10 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Wedding Photographer

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10 Things to consider before hiring a Wedding Photographer

Someone rightly said, “Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.” A good wedding photographer knows the importance of capturing those priceless moments of your special day. Research the styles of various photographers and choose one who can transform those cherished times into beautiful everlasting memories of your D-day.

A few tips from WedAbout that will help you opt for the apt shutterbug to relive the celebrations for your lifetime:

1. Years of experience in wedding photography

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It’s your day today. One of the most special occasions. The memories are going to remain with you for the rest of your life. Choose a professional with experience who knows how those perfect shots are taken and help bring down your stress levels. While there are photographers with an experience of an ample number of years, some upcoming photographers come with tons of enthusiasm and energy to accomplish your dream. A choice is yours!

2. Meeting the photographer and gauging his style

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Each photographer has his own style and approach. Their work talks about their personality.  Their images are a reflection of their approach. Be it traditional, classic or photojournalistic. A traditional photographer focuses more on posed shots than capturing candid moments. The photographer with photojournalistic approach will never ask you to pose. He will click candid moods, and a classic photographer follows a blend of the two styles. Opt for the one you believe is a perfect match with your persona and expectations.

3. Pre-wedding shoot

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A relatively new concept in wedding photography, Pre-Wedding shoots are becoming popular amongst the younger generation. It has become a sign of the special bond shared by the couple. Picturesque locations, props, dresses that will best suit you for the shoot. These are all suggested by your photographer. Mr Kunal Khanna, Director White Frog Productions mentions, “Nowadays, every second client is slyly looking forward to a “complementary” Pre-wedding shoot. This is a fad these days and no one wants to be left behind.”

4. Credentials and reputation

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Make sure the paparazzo you choose is the best one. You are entrusting him with a big responsibility of your special day. Start your search by browsing websites and blogs. Take references from friends and relatives who are satisfied with their work. Read their testimonials carefully. Their presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will give a hint about their style and skills.

5. Team size

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An ideal team size of two photographers following the same theme is perfect for covering the entire wedding event. While the first photographer focuses on the bride and the groom, the second one can capture the shots of your friends and family, so you miss out on nothing. The second photographer might also assist the main photographer with the lighting and camera equipment. “The couple wants to know how many photographers/cinematographers will be covering the wedding. Team size is regulated with the size of the venue and the number of guests”, adds Kunal.

6. Equipment and cameras to be used for the shoot

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The outcome and quality of your photographs depends largely on the cameras that the photographers shoot with. Some specialized cameras commonly used are Sony a7s2, Canon 5d mark 3, Canon 6d, Nikon d750, Nikon d810, DJI Osmo, DJI Phantom 3 and DJI Inspire for aerial videos. Make sure the photographs are shot and edited with user friendly softwares, in compatible formats for your future use.

7. Budget

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This is an important aspect to be considered while finalizing the photographer for you wedding. Decide on the photographer after carefully screening the portfolios and prices of the offers that are available in the market and what suits your wallet.

8. Hidden clauses, terms and conditions

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A contract is an agreement that you sign with the photographer to formalize the expectations of both the parties. Make sure that all details regarding the ceremony shoot are covered to avoid later confusion. The contract includes details like the date and time of the shoot, the rights that the photographer will retain on the photos, the fee or the security deposits etc.

9. Your compatibility with the photographer matters

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It is important that the photographer shares a friendly relationship with you and understands your requirements for him to give optimal results. There should be a connection that both of you must share for a seamless communication. Once the contract is finalized, you know you are in safe hands and everything will be taken care of smoothly.

“These days people meet with the photographer before finalizing him or her. If the photographer and the couple can hit it off and are comfortable with one another, then nothing like it. People also like when a photographer is open to discussing ideas, not only his or her own but also hearing out what the client wants.” Says Tania Seth, a renowned photographer.

10. Results to be perfect and all criterion to be finalized after discussion

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Your photographer is your best guide and you can be rest assured about your wedding shoot and photographs after discussing the nitty-gritties of the events with them. The desired results will be achieved when both you and the photographer work cohesively as a team for your big day.

Your wedding memories are invaluable, hire a photographer who values them. Say Cheese!

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