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Professional reveals Tips for Wedding Photography

 “A good snapshot stops a moment from running away.”
Wedding Photography captures moments and also memories. A moment which is gone forever remains captive in the lenses of a Photographer. And that is exactly what Nitin Arora does!! An ace who unveils a world of spontaneity.

Wedding Photography

Nitin Arora is a renowned Photographer with an enviable specialization in Wedding photography. His bold and vibrant style is acknowledged by clients across corporate and wedding industries. Awarded as one of the top 10 Wedding Photographers 2016, his work was featured in Band Baaja Bride by Sabyasachi Mukherjee. He shot for esteemed editorials like Hindustan Times and Cosmopolitan. Nitin Arora’s wife, Shanaya Arora is instrumental in running this successful wedding photography venture.

Wedding Photography

WedAbout gets up-close with Nitin Arora and here is sneak view inside his world of wedding photography:

WA: How long have you been in this profession:

NA: I started as Commercial Photographer for corporates. Gradually I took up Wedding Photography about 7 years back.

Wedding Photography

WA: What is your team size?

NA: Currently I work with a team of 9 people with profiles like Cinematography, Videographer and Marketing.

Wedding Photography

WA: When did you first feel the urge of Wedding Photography?

NA: I was doing photo-shoots for Reebok. The General Manager of Reebok was getting married and that was when I took up Wedding Photography for the first time. It was a grand Punjabi Wedding in Ambala. I still happen to use those wedding photography images now.

Wedding Photography

WA: Major thrust which made you continue Wedding Photography?

NA: When I shot the Ambala Wedding, the Indian Wedding photography has not yet witnessed new trends like candid clicks. Images taken during that wedding were simple yet stunning. Moments were captured in elegance. I had an amazing response from the couple and this made me pursue wedding photography.

Wedding Photography

WA: Most beautiful wedding ever shot by you?

NA: I have shot the wedding of Kamna and Kush. Kamna is a Fashion Designer by profession and she designed her own Bridal Lehenga. She designed wedding attire for her entire family which is the interesting bit of this wedding.  This entire wedding journey was shot by me and this according to me is one of the prettiest weddings. Like I always say, the bonding between the photographer and the couple is crucial for wedding photography. I share a warm relationship with the couple in this wedding.

Wedding Photography

WA: According to you, what is that striking feature of Indian Weddings?

NA: The vibrant rituals and ceremonies in Indian weddings are most significant. I have covered a wide range of weddings from Punjabi Weddings to Gujarati ones to even the European wedding. I meet various people and see their distinct cultures with their very own rituals. This is fascinating for wedding photogrphy.

Wedding Photography

WA: How do you proceed with Destination Wedding?

NA: For me personally, Destination Wedding does not have a singular place. The couple is the game changer in the wedding photography. A pro-couple who is interactive and excited makes for fantastic images for wedding photography. The place adds on to the beauty but it does not have the highest relevance.

Wedding Photography

WA: What to focus while shooting Destination Wedding:

NA: Two major factors for Destination Wedding Photography:-

-Destination-Whether it is hill station or a desert state, the place has to be captured in its local terrain.Destination wedding photography focuses on the local flavour.

-While shooting for Destination Wedding photography, we take the couple around the place. It is interesting to shoot the couple against the backdrop of the local attractions.

Wedding Photography

WA: Destination Wedding photography or Regular Wedding, which is more fun?

NA: Again, the locale does not matter to me. A proactive couple makes difference. A couple who is naturally comfortable with each other, as well as the lenses, make up for gorgeous wedding photography. The bond I share with the couple and the family helps to break ice resulting in effortlessly beautiful clicks.

Wedding Photography

WA: New Trends in Wedding Photography?

NA: A bride’s thought sets new trends in wedding photography. The bride and the groom are creators and their comfort sets trends. One might be uncomfortable to pull off an outrageous trend and it will spoil the image quality. Wherein, somebody who manages to pull of simplest trends makes up for charming clicks.

Wedding Photography

WA: USP of Nitin Arora Photography?

NA: I personally emphasize on two major factors:

-Timely Deliverable: We are known to deliver images within 30 days and videos within 45days. Late delivery often spoils the charm of the entire wedding. Beyond the point of time, the couple or the family is no longer interested in the wedding photography.

-Personalized Servicing: I feel, an emotional matter like Indian Wedding photography cannot be successful without personal attention. We do not send teams on their own to cover client weddings. Shanaya and I personally get involved in each wedding, build a bond with the couple and understand their taste and need. That is how we create fabulous wedding photography. A personal touch is key when it comes to wedding photography.

Wedding Photography

WA: Tips for a couple for a pre-wedding shoot:

NA: “Be Yourself. Do not fake” that is my standing suggestion to each couple for wedding photography. I feel Natural moments get best captured. I do not ask the couple to pose in a particular fashion, it appears synthetic.  A couple should not try to ape something or be somebody they are not. Spontaneity makes fondest images.

Secondly, before choosing any photographer the couple must research well on the photographer profile. Photographers have portal or Social Media pages, the couple must go through their profiles to understand which particular photographer suit their taste. I often invite couples to my studio for coffee where we get to know each other. I also click random shots just to see how the couple reacts to the camera. It is like an informal pre-wedding shoot where we also build familiarity.

Wedding Photography

WA: Finally, when you are not shooting weddings, what do you love doing?

NA: Travelling and Biking are two of my favourite hobbies. Shanaya and I love the thrill of adventure activities. In fact, we participated in MTV Chase the Monsoon 2015 where we rode a bike from Shimla and were first runners-up. Interestingly, we shot our pre-wedding photograph in Ladakh, quite like an ode to the adventure traveller in us.

With that Nitin Arora signs off.  Our vendor partner, Nitin Arora with his fantastic wedding photography skills wait to turn your special day slightly more beautiful.

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