Capture All The Fun With These Props For Your Pre-wedding Shoot

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Capture All The Fun With These Props For Your Pre-wedding Shoot

Life is a collection of moments which we add to our memories. A pre-wedding shoot is one such moment which can be captured for the lifetime, kept in the locker and can be cherished throughout our lives. So, apart from selecting a perfect location, wearing the most stylish attires, and hiring the best photographer, you can also think about adding a distinctive touch to your pre-wedding shoot with a variety of funky and cool props.

Let’s have a look at some of the cool WedAbout picks of props that will take your pre-wedding shoot a notch above the rest:

1.Sky Lanterns

pre-wedding shoot

Photo Credit @ Weddings by Studio f2.8

If you are planning to get a photo shoot in the night, give a starry look to your pictures through the shining lanterns. Hang them in and around your room or just let them fly free in the sky and get your super filmy pictures clicked.

2.Colorful Balloons

pre-wedding shoot

Photo Credit @Rajesh Digital

Cuteness overloaded! Fill your garden or your room with a lot of balloons in your favorite color. Tag them with a lot of love messages which mean a lot to you and your partner.

3.Romantic Umbrellas

pre-wedding shoot

Photo Credit @White Frog Productions

Indeed, whether it is rainy or not, umbrellas give a romantic touch to your photo shoot. Now flaunt with the colorful and cute umbrellas with different patterns and enjoy the romance of the umbrellas.

4.Funky Frames

pre-wedding shoot

Photo Credit @Studio Finesse

Sounds really cool! This is really a very creative idea to add a funky look to your photo shoot. You can even be more creative and tell your love story through these frames.

5.Bubbly Bubbles

pre-wedding shoot

Photo Credit @ Dot Dusk Studios

Creative though! Now you can get a fun-filled photo shoot with these bubbles. Get a bubble machine and just let them flow through your pictures.

6.The Chalky Slates

pre-wedding shoot

Photo Credit @ White Frog Productions

Slates are the most commonly used prop for a pre-wedding shoot as they give a different charm to your photos. Easy to work with and the best part is you can modify them as per your need.

7.Cool Glares

pre-wedding shoot

Photo Credit @Tania Seth Photography

What are you waiting for? Go grab a pair of funky reflectors for your pre-wedding shoot. Put them on the ground and get your reflections clicked in them.

8.Adventurous Horses

pre-wedding shoot

Photo Credit @Dipak Studios

Yes!! Now add a super adventurous look to your photo shoot with horses in the background or in the frame. This will definitely make your shoot stand above the rest.

9. Adorable Pets

pre-wedding shoot

Photo Credit @Wikimedia

If you are a pet lover, you can play with pets in your photo shoot. You will be surprised how adorable the picture will turn out with a super cute puppy in the fame.

10.Glittering Masks

pre-wedding shoot

Photo Credit @Pixabay

Add a special theme to your photo shoot with the glittering masks on your faces. This will add a different look to your pictures and make them worth your good memories.

Don’t wait for so long now. Go and choose the props you like the most for your pre-wedding shoot. After all, it’s your special day, make it the best one and let your pictures stand out differently with these super cool and cute props.

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