Bookmark These 40+ Fun & Candid Haldi Photoshoot Poses for Bride, Groom, Friends & Family

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Bookmark These 40+ Fun & Candid Haldi Photoshoot Poses for Bride, Groom, Friends & Family

Fun, vibrant, joyous, and traditional—that’s the essence of almost every Haldi ceremony these days. Modern-day Haldi functions often take place together, where both the bride and groom are present and sacred turmeric is applied to them to ward off evil eyes. Apart from Phoolon ki Holi, friends use color, water, and even champagne to bathe the couple, making the ceremony downright amusing and exciting. And those candid pictures serve as a lifetime memory. Capturing minute details of all those joyous times and heartfelt emotions, Haldi photos instantly bring a smile to everyone’s face the moment they see them. If you are getting married, we recommend taking cues from these trending Haldi photoshoot poses for the bride and groom. These Haldi photoshoot ideas with friends and family are sure to make your event fun and memorable for a lifetime!

Haldi Poses for Solo Bride

We have curated some of the best bridal poses for Haldi to make your Punjabi, Marathi, Kerala, and other Indian weddings a lively fiesta. From Haldi brides showcasing their floral jewellery to brides-to-be laughing crazily as their friends and family go overboard with turmeric application, these Haldi photoshoot poses are surely the talk of the town right now.

Check them out!

1. Haldi pose for the bride showcasing her Mehendi charm!

Haldi photoshoot poses for solo bride with Mehendi
Via: weddingwearguides

2. The bride-to-be revealing her bridal Haldi jewellery which is as pretty as her

Haldi photoshoot poses with smiling bride
Via: traditional.brides

3. Every girl should bookmark this flower showering picture for her upcoming Haldi ceremony photography

Haldi photoshoot poses flower showering for solo bride
Via: weddingmomentslove

4. This bride has got some swag!

Haldi photoshoot poses for solo bride - Swag bride
Via: sweta_paul06

5. A beautiful bride being applied dollop of Haldi by her friends and family!

Haldi photoshoot poses for single bride
Via: cupcakeproductions13

6. For straight out of the movie Haldi photoshoot poses, take notes from these brides

Haldi photoshoot poses for solo bride for Indian wedding
Via: dipak_studios

7. This beautiful Navri doing Haldi Rasam in a gorgeous vibrant orange sari has our heart!

Haldi photoshoot poses and haldi pics ideas for solo bride
Via: admediauk

8. A sweet and simple Pose from Pelli Kuthuru

Haldi photoshoot poses for solo South Indian bride
Via: kamalkiranphotography

9. Getting drenched is an uber-chic candid shot for your Haldi

Haldi photoshoot poses and pic ideas for solo bride
Via: foreverbygayathri

10. Another candid of a bride rejoicing at her Chooda cum Haldi ceremony

Haldi photoshoot poses for solo bride - Haldi pic ideas
Via: Pinterest

These Haldi pictures of brides are a source of inspiration for your wedding rituals, so make sure to bookmark them.

Haldi Poses for Solo Groom

Single Haldi shots of the groom are equally enchanting as those of Haldi brides. For the groom’s Haldi photography, take inspiration from these pictures. From Haldi poses for the groom showcasing the boy getting attacked with all sorts of liquids to candid shots with beloved pets, these photos will surely uplift your mood.

11. When ‘Mujhe rangde, mujhe rangde’ is taken too seriously!

Haldi photoshoot poses for solo groom
Via: zamalsamanphotography

12. Can a groom be as crazy as this?

Haldi photoshoot poses for groom single
Via: slartproduction

13. Being drenched in water is the Holygrail shot of every Haldi wedding photography

Haldi photoshoot poses for groom solo
Via: karmaproduction_india

14. Getting plastered with turmeric paste is something the groom won’t forget ever

Haldi photoshoot poses and haldi pics of groom
Via: Pinterest

15. Haldi day or fun day?

Haldi photoshoot poses for single groom
Via: Pinterest

These Haldi pics of grooms are a treat to our eyes and an inspiration for bachelors out there.

Haldi Poses for Couple Photoshoot

Every Haldi ceremony is incomplete without couple shots. Bride and groom Haldi function photos are reminiscent of the time spent together during the pre-wedding festivities. Looking for ideas for the couple photography for your Haldi function? Here are some Dulha Dulhan poses for major inspo.

16. We are in awe of this lovely couple posing on a bench adorned with flowers

Haldi photoshoot poses for couples
Via: ssd_photographyyyyy

17. Candid Haldi photography poses are incredible and for the right reasons

Haldi photoshoot poses for bride and groom candid
Via: Kairoscope frame your moments

18. Let’s get drenched together!

Haldi photoshoot poses - dulha dulhan pose
Via: stories_by_jigs_anghan

19. Tum jo aaye zindagi mein, baat ban gayi

20. Who needs couple poses when the photographer captures the real moments?

Haldi photoshoot poses for Indian couples
Via: shutterdownphotography
Haldi photoshoot poses for bride and groom- haldi pics of bride and groom
Via: ff_weddingz

21. This cool candid shot of Dulha Dulhan applying turmeric to each other is all about sheer love!

Haldi photoshoot poses for couple photography
Via: Pinterest

22. Check out this sassy couple ready to take our breath away with their swag

23. This bride and groom have their eyes set on each other forever!

24. One can’t overlook these fun Haldi poses for the bride and groom

Haldi photoshoot poses for couples with coordinating outfits

25. A couple posing with a gorgeous backdrop for their Pithi ceremony

Haldi photoshoot poses for couples with backdrop
Via: Pinterest
Haldi Poses with Sister/Bridesmaid

If it’s your sister’s wedding or you want inspiration for the bride’s sister poses for Haldi function, these Haldi photoshoot poses are your saviour.

26. Haldi poses with sisters or friends like these are adored by everyone

27. This photograph of bridesmaids wearing color-coordinated outfits is as pretty as a picture!

28. The glorious Haldi tribe!

29. Two gorgeous sisters don’t need a pose!

Haldi photoshoot poses with sister of bride
Via: Pinterest

30. Best friends or sisters? Doesn’t matter if all you have is immense love for each other!

31. This shot is pure magic! 

Haldi photoshoot poses with friends and family
Via: Pinterest

32. Something that doesn’t need a caption!

Haldi photoshoot poses for sister's Haldi function
Via: Pinterest

33. It’s all yellow, all fun!

Haldi photoshoot poses with sisters and friends
Via: infinite_memories09

34. Phoolon ki Holi

35. Something simple and serene to look at!

Haldi Poses with Family

Haldi group poses with family are always fun and emotional at the same time, just like the ones depicted below. These Haldi photoshoot poses are sure to drive inspiration.

36. Haldi fun with family is a memory engraved in the heart forever

haldi photoshoot poses with family
Via: anilvideofilms

37. Those Haldi vibes with siblings

Haldi photoshoot poses with siblings/sisters
Via: surajphotography10

38. Haldi photoshoot group poses are the best!

Haldi photoshoot poses with family for group photoshoot
Via: weddingz__wonderz

39. Family, friends, and your love together in a picture… what else do you need?

40. This Groom is having the time of his life at his Haldi ceremony

Haldi photoshoot poses for groom with family
Via: thecandidstoriesphotography
Haldi Poses with Groomsmen

Undoubtedly, Haldi poses with brothers and friends can’t be missed from the list of Haldi photoshoot ideas for an Indian wedding. Check out the Haldi photoshoot pictures with the groomsmen given below and jot down these ideas.

41. Masti with brothers and best pals on Haldi day

Haldi photoshoot poses for groom with friends
Via: Pinterest

42. Nothing can be more fun than pouring champagne on the groom on his Haldi

Haldi photoshoot poses for groom with brothers
Via: Pinterest

43. Moments of fun and love like this are rare

Haldi photoshoot poses for groom funny and candid
Via: artfotostudios

44. This groom getting drenched in liquor makes for one of the best candid shots for the wedding photo album

Haldi photoshoot poses for groom candid
Via: Pinterest

45. Whosoever says Haldi moments are boring should look at this picture

Haldi photoshoot poses for groom photography
Via: hitchedandclicked

We hope you got enough inspiration from these haldi photoshoot poses of the bride and groom. Stay tuned to the WedAbout blog for more exciting photographs like these.

Parul Dhamija