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Pre-wedding underwater photoshoot: WedAbout

In this age of Social Media, the weddings are majorly about the experience, the memories and how good it all looks in your Photographs. One of the most important parts of any wedding is the photographs. It all starts with the pre-wedding photo shoot. 

Pre-wedding photo shoots are best when they capture the love of the couple. The latest trend in the pre-wedding shoot is Underwater photography. It forms a beautiful combination of the couple and their love, all portrayed in water. There are various different styles for those trendy couples who want to try this. To capture those perfect loving moments, try to first explore your interests as a couple and then incorporate them into your pre-wedding photoshoot. This will be perfect for creating those wow-moments.

credit: The Photo Diary

So, if you’re trying Pre-wedding shoot, we bring you great trendy ideas for water photography. This will not only be an awesome one, but the experience itself will be worth it.

1. Lovey-dovey poses

Why not show your love, via this pre-wedding photography. Pose hand in hand, hugging each other passionately to show your love.

2. Fun with Water

Why not show your fun side with water. Pre-wedding shoot where couples are playing with water is a trend these days.

pic credit: True Shades

3. The one by the beach

Why not try a pre-wedding photo shoot by the beach. Hand-in-hand this will be the perfect romantic experience for you two. This also is one of the most loved pre-wedding photography ideas.

Pic credit: Focus Studio

4. The one not afraid of PDA

This idea is for the bold couples.Show your love in water with some hot photographs. This actually is quite trendy and mostly is used for Instagram posts.

5. The Pre-wedding Bridal Shots

While the brides are instructed to stay away from water due to their mehendi and Makeup, this photoshoot is quite the opposite. Brides prefer to show their fun side by opting for an underwater shoot.

Pic credit: Shutter Monkeyz

Pic credit: Shutter Monkeyz

Pic credit: Shutter Monkeyz

6. The Rain-Dance

Well, not including rain on this list felt like cheating. Rain is always regarded as the most romantic one for couples. This will be a great experience for those Bollywood movie fans. Why not include it in your pre-wedding photo shoot?

Well, these were some crazy and trendy Pre-wedding photography ideas. Explore yourselves as a couple and then choose the one which suits you the most. Afterall, it who you are that matters in the end and that should be evident from your photographs.

Try, under water pre-wedding shoot for that fun, crazy experience.
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