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Wedding Photography? Lock your memories.

Getting married? Girl, you are about to take the most exciting roller-coaster ride of your life!!! Book venue, hire vendors, sort wedding wardrobe, shout out your wedding and block your wedding photographer. This is that one person who should be on your speed-dial to make this single event last lifetime.

You would catch up for coffee with on a whim, just to chat. Because your wedding photographer is going to witness and capture some of the most important, intimate moments of your life to date.

Wedding photography does not only include creativity with a camera and adept skills, but it essentially arrests the natural flow of the wedding saga. Creative Treasures by Pranav does exactly this!! Pranav aided by an able team aces the entire process of wedding photography. He aims to tell their story.

WedAbout in a chat with Pranav finds out how:-

WA: Why did you pursue wedding photography?

CT: My first sting with wedding photography happened with family weddings. I picked up the camera on a whim and shot family wedding out of sheer curiosity. This led me to study this profession. Extensive research and study of the skill, as well as the technique, led me to pursue wedding photography.

WA: How long have you been in the profession?

CT: It had been an exciting journey of 5 years of learning and re-learning.

WA: What is your team size?

CT:  Currently I work with 7-8 people. We keep hiring freelancers as per the requirement of projects.

WA: What is your USP as a Wedding Photographer?

CT:  Indian weddings are lavish and gorgeous. However, every wedding works within given budget. Creative Treasures takes particular measures to ensure that we are Budget Wedding Photographer. We give the best photography within given budget without compromising on the quality of photography. We come up with alternate solutions for everything. Creative Treasures fit well for affordable wedding photography options.

WA: Describe the most exciting wedding you have shot till date

CT: As long as you guys get married, everything else is just a beautiful detail.

I have recently covered a wedding in Gurgaon which touched a crowd of 1000 and it was surely one of the most exciting weddings I have covered so far. We have deployed 12-member team for this wedding. Not only it was a bustling event to cover but the bride-groom cooperated immensely which made this memorable. The kind of care the couple took and the support they extended was phenomenal.

WA: How many weddings have you covered so far? How many Destination Weddings this year?

CT: We have undertaken around 8-10 weddings. Out of which I have shot one Destination Wedding in Mathura.

WA: Which is more fun: Regular wedding or Destination Wedding?

CT: A wedding is an emotional and heartfelt occasion. The best photos are the ones of how your day is unfolding, right there, in the moment. If your wedding is full of laughter then, yep, your photos will be full of ‘fun and happy’. If your wedding is full of intimacy and emotion, then guess what? You will get photos that reflect that.

We do not treat regular wedding any different from a Destination Wedding. For us, the primary ingredient for successful wedding photography is the facial expressions of the couple. The chemistry and camaraderie of the couple bring out the most beautiful images. Venue surely adds to the beauty but it is not the primary concern.

WA: Please list out the inclusions and the exclusions in your standard offerings? What price range you operate on?

CT: Standard packages of Creative Treasures start from 15k which includes pre-wedding shoot. The 20k package includes make-up artist. The package cost goes up to 1.5-1.6 depending on the client requirements.

WA: Your favourite couple from the weddings you have shot so far

CT:My job is to capture the story of their wedding day – how it unfolds, the emotions and the details.

Again it is tough to locate single couple as my favourite. Most of the couples I have shot have been remarkably nice. However, the wedding of Vaibhav and Shivani stands dear to me. They have been one of the most supportive couples I have shot so far. Every aspect of wedding photography got their attention which finally resulted in super shots.

WA: Most amazing things about Indian Wedding.

CT: Undoubtedly, I find the wedding attire most amazing for Indian weddings. Whether it is the maharani lehenga sported by the brides or the resplendent groom-wear or even the colourful attire sported by family members, I am drawn to the wedding wear.

Tips: It’s your big day and you’ve put so much time and energy into planning your hair, makeup and dress; you look amazing. Ask your family and friends to leave the room and pose for some fine art-style portraits

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