10 Expert Tips For Planning The PreWedding Shoot

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10 Expert Tips for planning the PreWedding Shoot

With over half a decade of expertise in Candid Photography, Lakshya Chawla of ‘ShutterDown’ thinks that the best thing that can happen to a couple is a PreWedding shoot. He has witnessed many love stories begin during the shoots and strongly recommends a Pre-Wedding shoot. We spoke with him and got you the best tips!

1.Choosing the Right Season

“It is so important to understand the expectations of the Couple” Says Lakshya Chawla who thinks that the seasons impact the Photo shoots the most. “We can’t find the golden hue in the sunlight on gloomy days!”

Expert Tip: “Customize the shoot as per your needs. Don’t copy the theme or the lcoation. What may have looked good then, may not be what you desire” – Lakshya Chawla from ShutterDown

2.Choosing the Right Location

The location chosen should define you as a person. It has to be you! No point choosing a Five Star hotel if raw wilderness is what defines you. The bride and the groom need to be at ease at the location that has been chosen.

3.Natural Lights or Artificial lights

This lends a huge impact in terms of the output. Natural lights and artificial lights when used constructively may increase the entire effect.

4.Choosing the Clothes and Costumes

 The photographer is basically a consultant who is able to see the final picture and should recommend the clothes, styles, colours and costumes to lend the Midas Touch. So have faith in your photographer and go by his suggestions of the style, makeup and costumes.

5.Using the Right Props

Don’t use a Prop just because your friend used it. It is necessary for the prop to convey the message that is unspoken. The prop if used needs to be chosen carefully and should blend with the entire theme.

Expert Tip: “Trust Your Photographer” – Lakshya Chawla from ShutterDown

6.Using the Right Theme

Choose Retro, Polka, Jungle, colour or abstract themes wisely. The entire photograph is a collection of all other factors and should merge well. “No two weddings are the same and each wedding is a story in itself”

7.Bonus Offers

You may just be lucky and get a bonus package. Inquire about the Bonus offers. Who knows you may just win yourself a good discount or free props and makeup!

8.Expertise of the photographer

The photographer is an artist drawing your emotions on the easel. So he needs to experiment and research. It is only then that it can be said that a picture can speak a thousand words.

9.Justifying the Cost

You should get what you have asked for! Simply because you have seen the photographers work, you know what the frame would be like. If you think the money being asked for is justified, then go ahead. Else look for another one!

10.Enthusiasm  And Comfort

You may be comfortable in a modern chic shoot, but what if your bride’s parents are not? It is definitely essential for the couple to be comfortable with the theme and the overall look of the shoot.

Expert Tip: “Make a Whats-app group of your spouse, families and friends associated with the shoot. It really helps in communicating and avoiding delays” – Lakshya Chawla from ShutterDown

Chitransha Chauhan

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