Wedding Decor is incomplete without an Imposing Mandap

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Wedding Decor is incomplete without an Imposing Mandap

Your wedding vows are timeless.  So should be the beauty of your wedding Mandap. It’s a place where you commit yourself completely to your partner. It is a witness to your everlasting vows. You cannot miss out on it while planning your wedding decor. Let your wedding be concluded amidst the pristine beauty.

Here are 10 ways to decorate your wedding Mandap in 2018.

The Floating Mandaps – Serene and Calm

wedding decor

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wedding decor

wedding decor

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wedding decor

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Take your vows amidst the pure water. A floating mandap is a new trend in Wedding decor ideas. Let your mandap float in the pool.  It is so cool to take vows amidst water. The reflection of this Wedding Decor will look splendid.

There is nothing as beautiful as Flowers

Flowers are the prettiest of all. Their beauty is unmatched. Flowers come in various colours. It gives you wide choices of decoration. Wedding Decor with flowers is not new. But you can always show your creativity. It will give your mandap, a fresh look.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall !!!

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Mirrors and glasses are the latest trends in Wedding Decor. The glass mandaps look magical. The flawless glass promises you a flawless marriage. The Glass wall mandaps are beautiful. Use of glass crystals makes them look prettier. Try out glass Wedding Decor for a fresh look.

A leafy-Glade for Flashy Green Wedding Décor

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Time to go Green. Leaves are considered auspicious. Decorate your mandap with fresh leaves. Or surround it with trees. The fresh air will elevate the environment. Have freshness and beauty all around. Take hand in hand and unite forever.

Go Royal with Golden Hues

Image Studios @ Deepak Studios

Image Source @ Girl In Pink

Indian weddings are no less than any royal event. Golden hues are perfect for a royal touch. If you are looking for a royal Wedding Decor then Golden Hue’s mandaps are the best pick for you.

Lavender is the Colour of the Year

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“Lavender is the colour of transformation.” Your life is going to have a big change. Give it the perfect hues of Lavender. Lavender Wedding Decor looks appealing and soothing. Lavender mandaps are going to be most trending Wedding Decor in 2018.

As Pure as the Driven Snow

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Nothing is comparable to the purity of white. The spotless white is extremely appealing. Give your mandaps the purity of such white. White Wedding Decor assures you blissful vows. Start your new life with purity and bliss of spotless white.

Go all Breezy with Beachside Mandaps

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Beach weddings are prominent these days. Beach weddings bring life and joy to the event. Beachside mandap is one of the best parts of these wedding. Taking vows in the cool breeze and glowing sand is just a pure bliss. Beach weddings feature a unique and joyful Wedding Decor.

Rustic is the New Favourite

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Rustic for sure is going to be the favourite theme of Wedding Decor 2018. It is like having a break from buzzing city life. The crude look is very appeasing. Taking vows in such peaceful environment gives a feeling of eternal joy. So make your mandap appeasing with a crude rustic look.

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