Top 10 Bridal Shots you should include in your Wedding Album

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Top 10 Bridal Shots you should include in your Wedding Album

Every bride is beautiful! And the real reason for her beauty lies not in her flawless makeup or her oh-so-lovely lehenga, but it is her inner joy and happiness. Wedding is the most blissful day in the life of any women and every moment of that day will be a part of her eternal memory.

Although all moments of a bride are worth capturing, we at WedAbout have cherry-picked must have bridal shots to complete the wedding album.

1.     The Beginning Shot

Bridal Shots

Photo credit@DotDusk Studios

A wannabe bride is most enthusiastic when she is getting ready. The excitement to look beautiful and to be treated like a princess and finally uniting with her soulmate brings out her best expressions.

2.     The Mirror Reflection Shot

Bridal Shots

Photo credit@Dipak Studios

Looking into the mirror for nth time and confirming that everything looks just perfect is what makes a bride adorable. She does not want to leave any stone unturned for looking her best on this special day.

3.     Look At My Beautiful Hands Shot

Bridal Shots

Photo credit@Aman Gera Photography

Hands finely manicured with artistically designed Mehendi and those tinkling and shinning choora are a bride’s priceless assets – Calls for a perfect bridal shot.

4.     The Dream In The Eyes Shot

Bridal Shots

Photo credit@Happy Flashbacks

Her eyes speak more than words can ever describe. Her infinite joy and dreams of a fulfilling marriage reflect deeply in her eye. A bride must make sure to have a close up eye shot for her wedding album.

5.  The Ghoonghat Ki Add Main Shot

Bridal ShotsPhoto credit@Our Wedding Chapter

This is the pose in which your mother and even your grandmother must have given a shot. Now it is your turn! A traditional heirloom shot for the portrait is must.

6.     The Bride With A Swag Shot

Bridal Shots

Photo credit@Design Aqua

From head to toe, a bride is decked up in her traditional avatar. A good way to increase the swagometer is by adding some cool accessory. How about aviators!

7.     The Waiting At The Window Shot

Bridal Shots

Photo credit@Sunanda Agarwal Photography

When the bride is ready for her wedding, all she wants is to see her sweetheart. She can’t wait to get a single glance of the groom. Her eagerness is worth a capture.

8.     The Flowing Lehenga Shot

Bridal Shots

Photo credit@DotDusk Studios

A bride’s most treasured possession is her wedding lehenga. After wearing it she feels nothing less than a princess. A bridal shot with different sways and waves of the beautiful wedding lehenga is a must.

9.     The Best Side Forward Shot

Bridal Shots

Photocredit@KJ Photoworks

Everybody has their good angle and a favorite slant for a perfect shot. A bridal shot in that pose is a must.

10.  The Cinderella In Her Shoe Shot

Bridal Shots

Photo credit@White Frog Productions

Feet are often ignored while taking pictures.  A bride in her sexy stilettos and deep, dark henna on her feet makes a marvelous bridal shot. It makes a complete shot when the beautiful border of her lehenga serves as a background.

We are sure you are equally mesmerized by these beautiful bridal shots just like us. Make sure you include them in your wedding album.

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