier time you’ll have preparing for your wedding. Last minute chaos can cause more harm than good. You can miss out on quality venues and vendors if you’re too late.

2. The most important part of wedding planning is to never overwork yourself and share the workload. Even though it’s your wedding, everyone is here to help. Don’t try to shoulder everything alone! This Indian wedding checklist is meant to be shared with your family.

3. If you’re running late and don’t have an entire year to plan a wedding, the first thing to check off your list is booking the venue. Your wedding and reception venue should be booked 12 to 10 months prior your wedding. This is because most venues can be booked up well in advance, especially during wedding season. Plus, you can also get a discount if you book early.

4. To organize all the massive amounts of various wedding information, use journals and excel sheets. Store all vendors contacts, payments, guests and other information in different sheets or a journal to keep track of everything.

5. Most importantly, have fun with everything you do and don’t obsess over mishaps. Even with a through amount of wedding planning, there could be chances of something going wrong. Fret not and find the next closest alternative solution. You’ll do great!

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