Wedding Decoration Ideas For A Romantic Wedding

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Wedding Decoration Ideas For A Romantic Wedding

Love is in the air, so celebrate it to the fullest on your wedding day!!WedAbout plays the cupid with its perfect wedding decoration ideas for a romantic wedding. Lovebirds are ready to cage beautiful memories for life!

1.Candles Will Warm Everyone’s Heart

Wedding decoration

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Candles are a fitting choice for the romantic wedding decor. It has flickering lights that are perfect to evoke passion. There are many options like placing floating candles in glass bowls on the tables. You can also put the candles in glass vases everywhere. One can add a mystical effect by hanging electric candles in glass globes from tree branches.

2.Scene Stealer “Flowers”!

Wedding decoration


Flowers set the tone for an intimate affair. Luxurious and natural flowers in a combination of sizes, textures and shapes are perfect for an idealistic wedding decor. Indian weddings are surely incomplete without these.

3.Use The Right Hues

Wedding decoration


For a fairy-tale effect, try a combination of pinks, oranges, whites and silvers. If you want an ultra dream-like ambience, work with different shades of red.

4.”Lights” Can Set The Stage For Romance

Wedding decoration


A lighting specialist can add a special glow and effect to the decor. It can dramatize the decor settings. So do you want that mystical dramatic effect!!

5.Wow Factor! Stylish Hanging Decor

Wedding decoration

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Hanging glitter or normal bulbs, stars, photos, paper lanterns, chandeliers, electric candles can add a mesmerizing and a striking effect to a wedding decor.

6.Romantic Looking Table!

Wedding decoration698348406_n

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Use perfect centrepieces such as exotic flowers in vases, candles, sequins, lace or satin table cloths.- It will make it like a fairytale wedding.

7.Innovative & Whimsical!

Wedding decoration


A bicycle decorated with flowers, birdcages as centrepieces and lighting accessories can be used. How about flowers like roses, tulips and sunflowers hanging in a bottle. One can also use wooden bench and a table with attractive looking centrepieces and layouts!!- These are a must try, trust us!

So here was how you can play with the decor ideas for an exotic setting.. as none of us wants a regular affair!

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Ankita Rai

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