50+ Creative Wedding Home Decor Ideas for Intimate Pre Wedding Events

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50+ Wedding Home Decor Ideas for Intimate Ceremonies

Covid-19 has become a big part of our daily lifestyles, yet restraints of the pandemic are too weak to keep lovers apart! Amidst all the commotion, couples have fashioned a home wedding trend with close family. These lovely intimate weddings aka #lockdownwalishadis with limited guests defy traditional big fat Indian weddings and are just as breathtaking. Plus the creative freedom that comes with the wedding home decor is a perfect opportunity to unleash your inner artist!

Undoubtedly, it is this wedding home decor that will shape a successful intimate home wedding. Since you have a small gathering and space, the focus directly falls on your venue presentation and you will be required to pay good attention to details. Fortunately, you have full liberty to play with the themes, colour schemes and props according to the space and number of attendees.

From flowers and drapes to mundane objects like ladders, bells, lanterns, or kites, you can use so many things around your house to deck up your home for all those nuptials! However, it is essential to use space mindfully and not jam everything in one corner. Of course, don’t forget to follow all the social distancing norms!

Looking for some crisp and fresh wedding home decor ideas? Then you’ve come to the right place! Check out these effortless and trending home decor, from seating to ceilings, for intimate pre-wedding events at home!

Quirk it Up with Picture-Perfect Backdrops

Indoor wedding ceremonies and photo shoots are practically empty without a stunning backdrop. Moreover, decoration doesn’t have to be pricey. You can use things lying around your house for a cost effective and eye-catching alternative. For example, flowers like marigold and leafy vines can hung right behind your seats. Elements like tassels, vivid umbrellas and paper pinwheels can easily add color to your decor. You can even use phulkari dupattas as a simple vibrant backdrop! Keep scrolling to read more about how you can incorporate these individual elements in your decor! 

colorful tassel home decor for outdoor seating arrangement
Via: Fireflies
outdoor intimate wedding cloth tassel backdrop with couple posing
Credits: The Millennial Bridesmaid
painted diamond shaped intimate wedding backdrop
Via: Vows & Tales
simple marigold hanging as intimate wedding decor
Credits: Vows & Tales
aesthetic indoor wedding decor floral arch for seating arrangements
Via Claudeloren

Sustainable Yet Charming Bamboo Decor

Sustainable decoration is in trend these days and bamboo isn’t just rustic but also aesthetic to look at. Moreover, it serves as an unconventional and offbeat furbishing idea! Flaunt your Eco-friendly home decor with these bamboo tokri or baskets and sticks. Plus, there’s no worry about wastage when your intimate wedding ceremonies are done!

bamboo tokri used as ceiling decor with posing bride
Via: Studio Kelly Photography

Illuminate the Space with Fairy-Lights

Got an evening event to conquer? Just brighten your venue with bistro or fairy lights. They don’t cost much and are also very easy to style. If your venue is outdoors, you can wrap your lights on trees and centerpieces. An event as happy as your wedding should certainly shine just as bright as your smile! So don’t skip on stocking up on twinkling lights for your house. You can also buy colored lights in case there’s a theme you’re sticking to.

Good Ol’ Buckets For Wedding Home Decor

Sometimes the perfect idea is within your reach, it just needs to be noticed. Yes, the quintessential household bucket can also be your assistant in home decor! All you need to do is to glam it up with a little paint and some paper cuttings. However, remember to choose according to your theme for the day. Deciding on a color palette will take a lot of work off your shoulders. 

painted DIY bucket with paper cuttings intimate home wedding decor
Via: Eventara

Rustic Filler: Candle Stands

If you feel like your tables or side pieces look a little empty, candle stands are the perfect choice for fillers. Moreover, they’re candidly universal when it comes to decorating and can easily blend with all kinds of themes or colors. You can choose simple golden glass stands or go for something more elaborate like these metal lotus candle stands!

Picturesque Wooden Crates as Sidepieces

Do you purchase baskets full of mangoes every summer? Put those wooden crates to good use by adding them to your home decor! If you’d love to add a rustic touch to your wedding, then this is the perfect choice. Additionally, you can stack them up and adorn them with vines, flowers, candles and pinwheels for the best outcome.

small wooden cane basket with flower vines and golden bird cage decor
Via: Delhi Velvet

Build A Dreamy Canopy For Laid-Back Events

Canopies are something that will never go out of style. Your outdoor or backyard daytime ceremonies could use a touch of fairy dust with a custom canopy. With social distancing norms becoming necessary, you can have your personal canopy or add a certain number for your guests within appropriate distances. We absolutely adore the beauty and ease of decoration that accompanies this entry!

Striking Centerpieces For Every Table

Centerpieces are typically decorations for table settings that can help highlight the theme of the event. From chromatic glass jars, kettles and flowers to adorned birdcages and elaborate accessories, you can pick pretty much anything to zest up your tablescapes. While flower jars are a popular pick, there’s room for experimentation. More ideas for some offbeat centerpieces here. Moreover, if you want to add a personalized touch, try choosing something that reminds you of your partner!

white jar with pink flowers and copper standwhite jar with pink flowers and copper stand
Credits: Foliohaus

Bring Some Color To The Chairs

Chairs are an essential item in a wedding ceremony and something you can’t ignore while decorating. With just draping them up or adding fresh blooms, the venue will instantly glow up. Personalized chair tags are also quite trending this season. While ‘bride’ and ‘groom’ is a perfect chair tag, you can further add your partner’s nickname as an adorable surprise! 

Adding small personal touches can make your intimate weddings even more special. Inspire yourself with some ideas here.

Artsy Cushions For Wedding Home Decor

Don’t forget to use cushions to your advantage! You can always turn old sarees into cushion covers. Alternatively, you can also try stocking on some ready made cover and embellish them with sequins, tassels, pom-poms or feathers. Artsy cushions are just the thing your intimate home wedding might be missing!

traditional indian printed pillow with sequin for home decor
Via: Abhinav Bhagat Events

DIY Entrance Signage

Welcome your guests with a personalized welcome board for the night. It’s easy to design your own poster through free sites like Canva. Plus. all you need to do after that is get it printed on a board. It’s a perfect signage to place on the entrance with relevant information and also help your guests navigate to their desired location. Ultimately, they make things easier for both you and your guests! 

chalk board wedding sign post decor for entrance
Via: The Glam Wedding
fun outdoor guiding wedding sign post with tags
Credits: Foliohaus

Explore Varieties of DIY Vases and Jars

Another candidate for filler decor are your friendly neighborhood glasses, mason jars, vases, pots and cans. Most of these can easily be found hiding in your kitchen drawers! Moreover, you can easily style them with paints, ropes, laces or fancy tapes. Fill them up with a bunch of your favorite fragrant flowers or even fruits and you’re good to go. However, don’t forget to add water to your containers to keep the flowers blooming throughout your ceremonies!

lemon print glass jar with flower bouquet
Credits: Israni Photography
mason jar full of marigolds on a wooden stand
Via: The Photo Dairy by Monisha

Embellished and Painted Simplistic DIY Earthenware

Pottery had a strong and rich cultural value in India. So why not enrich your wedding home decor with artsy earthenware of different shapes and sizes? You can coat them with a layer of paint, colorful laces or printed cloth for a quirky twist. The pots might look empty by themselves, so keep your florist booked to turn them into an artsy decor!

matka earthenware home decor
Via: The Con Artists
blue painted matka earthenware with flowing marigold strings
Credits: Delhi Velvet

Simplistic Yet Dazzling DIY Kites 

Did you know kites look just as good as your wedding home decor as floating in the skies? Spice up your decorations using colorful kites for your outdoor as well as indoor ceremonies. They are easy to DIY and super cost effective. If your kites feel a little bland, you can always add in some extra gota or sequins. 

If DIY is your thing, do check out: DIY Wedding Decor Decoded

bride posing in front of kite decor haldi backdrop
Via: Dipak Studios
colored kites backdrop for indoor wedding
Credits: The Con Artists

Quirky Multi-purpose Ladder Decor

Another great option is to use the properties of a homely ladder to your advantage and turn it into a key decorative display. Either use old modeled ladders to impart rustic vintage vibes, or paint them to zest up the scene. You can use them as a creative storage stand to showcase themed accessories or personalize them with some picture frames! Additionally, they add dimension and organic woodsy vibes to your venue. 

beige ladder wedding decor with flower vases
Via: Vows & Tales
wooden vintage ladder with flower bouquets
Via: Studio Kelly

Ways Of The Traditional Marigold 

Marigold is considered to be an auspicious flower as it symbolizes happiness and divine blessings. Moreover, an Indian wedding simply won’t go without the bright hues of marigolds. Plus they are usually widely available. You can opt for marigold strings, structures, hoop hangings, swings or simply prop them in a flower pot. There are endless options to consider, but we’ve picked out the ones we’re sure you’ll love!

hoop marigold hanging for ceilings
Credits: Fireflies
marigold seating arrangement canopy with posing bride
Credits: Bugzy Photography
suspended marigold swing outdoor decor
Via: Folio Haus

Recycling Waste Paper With Origami Decor

Origami is a form of paper art that is simple, easy and can take your decor to a whole new level. Although it may look difficult, some origami options are surprisingly easy master. All you need is tons of colorful paper! Origami fans, cuttings and flowers are a quick yet sophisticated pick to amp up your home decor. 

colorful paper origami butterfly cutting hanging decor
Credits: Akansha & Ankit

Wing It With Vibrant Paper Pinwheels And Teapots

The paper pinwheels we used to blow at as kids is just as fun as a grown up. Luckily, you can have this bundle of innocent happiness in your wedding decor too. You can easily DIY them with colorful paper and bamboo sticks or else get a bundle of pinwheels on bargain. Stick a bunch of pinwheels on your decor and you’ll certainly get that pop of color you want! 

painted quirky teapot and pinwheel Indian home wedding decor
Credits: Vows & Tales

Detailing With Lil Pom Pom Hangings

A bunch of little detailing can have a big impact in your overall presentation. Beaded pom-pom hangings are minimalist and great for filling up empty areas! You can also hang them to beautify your existing accessories. Let them loose through branches of trees or trail them across the entrance. Simple to obtain and DIY-able, you can hang pom-poms literally anywhere and your decor will instantly light up! 

pompoms on wheel hanging outdoor wedding decor
Credits: Fireflies
beaded pompom hangings for intimate home wedding
Via: Delhi Velvet

Wedding Floral Rangolis

Sure we have rangolis for Diwali celebrations, but these flower rangolis are also trending in wedding home decor world! Instead of dry colours, you can use flower petals of marigold, roses and daisies! Flower rangolis are very simple to make and you can find a lot of patterns like these online. You can also pair them with candle stands. In addition to that, they are a perfect pick to amp up the ambiance of any indoor events.

Quirky and Offbeat Rickshaw, Trolley or Scooter

Whether it’s for your bridal entry, photo props or main decor, rickshaws and trolleys add the much needed fun factor to your celebrations! You can even use an old scooter lying around your house. All you need to do is revamp and beautify them with paint and flowers. While you’re at it, why not turn a trolley to an exquisite table to hold all the wedding favors? Stack up your guest gifts on a fancy floral cart trolley.

flower decorated and painted scooter for main home wedding decoration
Credits: Virag Vision Studios
orange rickshaw with pastel flower decoration and posing indian bride
Via: Dipak Studios

Display of a Color Riot Through Streamers

Without a doubt, streamers are simply a symbol of merrymaking and celebrations! If you want to declare your happiness and enjoyment through home decor, there’s not a better option than a display of peppy colorful streamers. There are a lot of cost effective steamer varieties available both online and offline. While it’s nice to have slathers of shades, keep a combinations of colours in mind to ensure your event looks homogenous. Nonetheless, there’s nothing that calls for a party as much as a venue full of brightening streamers hanging above and around!

Cascading Vibrant Tassels Decor

Surprisingly, one of the simplest and most aesthetic home decors are just plain tassels. You can make tassels using yarn, embroidery thread, crochet thread or even paper cuttings. They are also very easy to DIY at home. When you string them together, tassels can make up for an amazing ceiling decor! In addition to that, your guests won’t be able to stop fawning over the fairytale like charm of your wedding home decor.

colorful hanging DIY tassel, frames and marigold wedding decor
Credits: Fireflies
DIY tassels hanging down from an outdoor wedding tree
Via: Fireflies

Embellish Your Venue With Beautiful Painted Trunks

Do you have some old trunks catching dust in your storage? If yes, then here’s a chance to make them shine out! Although trunks may look too old for decoration but a coat of bright paints and accessories will bring out their inherent rustic boho vibes. Moreover, you can get a little artsy and paint florals or designs, instead of a solid coat of acrylic paint. DIY trunks and suitcases can not only be used as standalone decor, but also as storage for your wedding gifts & favours!

DIY painted trunk decor and aesthetic forest seating backdrop for quirky wedding
Via WedShastra
pink floral painted DIY trunk home wedding decor
Via: Abhinav Bhagat Events

Colored DIY Waste Tyres As Wedding Home Decor

Surprisingly, you will find a lot unusable items in your repository that can work as beautiful decor elements. Tyres are one of such items! Although they may not look as aesthetic at first, a little bit of acrylic paint can swiftly fix that problem. You can easily get hold of paints in your nearby craft store. Alternatively, you can also use durable spray paints! You can finally pair your cutesy tyre decor with flower bushes to make your wedding decor have a pop of colors.

rustic painted tyres with flower bushes for indoor home decor
Via: Delhi Velvet

Make it Rain Praises With Offbeat DIY Umbrellas

Do you know what protects you from the sun and rain yet also acts as a perfect decoration accessory? Yes, it’s your homely umbrellas! There is no household that does not own them. Umbrellas can be used as ceiling hangings or a full wall backdrop. They looks mindblowing no matter how you style them! However, don’t forget to sew in your favorite patterned clothes, paint them, glue in sequins or tassels to make them stand out. Undoubtedly, your guests won’t be able to stop gawking over your aesthetic sense!

jaipuri umbrella wall backdrop for indian intimate home wedding
Credits: Fireflies
umbrella DIY ceiling decor for wedding mandap
Via: Delhi Velvet

Wasn’t that an amazing collection of wedding home decor? Hopefully, you found some lovely inspirations for your intimate at home pre-wedding celebrations. So bookmark them right away! And, don’t forget to share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below!

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