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Wedding photography? Hire professional.

Indian wedding is nothing short of a festival. Wedding photography captures special moments in a perfect frame.  And in terms of wedding photography, Taaniyah Seth seems to take the wedding scene by storm. She has a candid and contemporary style when it comes to wedding photography.

Given below is the extract from the talk Taaniyah had with WedAbout:-

wedding photography

wedding photography

Q: Why did you pursue wedding photography?

TS:  Your true passion is definitely the thing that makes you happy. Initially, it was my hobby then I feel the urge to constantly push myself forward.

I was pursuing a full-time career as Writer with Travel Co. in Delhi. It all started with my friend’s wedding. Gradually I took up Wedding Photography as a profession. You don’t take a photograph, you make it.

Wedding photogrpahy

Q: How long have you been in the profession?

TS: Since 2012 I have been playing with the lenses and I felt that I am naturally good at it. Took up full-time wedding photography in 2014  and now I believe that wedding photography is an art of observation. I really enjoy capturing the beauty in the moments.

wedding photography

Q: What is your team size?

TS:  Currently I work with 8-10 people. We keep hiring freelancers as per the requirement of projects. Our team is bold enough to go out hunting for the great image. They’ll be shadowing your every move, and they try to be comfortable with the bride and groom.

wedding photography

wedding photography

Q: What is your USP as a Wedding Photographer?

TS:  I personally believe without the personal equation, wedding photography does not work well. I ensure the couple is comfortable with me and the lenses too!!! Secondly, I also aspire to be as structured as possible throughout the entire process to deliver the best to our clients. And yes there advice is really that matters. Because at the end what matters is there happiness.

wedding photography

wedding photography

Q: Describe the most exciting wedding you have shot till date

TS:  A wedding is more than just the holy union of two people.It is tough to locate a single wedding that way especially when each project is unique in its own way. However, the wedding of my childhood friend is slightly more special to me. I had shot the entire wedding along with the other ceremonies which have great emotional value for me. Wedding photography with a sentimental touch is special. It’s hard to put into words the kind of transcendental or sublime feel of people getting married.

wedding photography

Q: According to you, which is more fun: Regular wedding or Destination Wedding?

TS:  I feel Destination or regular wedding does not make much of a difference to wedding photography. It is the couple which is crucial. The venue surely is an added advantage but a happy couple makes the image bright and beautiful. For me, both regular and destination weddings are equal in its own appeal.

wedding photography

Q: Please list out the inclusions and the exclusions in your standard offerings. What price range you operate on?

TS: There are standard inclusions for images or album. We specialize in two types of videos namely Traditional Videos and Cinematography. Combining candid and traditional photography along with video and albums start from INR 1,75,000.  The inclusion of Cinematography amounts to INR 2,10,000. These packages usually cover 2 days photography

Q: Share the details about your favourite couple of the weddings you have shot so far.

TS:  Every couple is good in there own way. However, couples who are deeply involved with us throughout the entire process surely stand out.  Needless to say, the deep-seated chemistry and the smile they share are always tend to create magic.

wedding photography

wedding photography

Q: What are the most beautiful things about Indian Wedding

TS: I seem to adore every single detail about Indian Weddings. The hustle and bustle with proper involvement of friends and relatives is the most amazing thing about the Indian wedding. The warm welcome of barat. Hues of reds, yellows and greens make a splash, creating a perfect ambience for an event as vibrant as one’s wedding. And of course the “food”!!!

wedding photography

Q: Being a lady with the camera, what difficulties you have faced so far?

TS:  I have been fortunate enough. I have never faced any major issues as such. However, at times I had to fight the psyche of people at times who find it tough to digest that a woman can handle project single-handedly. Often they are comfortable in dealing with my husband solving any crisis.

What matters is the passion, not the gender!

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